07.09.2006 | SAAF Spec. Hercules C130B -ObmaR

After 3 months of work here is a preview of the South African Air Force Hercules C130B. Commonly called "Flossie" by all the troops. Has a capacity for 4 crew and 40 paratroopers (Parabats). I´ve created the Hercules C130B add-on for the upcoming "OPERATION REINDEER" mission. Will include a HALO and PARADROP script as well as a cargo script which will enable the player to load and paradrop 2 vehicles (jeep) or 2 weapon/ammo crates.

Hercules C130BHercules C130B

(click image to enlarge)

Animations include: cargo ramp, cockpit access door, throttles (4), C130B panel and instruments, Paradrop lights and under carriage. The PARADROP script includes the jump drill as used by the South African Parabats.

Should you want to use this add-on for your MOD we will send you the MLOD mesh as well as the Photoshop Templates (PSD).

Hercules C130B Cargo ViewHercules C130B Cockpit View

(click image to enlarge)

08.09.2006 | Mirage F1 CZ & Mirage F1 AZ -ObmaR

The Dassault-Mirage F-1 was developed to address the shortcomings of the Mirage III, especially the shortcomings in handling. The F-1 CZ is the fighter-striker version of the F-1. The F-1 AZ is the striker-bomber version of the F-1. These aircraft where used extensively during the Bushwar.

Mirage F1 CZMirage F1 AZ

(click image to enlarge)

I have included lots of scripts and animations. Both jets have animated airbrakes, undercarriage, afterburner, canopy and radar. The weapon ordinance includes missiles and LGB´s. Has an autoeject script that ejects the pilot once aircraft damage reaches 80%. There will be 3 different configurations for this add-on.

Mirage F1 MissilesMirage F1 Eject seat

(click image to enlarge)

Here are some pics taken ingame (OFP) of the Mirage F1 CZ Cockpit and Airbrakes activated .

Mirage F1 Pilot ViewMirage F1 Airbrake

(click image to enlarge)

08.09.2006 | The Buffel MPV and WIP of G5 Gun and Ratel 90 -ObmaR

The Buffel was a vehicle especially designed by the South Africans to counter the increasing mine threat in SWA (Namibia). This vehicle was a real donkey to drive but this was compensated by the protection it offered the occupants against an anti-tank mine detonation. The Buffel was used extensively in operations and incursions into Angola.

Buffel MPVBuffel MPV

(click image to enlarge)

Here are some work in progress renders of the G5 and Ratel 90. I need Texturers to join as members and help with the add-ons. I have completed several add-ons and need them textured. I also require the work to be of a very high standard and quality. So if you feel you are up to the job.... please contact me asap.

G5 GunRatel 90

(click image to enlarge)

09.09.2006 | Weapon renders released! -ObmaR

Here are renders of the R4 and R5 which are copies of the Israeli Galil 5,56mm manufactured under licence in South Africa as well as the AKM and AK47. We want to keep a balance between look and playability and all weapon models do not exceed 2500 polys.

R4 & R5 Assault RifflesAKM & AK47

(click image to enlarge)

What would the Bushwar have been like without the old R1 (7,62mm FN FAL manufactured under license in S.A.). The R3 was issued only to the Parabats (7,62mm FN FAL Para). The FN LMG was the standard Light Machine Gun used by the SADF. Squad and vehicle mounted versions were used. The SPAS12 although not so common, was used by the Counter Insurgency Police known as "Koevoet" (Crowbar).

R1 & R3 Assault RifflesFN LMG & SPAS12

(click image to enlarge)

10.09.2006 | The Buccaneer S.MK50 -ObmaR

The Hawker Siddely Buccaneer S.MK50 must be one of my favorite SAAF jets used during the war. There will be 3 different configurations for this add-on so that it can be used for different types of bombing missions. Plenty of animations used including a working air brake and a rotating bomb bay as per the original plane.

BuccaneerBuccaneer (Air brake)

(click image to enlarge)

Armourment includes 3 x SNEB rocket pods and 1 x 20 mm cannon. Bomb payloads are 8 x MK83, 2 x CB-470 Cluster Bombs or 1 x Raptor 1 Glide bomb (This is a long range radio guided glide bomb developed by the South Africans, was used successfully to destroy a bridge in Quito Cuanavale from a distance of 60 kms). I will include cluster bomb and airstrike scrips for missionmakers, player and AI will also be able to drop cluster bombs manually. The auto eject scrip will eject both pilots once damage to the plane has reached 80%.

Buccaneer BombsBuccaneer Eject seats

(click image to enlarge)

The following are some pics taken ingame (OFP) of the Buccaneer Cockpit, both Pilot view and Gunner View .

Buccaneer Pilot ViewBuccaneer Gunner View

(click image to enlarge)

10.09.2005 | The RPG-7 and some handguns completed -ObmaR

South Africa captured so many RPG-7 weapons that it was standard issue in the SADF. The grenades were manufactured by Armscor. I have included 2 variations of the RPG-7 as well as the Grenades. Weapons will have a range of 400 meters ingame.

RPG-7RPG-7VM Grenade

(click image to enlarge)

Beta renders of the Russian Tokarev T33 and the South African Vector Z88 (Copy of the Berretta 92F manufactured under licence in South Africa). Although not really used by the SADF I have included a silenced version for this add-on (My sidearm as a 2nd Lieutenant in the SADF in 1982 Was a Spanish manufactured Star 9mm). I am in the process of meshing one and will post as soon as it reaches completion.

Tokarev T33Vector Z88

(click image to enlarge)

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