01.09.2008 | FAPLA Units by Arremba San Zorzo and CimaleX - ObmaR

FAPLA or Forcas Armadas Populares de Libertacao de Angola (Peoples Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola) was originally the armed wing of the MPLA movement but later became the Angola's official armed forces when MPLA took control of the government.

A big thank you for all the hard work put into this addon by Arremba San Zorzo of the ASZ Mod (Freelance member) and our member Cimalex. The textures and quality of the addon are amongst the best. We have modified and implemented a face script originally scripted by MADMED so that all the soldiers have black faces .

The addon is in the beta testing stage and we will be releasing it as soon as our weapons pack is completed.

FAPLA Soldiers

FAPLA troops showing the big Russian-Cuban influence wearing a mix of Cuban Lizard Camo uniforms and eastern block weapons. FAPLA was . Arremba San Zorzo and Cimalex have tried to portray the lack of discipline and dress code amongst the FAPLA troops.

FAPLA Platoon

Notably FAPLA was trained and lead by Cuban FAR army personnel and officers. In 1988 towards the end of the Bush War there where some 35000 Cuban troops doing service in Angola the majority of them with the FAPLA brigades in the South of Angola.

FAPLA Commandos

Included in the pack are 3 FAPLA Commandos (Forcas Especiais) wearing a mixture of different kit and weapons.

FAPLA had substantially improved its capabilities and performance from the early years as a guerrilla army. FAPLA had begun to develop and acquire the organization, doctrine, and equipment of a conventional army only during the civil war of 1975-76. It was then forced to fight a counterinsurgency war in the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country over extended lines of communications, without the requisite air or ground transport or logistical infrastructure. SADF combat and logistic support, made it impossible for FAPLA to isolate or outflank UNITA. Military experts believed that counterinsurgency troops must outnumber guerrillas by ten to one in order to win such wars, a ratio FAPLA could never approximate. With the Cuban involvement and active support in the war they trained special commando units to carry out sabotage operations and attacks against UNITA strongholds in Southern Angola. Notable operations by these commandos (36th Company of Special Commandos) where in Kambundi Katembo (1988) and Jamba (1992). It is rumored that these units consisted of ethnic African-Cuban FAR special forces trained in Cuba and East Germany.

CimaleX will be making some very interesting Counter Insurgency missions with these chaps.

Soon we will also have SADF and SWAPO units screens to show. This is a lot of work but we are getting things done. Thank you once again to entire team for helping this MOD become a reality.

07.08.2008 | 32 Battalion soldiers add-on beta test version - ObmaR

I have been running around with 32 Battalion (pronounced "Drie Twee" in Afrikaans or "three Two" in English) ingame on our "Angola" island to test the add-ons before sending them to the team for Beta Testing.
Seeing that I have not updated the site for a while I have taken a few screen shots so here are a few of 32 Btn in action. This is early beta and the team have started testing. I will be adding water bottles, knives, more kit, radio operator (Field Comms), combat medic etc. as well as wear and tear to the final version which will include the weapons which I am busy with (R4, R1, AK-47s, AKMS, FN MAG, RPK, SKS etc).

32 Battalion Soldier

Contact... !!!! a 32 Battalion stick (7 man team) during COIN OPs (Counter Insurgency) in the Savate region on our island. In the background you will notice the African Umbrella Thorn (Acacia) tree from the African Trees pack made for the mod by Berghoff (Our friendly tree hugger).

32 Battalion soldier

A close up of the Owambo mud huts which are also nearly completed, just need to add furniture etc, doors are animated so you can open/close the hut doors............ never know what terr/surprise you could find in the African savannah.

32 battalion soldier

32 Btn. soldier with "Kiko" cap and the SWA SF combat jacket.

We are almost there. The long hard hours spent by the team putting this mod together are finally starting to show progress. Just a few more things to do. Cimalex and Aldo are busy with the SADF, SWAPO, FAPLA units. I need to complete the weapons pack which is 80% done, finalise the African huts, SADF tents, the Buffel MPV and the Impala MKII. FALCON1 is busy adding the final touches to the map. Add the great African tree pack put together by Berghoff .

Ou Matroos has been helping me with all the scripts as well as testing them. I will also be making some MK cadres (ANC military wing "Mhkonto We Sizwe" meaning "spear of the nation" in Xhosa).

A bit more patience and a few months and we will be delivering a MINI-MOD worth waiting for, which will be a launching pad for our ArmAII Bush Wars Mod project.

"Firm and steadfast we shall stand".

11.04.2008 | Berghoff's African Tree Pack (Beta Test Release) - ObmaR

Berghoff has been tree hugging again and has sent us the first Beta Test version of his African Tree pack for viewing and testing by our team. We will be using some of the trees of the pack for our Island Projects "Angola Bush" Island (Mini-Mod release), "Cuito" Island (Main Mod Release) and "Angola" Island (ArmAII Mod Release). The trees are of excellent quality as can be expected from Berghoff and cover most of the more common African species. An added bonus is a marked improvement of ingame frame rate over those of ArmA . The pack will include various bush species as well as Elephant and Buffalo grass.

With Berghoff's tree pack we are now able to complete and deliver a very authentic looking island of the African savannah. The pack is still in BETA and WIP stage and the final version will include a few more trees and bushes .

Berghoff's African Tree Pack

A panoramic view of the trees available in the BETA pack we are busy testing. Notably the different varieties of the African Acacia species and the Baobab trees which are very common to the area we are basing our mod on - Northern Namibia/ South Central Angola.

African Acacia Trees

African Umbrella Thorn Acacias in "Forest" layout for Beta and Frame Rate (FPS) testing purposes . The final version will consist of much darker green foliage.

Later this month I will update with ingame screens of our "Angola Bush" Island incorporating the latest version of Berghoff's Pack.

10.04.2008 | African Tribal Huts and Angola Island WIP Screens - ObmaR

I have not updated the site for a while due to the workload we have, putting the mod together for the mini-mod release. Due to suggestions made in our forums, I will try and update the site every second weekend with progress reports and screens.

I've been taking a break from the weapons pack and been making some African tribal huts for our Mini-mod island. The screens have all been taken in our mini-mod island called "Angola Bush". The pack will include, Mud, Stick and grass huts as well the traditional Himba and Herero tribal huts, kraals and bomas. I am also including SWAPO staging camps (Grass Shelters) as well as furniture and the SADF military tents used in border camps.

African Tribal Huts

Herero tribal mud huts. I am busy with the stick made huts as well to add variation to the map. The Mud huts include a square version with a window facing the back.

African Tribal Huts

Close up view of the round traditional Herero mud huts.

African Tribal Huts

I am animating all the hut doors for more player interaction and game emergence. The final release pack will include traditional furniture in the huts.

African Tribal Huts

Ran a destruction test on the huts using a timed bomb to test the ingame destruction ruin animation. All our buildings and huts will include custom destruct ruins.

African Tribal Huts

A close-up ingame image of the destruct ruins for the Mud huts (Round and Square huts)

Will be posting more images this week of the rest of the pack as well as close up ingame images of the BETA African Tree Pack that Berghoff is making for the mod.

The screens have all been taken in our custom mini-mod island "Angolan Bush" so it will give you an idea of what type of terrain to expect from our the Mini-mod island. I will be adding Portuguese Colonial houses as well as SADF military base structures to the pack as soon as I have completed the Weapons and Units pack. End of May I will be announcing a release date for the Mini-mod.

On behalf of the team and myself I want to apologise for taking longer than expected to complete the mini-mod but we are a small team and want to deliver quality and not quantity. I hope to achieve that and use the mini-mod to test the rest of our Add-ons as we complete them and prepare the full BUSH WARS mod for ARMA II...

12.02.2008 | New Alouette III pack v1.85 release - ObmaR

Our new Alouette III pack is finally completed. After the first beta release and all the feedback I received regarding bugs and texture problems. I completely reworked the Alouette III models as the originals where made with the old O2 tool. Added lots of small detail and enhanced the model textures as well as the bump mapping. I also completely remade the rotor section based on actual photos. The rest of the model I tried to keep as accurate as possible while keeping the poly count as low as possible. I think I have the right balance and I made them specifically with ArmAII in mind. I have included 4 versions of the Alouette III AS316/B as used by the South African Airforce during the Bush War.

Alouette III G-car

The G-car version with 7.62mm FNMAG for insertion and extraction in Fire Force and COIN operations.

Alouette III K-car

The K-car Gunship version with 20mm Ga1 cannon includes AP and HE rounds. The most prominent feature of the K-car was the specially developed Heat shield around the turbine which vented the exhaust gasses up towards the rotors. This minimised the heat signature of the helicopter making it difficult for the Russian SAMs to lock onto target. I have implemented this feature with the add-on. In game you cannot lock on to the K-car with a Stinger or any Surface to Air missile.

Alouette III S & R

The Alouette III AS316/B in Search & Rescue configuration with wench. I will add a wench script at a later stage when it is completed. I have removed the roundel, for mission makers who wish to have the SAAF roundel viewed on the Alouette III S&R just insert this in the init field of the add-on in the mission editor: this setobjecttexture [2, "\bwc_alouiii\data\t\alou_signs_ca.paa"]

Alouette III SOM

The Missile Gunship version with 2 X AS12 Stand-of-Missiles. Includes a laser designator with a 2000 meters LOS to target. I have tried to keep it as original as possible (from limited available photos) and have included the South African Manufactured Missile Guidance System. Only 2 versions where ever made and used Operationally in Angola by the SAAF.

The Pumas have also been updated and all the bugs have been fixed. I reworked the Bump Mapping to give the Pumas more depth and detail . also reworked the filters and some other minor alterations and texture fixes. I completely retexture and normal mapped the panel to fix the transparency problem. The SAAF roundels are not visible and if mission makers wish to have them visible please refer to the included readme files.

To download the above add-ons please go to our DOWNLOADS PAGE .

06.01.2008 | Puma 330 and New Pilots Release - ObmaR

Finally after quite a long delay due to the problems with our previous hosts and the changeover to armedassault.info I have been able to start releasing some of our Add-ons to showcase our work. We will have a beta version of our Mini-Map teaser Island "Cuito Cuanavale" early in February as Ebud still has quite a lot of work to do. In the meantime I will be releasing quite a few add-ons which will form part of our Mini-Mod release in May. The next release will be the completely remade Alouette III add-on after that I will be releasing some soldier units and our weapons pack. We will be uploading beta missions made by PETROVIC STUDIOS to test the add-ons within the next 2 weeks. I have quite a bit of free time coming up so will be catching up on a lot of add-on making.

After quite a lot of testing and numerous texture edits we are releasing the first batch of add-ons. First up is the South African Airforce Aerospatiale Puma SA330 version.

Puma SA330C

The Puma 330C in the CASEVAC configuration with the "Box" airfilters used in South West Africa (Namibia) border region. The Puma (CASEVAC) has 1 x pilot, 1 x copilot, 2 x stretchers for wounded and 8 places for troops (4 sitting shotgun in doorways)

Puma SA330L

The Puma 330L in the FIREFORCE configuration with FNMAG 7,62mm machine gun for suppressive fire support. The Puma (FNMAG) has 1 x pilot, 1 x copilot, 1 x gunner, 10 x places for troops.

I have completely remade the South African Helicopter pilots and added some custom animations. The pilots include the Elno 316 helmet and the Pat.82 type survival jacket with under arm pistol holster. A big thank you goes to UNN who scripted and tested all the animations, script work in SP and MP games. Pilots can holster and unholster pistol as well as raise and lower visor.

Helicopter Pilots

Star 9mm Pistol

This is the new version of our Star 9mm pistol. I fixed some texture and Normal map problems as well as removed the tracer effects. Includes a slide and magazine animation.

I have also extensively reworked the Alouette II add-on as well as fixed the shadow problems. Rotor blur effects are now visible via proxies this solved the shadow problems. Added 2 new shadow lods so that proper shadows are cast. Fixed problem with instrument panel, now all instruments are animated and working.

Alouette II

I wanted to make an appeal to all our readers on behalf of BlueDingo who is looking for voice actors that can speak Portuguese, Afrikaans and Spanish. Please visit our forum for more details regarding a Voice project for the mod

We are sorry for the delays in releasing our add-ons earlier but most of the delays where not our fault and beyond our control. Hopefully this year things will move along much faster while we prepare for the main Mod Release in ArmAII

To download the above add-ons please go to our DOWNLOADS PAGE .

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