04.05.2009 | 32 Battalion Soldiers Pack release - ObmaR

32 Battalion known amongst Friend and Foe as "The Terrible Ones" (Os Terriveis) , this reputation was derived from operational successes and from its inception in 1975 until it's disbandment it was the most feared Unit by it's foes in Angola and South West Africa, and accounted for more enemy losses than any other Unit of the South African Defence Force. 32 Battalion was probably the most controversial unit of the SADF and its story virtually the untold story of the SWA/ Namibian Border War. A war which took place against the back-drop of the Cold War and which was in fact anything but cold in Africa.

The Battalion, which also became known as the most successful counter insurgency unit of the SADF, was comprised mainly of former FNLA and other anti-communist fighters from Angola who had sworn allegiance to the South African government. Together with their South African officers, these troops forged a formidable Battalion that became known as the best operational Battalion of the South African Defence Force – if not one of the best in the world.

32 Battalion Soldiers

The Battalion did not only play an integral part during Operation Savannah in 1975 as well as all other major external operations of the SADF such as the Battle of Cuito Quanavale in 1987/88 (one of the last great campaigns during the Cold War), but from 1976 until 1989 the battalion was deployed on an almost permanent basis to conduct offensive operations mainly inside Angola, acting as a buffer between the SADF’s regular forces and its communist enemies.

This Elite Unit’s activities covered a wide spectrum ranging from counter-insurgency and guerrilla operations; reconnaissance missions through to semi-conventional and even fully-fledged conventional operations during the last phases of the war, when the Unit was also tasked more and more to assist Jonas Savimbi’s guerrilla movement, UNITA, against the FAPLA and Cuban onslaughts. Because of the nature of its work, the Battalion’s activities were highly classified and few were privy to the contribution the battalion had made towards the war effort in southern Angola.

32 Battalion Soldiers

The Battalion saw action all year round, which resulted in an unmatched Esprit de Corps that gave this Elite unit its unique and unconventional character. 32 Battalion became legendary among friend and foe, and was the most decorated SADF Unit since WWWII.

After the 1989 Namibian settlement, made possible by the disintegration of the Soviet Block and the withdrawal of Cuban and other Communist nations troops from Angola, the unit was relocated to South Africa and all its foreign members were given South African citizenship. However, after the conclusion of the Namibian war, the usefulness of the battalion had disappeared which together with the new political situation in South Africa led to the uneventful disbandment of the battalion in 1993.

32 Battalion Soldiers

We have tried to keep the soldier addons as realistic as possible and have used the “Summer” cammo pattern as well as the SWATF – SF (black) jacket which was commonly used by 32 in operations. A Radioman has been added which we are using to test some radio scripts (Artillery strikes, Airstrikes etc.) for implementation in ArmA2.

Please go to our download section to download all the updated addons.

04.04.2009 | SADF, SWAPO and 81mm M3 mortar release - ObmaR

In 1965 the first infiltration by armed insurgents of PLAN (People's Liberation Army of Namibia) took place over the border of Southern Angola/Ovamboland, and set in motion what was to become a war lasting 23 years and ultimately involving not only Namibians and South Africans, but also Angolans, Cubans, Russians and Americans.

The SADF would bring new weapons into service, improve transport in the form of mine-protected vehicles, and establish new units of specialist forces which included Bushman trackers, cavalry units and elite units such as the "Recces" and "Pathfinders". Black units were also formed and few could have foreseen at that time that the remnants of the FNLA force which failed so badly at Luanda would later, under the leadership of the renowned Col. Jan Breytenbach, form one of the most feared units of the entire war - "32 Battalion", also known as the "Buffalo Battalion". The standard of training of the Angolan Army also improved significantly under the influence of the Cubans, however, and they provided a haven on the Angolan side of the border for SWAPO.

External or cross-border operations by the SADF against both SWAPO and FAPLA became commonplace. Almost every year saw a new major operation take place, up till the last days of the war which ended in 1989.

We are pleased to release the first batch of soldier units. A big thank you to ASZ and CimaleX for the modification and textures and the months of work put into the soldier models. Falcon1 applied the final touches to the SADF soldier pack. Our team member SAAF developed a script for the SADF Mortar Platoon which enables them to pack and carry the M3 mortar and place the mortar for fire support missions. We have tried to keep the soldiers as realistic as possible and FALCON1 did everything possible to keep them authentic with the pat67 and pat82 webbing.

SADF Soldiers

The pack includes a variety of soldiers from a SADF Colonel to a crew member. All the weapons are from our custom weapons pack.

M3 81mm Mortar

The M3 81mm mortar was made with the SADF troop pack in mind. After suggestions and extensive testing by Ou Matroos, SAAF modified and implemented the Real Artillery Mod scripts by Jones. This gives the mortar platoon a realistic capability of firing indirect rounds during game fire missions.

SWAPO/PLAN soldiers

More hard work by ASZ and CimaleX. This time its the SWAPO/PLAN soldier pack.

The People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), SWAPO's military wing.  In 1966, the South-West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) began guerrilla attacks on South Africa, infiltrating the territory from bases in Zambia. After Angola became independent in 1975, SWAPO established bases in the southern part of the country. Hostilities intensified over the years, especially in Ovamboland.  SWAPO tactics followed that of the Warsaw Pact armies during the cold war, as members were trained in Russia, East Germany, Tanzania (under Eastern Block command), etc. Armed groups ranging from a handful to several hundred, armed with light weapons such as AK 47's, MG's, RPG 7's, mines, etc. operated from SWAPO bases deep inside Angola. These groups infiltrated SWA during the rainy season (due to scarcity of water in the semi-desert region), and conducted terror activities against the SADF and local population. Terror activities included ambushes, mining of roads, terrorising local population supporting the SADF, recruiting new Plan members (sometimes forcefully), etc. SWAPO/PLAN suffered about 11400 casualties during the Bush War 1966-1989.

Soldiers wear variations of the different cammo schemes, the most common one being the East German "Rice Pattern" . All weapons are from our custom weapons pack.

Next week we will add the FAPLA, 32 Battalion and SADF Parachute Brigades commonly referred to as the "Parabats". The Ovamboland island is also near completion. So we are working towards a mini-mod teaser release with missions by CimaleX before ArmAII is released.

Please go to our download section to download all the addons.

11.03.2009 | Bush Wars GUI and Puma Update release - ObmaR

We have been busy updating all the existing addons as well as adding new stuff. We are releasing our Bush Wars Themed Graphic User Interphase and MOD Folder installer. Its not the final version . We will be releasing the soldier units this week so as soon as that is done. We would like the community to take some ingame screen shot and combat photography of our units and weapons in action. The best 12 screenshots will be included in the 4 different background screen (the second screen to the right in the picture below) of the GUI. There will be a final update before the ArmAII release.

Bush Wars GUI

Updated the Puma pack to version 1.15 and added the South African uprated version of the Aerospatiale Puma 330 named the "Oryx". We have included a wench with a scrip which is still under development. The wench animation work quite well so we have a basis for the concept. The same wench script with different wench model has been added to the AlouetteIII S&R. Hopefully we should have the scripts ready for the ArmAII release.


This week we will be adding the soldier units (SADF, 32 Battalion, SWAPO, FAPLA) with our custom weapons pack. The SADF and 32 Battalion addons will include a custom Mortar crew with a transportable 81mm mortar. The 81mm mortar addon is the South African smooth bore type and includes custom mortars and an innovative fire script.

The Mod will be adding the African Huts pack as a standalone addon for mission makers to place on islands for African type missions.

Please go to our download section to download all the updated addons.

24.02.2009 | Bush Wars Weapons Pack Public Release - ObmaR

The weapons pack is finally completed, Thank you to all that helped to Beta Test and bug report. Due to suggestions from a member, I have changed the AK grenade launcher GP-30 to the GP-25. The rounds now include the VOG-25 and the bouncing VOG-25P (frog) round. I have made sounds for the VOG-25P to give it that impact bounce and explode FX sound effect. Retouched some textures and normal maps as well as sounds.

I made these weapons for our future ArmA2 mod so the pack will have further updates for the ArmA2 game. Any bug reports, requests, advice are most welcome, please post them in the forum.

SADF Weapons

Starting this week the team will start uploading the updated versions of all our completed addons up to now. Will include the soldier packs, Helicopters, Custom Round Parachute and a few other surprises.

Please go to our download section to download the weapons pack.

08.02.2009 | Bush Wars Weapons Pack - ObmaR

Finally the Basic Weapons Pack is complete. The weapons are made for ArmA2 but we will be releasing the pack for ArmA. Once Beta testing has been completed and we have updated the Units with our weapons then we will release them to the public.

A big thank you to Ou Matroos who spent a few nights on the net with me trying to get the 75mm Rifle grenades to work. We now have working Rifle grenades in HE and FRAG for both the R1 and R4 Rifles.

All the weapons have animated bolts, magazine reload, trigger action and the FN MAG has an animated ammo belt with the reload action.

All the weapons have been made from scratch including textures and normal maps. We have kept the config as realistic as possible with a slight increase in the dispersion value due to the nature of the MOD. Each weapon has its own specific magazine model, ingame when you drop a magazine you will actually be able to view the weapon's magazine on the ground.

SADF Weapons

The Weapons pack includes both South African and Eastern Block weapons. The South African weapons are the R1, R1 Sniper, R1 with 75mm HEAT and FRAG Rifle Grenades, R2 Para version, R2 with Folded Butt, R4, R4 with Folded Butt, R4 with 75mm HEAT and FRAG Rifle Grenades, R5, R5 with folded butt, M79 "Snotneus" 40mm GL, FN MAG, Star 9mm Pistol and the Z88 9mm Pistol .

Russian Weapons

The Pack includes the following Eastern Block weapons ; AK-47, AK-47 with GP30 GL, AKS, AKS folded, AKM, AKM with GP30 GL, AKMS, AKMS folded, RPK with 40 round mag as well as the 75 round drum mag, SVD Dragunov, SKS with Bayonet and the Tokarev T33 pistol.

This Add-on is the basis of our weapons pack and we will be adding more models at a later stage. We are testing the weapons and updating our Pilots and Units. Once that task is complete we release all the addons completed up to date. Will announce the public release within the next 2 weeks.

02.02.2009 | SADF Units by Arremba San Zorzo and CimaleX - ObmaR

Cimalex has sent us the SADF (South African Defence Force), SAI (South African Infantry) and the Parabat (Parachute Battalion) soldiers made by ASZ. These are in Beta stage as the team are testing them so we can fix all bugs before release. The models are not 100% accurate as we do have restrictions on the models supplied by BIS e.g. the sleeves are not rolled but short, wrong type of boot model etc.

We will be making some adjustments to the models as well as fix some shadow issues. We will also be making some adjustments to the kit and remove some pouches that where not part of the SADF issue.

The SADF pack will include the Pat. 68 as well as the Pat. 82 webbing. The Parabat pack will include the Bats with Jump Jacket (Slangvel). Beret models are included for mission cut screen creation . The units include our own custom weapon pack e.g. the R1, R4, FNMAG etc.

SADF Soldiers on parade

A nice ingame screen taken by Cimalex with the SADF soldiers on parade. The screens have been taken while Beta testing the units as well as our Custom Weapons Pack. The weapons pack is nearly completed and I will be posting an update with screens of the final pack within the next 2 days.

SADF Platoon

SADF soldiers deployed on Ops with Pat. 68 webbing. Due to the fact that ArmA2 will be released soon, we are not concentrating on the soldier models so much as we will have to make new models with the models supplied by BIS. We will use these units and their textures as a base for our ArmA2 models.

SADF on Ops.

Once all the beta testing and bug fixing is completed we will be making a public release of all our existing units and the Weapons Pack. The packs will include the SADF military rank insignia which can be applied to soldiers by the mission makers with the SETOBJECT script.

Parabats on Ops.

The SADF Parabat pack includes troops with the Pat. 82 webbing and the Kevlar helmets with the nutria cloth covering and front flap. Included are officers with the maroon berets used by the Parachute Regiments. which can be used for mission intros etc.

Parabats on Ops.

As can be see in the above screen taken by our member Volk, we have developed and made a custom round parachute which was the standard static line chute used by the SADF Parachute Brigades. The parachute is to be used together with our Paratroop Units and is animated with the opening and closing animation. The units and weapons will be up for downloading in 2 weeks time.

I also want to take this opportunity and welcome 2 new members to the Bush Wars Team. The first member is Volk who will be taking the screenshots and doing a lot of the Artwork for our ArmA 2 mod and website. The second new member is SAAF who is making and assisting me with the Aircraft models and textures as well as the configs and testing. Welcome to the team guys.... your help is well appreciated.

Within the next 2-3 weeks we will be uploading all the updated and completed addons to showcase our work and to show what can be expected of us for ArmA2. We have come a long way as a team and it certainly has not been easy. We are finally seeing the results of our work and progress of our project and are well within our promise of developing a top ArmA/ArmA2 mod based on an African War.

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