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  UKF Weapon Packs (v 0.1)  
Picture of UKF Weapon Packs Author : BSF Studios
Version : 0.1 Era : Modern Type : Weapons
Size : 24 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 5560 Rating : 1 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • UKF_L96A1.pbo
  • ukf_sidearms.pbo
  • UKF_SLMG.pbo
  • ukf_ukweps.pbo
  • ukf_ukweps_CFG.pbo
Description :
These addons will provide you with a fairly comprehensive set of weapons used by the UK armed forces, all these addons have been converted from OFP for use in ArmA.

These addons are just placeholders until the UKF team release their eventual new ArmA weapon packs and as such will NOT be supported by UKF and/or BSFSTUDIOS.


Just put all .pbo files into your Arma\addons folder.


All weapons can be found in the editor under the Empty\Ammo menu in the "UKF Ammo + Weapon Box".

Known Bugs/glitches

The blank rounds still cause damage (only 0.000000000001) as for some reason a bullet with no damage
will cause a 1 metre radius of grass at the impact point to disappear (doesn't come back either)

The Javelin launcher must be aimed higher than the target before firing as the rocket drops before
it begins travelling to its target, you have been warned.

The LAW-80 causes some errors to appear in the arma.rpt file. Weapon has been tested for months and
no known problems have arisen, so it has been left.


UKF - for making these weapons and especially for giving permission to convert them to ArmA.
Messiah - for all his help, understanding, patience and for answering all my questions (your a saint fella).
Earl - for his javelin and M249/LMG models.
RavenDK & DDAM - for use of their 2d optic model & texture.


Messiah & UKF
Boss & TDMG
Picture of UKF Weapon Packs Picture of UKF Weapon Packs Picture of UKF Weapon Packs
Size : 24 MB
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