26.08.2007 | Alouette III K-car renders in new O2 tool - ObmaR

BIS have released the tools we have all been waiting for. Now we can finally start completing the add-ons for a mod release later this year. Here are some preview renders in the new O2 3-D editing tool of the Alouette III K-car in various configurations. We are going to release 4 variations of the Alouette III in the colour schemes used by the SAAF circa 1980.

Alouette III K-car 20mm GunshipAlouette III K-car AS12 missiles

Alouette III G-car 7,62mm FNMAGAlouette III

Alouette III CockpitAlouette III Gunnerview

The Alouette III add-on will include door animations, fully working cockpit instrumentation, realistic sounds and damage textures. The Gunship and FNMAG versions include fully animated weapons.

We will be releasing the beta version with demo missions in 2 weeks time.

As soon as I've completed the SADF weapons pack and Ebud the SADF and SWAPO units. We will release a COIN (Counter Insurgency) mission with the add-ons. I will include an extras pack with African huts, buildings, tents, trees etc. to place on the Saharani map for mission making. This is a temporary pack till we have our Angola map ready. The community could also start making missions for the Mod. I will be including a missions page for Bush Wars community made missions as soon as the first lot of beta content is released.

31.07.2007 | In-game screens of the Alouette II by Raptor - DigiA

Here are some interesting screens and artwork sent to us by Raptor of the Alouette II and the SAAF pilots taken in-game. Raptor is also busy designing our Logo and here is a preview of it. Not completed yet as I have 2 add-ons to send him for the final version of the logo. Going to send him the Ratel APC and the Alouette III K-car gunship which I think will be more representative of the bushwar. I also want to take this opportunity and welcome Raptor to the team as the Mod Art Designer and Combat Photographer, he will also be designing and compiling the add-ons read me files.

Alouette II and Pilot

Alouette II and Pilot

The next beta releases will be the Alouette III (4 versions) which will include the K-car 20mm gunship version only used by the SAAF in the bushwar. Will also release the R4 and R5 rifles (South African manufactured versions of the Israeli Galil 5,56mm).

You can download the AlouetteII add-on here:

27.07.2007 | Alouette II and Pilot Beta Release -ObmaR

Nearly 3 years into the project and finally we are starting to get the add-ons into the game. Here is the first in-game rendered preview of the SAAF Aerospatiale Alouette II and the pilot. The pilot is a reskin by Ebud and only temporary for the beta releases. We are also releasing the STAR 9mm pistol which was the standard sidearm of the SADF personal. The Berretta 92f was only issued to the Special Forces (Recces). We are releasing the first beta add-ons on the 31 July 2007. The beta version will include a SP mission by NBSVieiraPT. The reason for beta releases is so the community can help us test the add-ons and preview our work. We want to fix all bugs prior to the first official Mod release. Also waiting for the release of the BIS tools so we can rap and finalise the add-ons and the mod.

Alouette II and Pilot

The beta version of the Alouette II, the pilot and the STAR 9mm pistol will be available Monday night in our download section. Please visit our forum to leave comments, suggestions and bug reports.

25.06.2007 | Graphic User Interphase update -ObmaR

I am busy designing our GUI just to have a little break from all the 3-D add-on modelling. Would like some suggestions/comments from the community as to what they think about the GUI and what they would like to see, to help me finalise the design. I've created our site theme as well as the GUI background from a very famous photo of a 32 Battalion "Charlie Coy" patrol in Angola. This really says everything about what this mod is all about "small groups of counter insurgency units, on seek and destroy raids deep into Angola" . Please go to our forum to comment, suggest and discuss the GUI.

Also want to welcome a new member, shindungu, who is our research guru and has really helped me (has all the answers to everything about the bushwar) with the finer details for the Mod´s add-ons. Welcome to the team shindungu !

Bush Wars GUI

The original GUI has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

24.06.2007 | News update and WIP renders -ObmaR

Its been a while since my last update. Just want to let everyone know that we are busy working on the mod. After receiving the ArmA game I decided to rework most of the models to bring them up to ArmA standards also been making all the Normal Maps for the models. Have been learning a few new modelling tools, my favourite being Zbrush and been using them to make our add-ons. Also want to take this opportunity to announce 2 new members which have joined the team officially. The first member is Ebud, one of the oldest community members around and famous for his OFP Tonal Redux mod. Ebud will be making the "Angola" island for us. The other new member is NBSvieiraPT who is doing all the beta testing and will be making the campaigns and missions for the mod. Welcome guys and thanks for everything so far.

End of July I will be uploading some beta add-ons for the community to test, comment and suggest as well as to show what type of work to expect from us. We are waiting for the official tools to be released by BIS before committing to the MOD´s version 1 release. Once the tools have been released we will announce an official release date.

We are now Officially Endorsed by the 32 Battalion Veteran Association, they liked the idea of the mod and the awareness it will bring to the community about this little known African Conflict and the different military units involved. 32 Battalion Veteran Association have endorsed this project in memory of all those soldiers both friend and foe who lost their lives in this Southern African bushwar. Mr Keith Evans of the 32 Battalion Veteran Association as well as other members of the battalion and our own Forum members, have helped us with loads of info and photographic material. A big thank you to everyone.

My idea is to release a basic mod and to let the modding community add to it as we go along. For this reason I have not made all the vehicles and weapons used in this conflict. This is a starting block for the Mod and I hope to see plenty more content made by other members of the ArmA community. We are still looking for new members to join us and help develop this mod. Also need people to re-skin existing ArmA Russian models with Angolan and Cuban schemes for us.

Below are some renders of the wip models prior to the Normal Map baking, just need to make 2 more ( Aerospatial Super Frelon and Land Rover) models, then will start to complete and put them up for beta testing next month. The next update will include the first Bush Wars Mod add-on download as I know everyone is eager to see what we are making. Please bear with us for aprox. 1 more month.

SAAF DakoteEland 90

(click image to enlarge)

SAAF ImpalaMIG 17

(click image to enlarge)

MIG 21MIG 23

27.11.2006 | Samil20 4x4 truck completed -ObmaR

The last of the base models donated by Vibes and Ironsight are ready for the final touches once the ArmA tools are released. I have reworked some of the components in the models and touched up the textures. I will release 2 versions af the add-on, one with canvas the other without. Once the MOD is released and I have more time on my hand I will release the armoured versions of the Samil50 Kwevoel and Samil100 Kwevoel. The SAMIL 20 4x4 is the ultimate, off-road, vehicle. With “diff locks “ on the transfer box and both axles, a short wheelbase and a ground clearance of 460mm, the SAMIL 20 can go where other 4x4’s fear to tread. Built for the South African MILitary, SAMIL trucks are robust, versatile and proven in combat.

Samil20 4x4  (front view)Samil20 4x4 (rear view)

(click image to enlarge)


Permanent 4x4
Deutz F6L 913
6 cylinder in-line, air cooled
6128 cc
93Kw @ 2650 rpm
Tare 4580 kg
Payload – Max. 3120 kg
Payload – Min. (Off-road) 2000 kg

21.11.2006 | Ratel ICV (Infantry Combat Vehicle) Completed -ObmaR

For the Ratel ICV add-on I have used the base model donated by Vibes and Ironsight. I have completely reworked the models and the textures. The final version will include original engine sound as well as turret and MG sounds. I have tried to keep the add-ons as close to the real versions as possible in terms of speed, weight and armourment. The different versions with their specific crew and quantities of ammo will be according to specs of the original Ratels. The Ratel ICV was the SADF´s frontline Infantry Combat Vehicle and used in almost all operations into Angola. The most successful operation being Operation Protea, where the Ratels were used to attack and destroy SWAPO bases inside Angola by 61 Mechanized Battalion. The Ratel power plant was a D 3256 BTXF 6-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel developing 282 hp at 2,200 rpm with a 6X6 configuration. Had a 1000 km range and a top speed of 105 km/h (road), 30km/h (off-road).

Rattel 90 ICV (front view)Rattel 90 ICV (rear view)

(click image to enlarge)

The Ratel ICV add-on will be released with the following versions:

Ratel 90 - crew of 3+7, 90mm Anti-Tank support to the Mechanized Battalions.
Ratel 20 - crew of 3+7, GI 2 20mm MG dual feed system.
Ratel 60 - crew of 4+7, 60 mm breech-loading mortar .
Ratel Command - crew of 9 men, two-seater turret with a 12,7 mm MG

The Ratel ICV add-ons do not exceed 4100 polys.

Rattel 20 ICVRattel 60 ICV

(click image to enlarge)

16.11.2006 | Buffel MPV and Moffel Completed -ObmaR

These renders are of the Buffel MPV and the Moffel Logistics version. The add-ons are ready for the final touches and scripting prior to being released. All we are waiting for is the new tools to be released by BIS. We will be releasing various versions of the Buffel and the Moffel to add variety to missions. For more details of this vehicle read Older News

Buffel MPV (left view)Buffel MPV (right view)

(click image to enlarge)

All credits for this add-on goes to Vibes and Ironsight, who have donated the base models. These were originally for the OFP Bush Fires Mod but were never released. I have reworked the mesh as well as the textures to match the Nutria colour used by the SADF. Also created a few more LODs for the add-ons to ease CPU load and maximise playability. These add-ons do not exceed 4600 polys.

Buffel MPV (.30 cal MG)Moffel 5 ton truck

(click image to enlarge)

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