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  DMHide Beta (v 0.3)  
Picture of DMHide Beta Author : DMarwick
Version : 0.3 Era : Others Type : Misc
Size : 45 KB Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • DMHide.pbo
Description :
This is a simple little idea - a place to hide. Now that more & more AI addons are having some sort of a "search" functionality I thought it would be nice to be actually able to hide. To this end, this addon will spawn a doughnut-shaped viewblock object around you to hide inside. The visible model is an umbrella-shaped cover, but this only serves as a visual representation and is NOT the shape of the viewblock.

The doughnut shape means that although you can be hidden from AI that are searching for you, if they get too close they can see "down" into it, and see you. They have to be quite close, and they have to also be looking in your direction. The doughnut-shape will spawn under the ground, and over the course of 50 seconds or so will rise up, gradually hiding you. No insta-hide I'm afraid :)

Also, each time you fire or throw a weapon, the hide will drop by 25cm, equivalent to half it's height. It will then start to slowly rise up again. This is so that snipers can hide out & snipe reasonably safely, but not too often lest they give their position away.

After two closely spaced shots for example, you will be fully exposed for some time. If the hide gets below a certain depth under the ground due to too many shots too close together, it will disappear altogether and you'll need to re-hide, which you won't be able to do for a random amount of time not less than 20 seconds and not more than 40.

Also, moving more than 1m in any direction from the initial hide position will also make it disappear. Dying will make it disappear.

This is probably functional in MP, but both server & clients must have it. It is totally untested in MP. Obviously you won't be invisible to human players, but the visual representation can hide you pretty effectively if you choose your hiding place logically, i.e. around suitable cover. Quite obviously this addon is meant to fool AI only, with severe restrictions. It works best if you remove yourself from the area you suspect will be searched and hide nearby.

Enjoy it for what it is, it's not meant as some sort of cheat, but rather a way to inject some amount of tension into a game that has AI enhanced search functionality, primarily for SP gaming.

This has been tested as having good gameplay with UPS, TrueRangeAI and Suppression. But especially UPS, which will come looking for you :)
Picture of DMHide Beta
Size : 45 KB
  November 13th, 2007 - 12:46   Comments (2)  

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