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  VF RealSoundPatch (v 1.3)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : VictorFarbau
Version : 1.3 Era : N/A Type : Misc, Sound Mod, Replacement Mod
Size : 3.39 MB Demo mission : No
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N/A None
Description :
This pack replaces BIS sounds with better ones. It works for V1.08 of the game.

I have decided to release my sound patch for Arma. Maybe you like it. Sound is all a matter of taste, so there's different sound packs out there already that serve different purposes. I like mine since it based on real sounds I captured from different original footage. During intense battle and with EAX turned on it really creates a nice battle atmosphere for me.
So welcome to a different experience. All the real sounds were captured from live footage of current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I reworked the sounds a lot, still you might notice slight background noises in some of the sounds. More so if you use earphones instead of speakers. But hey, life ain't no recording studio
Size : 3.39 MB
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