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  ArmA Smoke Effects (updated) (v 0.43b)  
Picture of ArmA Smoke Effects (updated) Author : DMarwick
Version : 0.43b Era : N/A Type : Realism Mod
Size : 1.77MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 14311 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 6 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
It contains:
* A new grenade effect.
* A new explosive ammo effect (for example the Vulcan cannon and the KA-50 HE ammo).
* A new tank muzzleflash.
* More smoke when buildings are destroyed.
* Tweaked bullet impacts.
* New smoke effects.
* AT backblast effects.
* Aircraft destroyed in the air now leave a flame/smoke trail.
* New bomb effect (The Harrier's bombs)
* Various other tweaks.

v4.3b changes
- Extended Init compatible. (Extended Init addon v1.1 required, and included, with this release. If you already have Extended Init eventhandler addons you can delete them from the @DMSmokeEffects Addons folder.)

- Smoke grenades have AI viewblock functionality. The viewbock reacts to wind direction & strength.

- A new player Action, Wind info, is added. This is useful for smoke grenade usage, as well as general realism & ballistics addons. On use it will give you the strength & direction of the wind at the time you requested it.

- Frag grenades tweaked slightly to be lighter in colour.

- Full viewblock functionality is enabled for this "b" release on most DMSmokeEffects smoke effects. During heavy battles this can drag the FPS right down, but I release this version to get general feedback and results.
Picture of ArmA Smoke Effects (updated) Picture of ArmA Smoke Effects (updated) Picture of ArmA Smoke Effects (updated) Picture of ArmA Smoke Effects (updated) Picture of ArmA Smoke Effects (updated)
Size : 1.77MB
  September 30th, 2007 - 14:18   Comments (4)  

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