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  Group Link II Plus (v 1.0plus)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : =\SNKMAN/=
Version : 1.0plus Era : Modern Type : Misc
Size : 3,07 Demo mission : Yes
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • GL2Plus.pbo
Description :

ARMA GROUP LINK II PLUS! v.1.0 [Released 2007-06.21] By =\SNKMAN/=


Weapon class: Fixed a bug in the weapon detect class with grenade launchers.


Voice System: Enhanced and improved the Voice System for mor reallistic and better fitting voices. Added a player suppressed fire voice script for attack and cover voices

ECP Voices: Enhanced the ArmA Group Link II Plus! script with randomly hit and injured
voices taken from Operation Flashpoint Mod ECP

Tank detect: Tank detect voices was only working for some East tank classes now it
works with all Tank classes enemy to the targetgroup. Thanks to VictorFarbau


Hit System: Improved the ArmA Group Link II Plus! script with randomly hit and injured
effects fitting to the level of damage

First Aid: Improved the ArmA Group Link II Plus! script with the option to use First Aid
if you are badly wounded. By =\SNKMAN/=

First Aid Kit: Dead units of your group will drop a First Aid kit which you can take and use
if needed. You can also order AI units of your group to take the First Aid Kit
and use it if needed. By Joemoemino and General Barron

Captive: Captive units will now drop the weapons to the ground after they surrendered.
Idea by Mr-Murray


There are still some sounds played twice directly after each other.


There are no longer several target groups supported becouse some people had problems with the way of initializing the script and I have to agree with them.
It also needs a big amount of time to test everything with one and several target groups and I don’t have this time.
Another problem with using several target groups is, that the groups will share one target spot, so if one group is placed in the north and the other group is placed in the south the target spot will always switch between the groups.
There is still a lot to do to get the script working with several target groups like it do with one target group.
Till i found a better way to use and initialize several target groups the script will only be support to use one target group only.
If you still like to use several target groups you can do this with the script ZoneKiller made it still should work fine but remember i can not promise that everything will work.

Since v.1.0 Plus! there are no longer triggers needed, becouse they are all created by the script
So if you still have triggers placed on the map, which stick to ArmA Group Link II please delete them!

Changed names for some public variables:

Some names of public variables was changed in this release. If you use them to disable features of the ArmA Group Link II Plus! script please take a look:

KEY_AIvoiceenhanced is changed to: KEY_DynamicVoice

New public variable:

KEY_InjuredEffects: Player First Aid, First Aid Kit, hit and impact effects
Size : 3,07
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