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  Q11_Jams Beta (v 0.3)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Q1184
Version : 0.3 Era : Modern Type : Weapons, Misc
Size : 20 KB Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • q11_jams.pbo
  • Extended_Init_EventHandlers.pbo
  • Extended_Fired_EventHandlers.pbo
  • GMJ_SightAdjustment.pbo
Description :

Changes for v0.3 Beta:

- AI probability of jamming and probability of fixing the jam now depends on their skill. The values increase roughly twice on the minimal skill level.

- Fresh mags are not loaded anymore on performing immediate/remedial action. Instead, the number of rounds left in the magazine decreases by one to simulate extracting the jammed casing/round. MG's still load fresh mags because otherwise it would require creating about 400 new magazines in the config. If anyone wants to generate 199(M249) +99(PK)+99(M240) new magazines for me, go ahead ;)

- Introduced a multiplier for Jam_probab parameter (for testing and tweaking purposes). It can be found in the probabs.hpp file under "Rifle" entry, and is called Jam_multiplier. Currently jamming probability is calculated as Jam_probab*Jam_multiplier. So if you want all weapons to jam 10 times as often, set it to 10 and so on.

- Immediate/remedial actions now don't appear in the middle of the screen, you have to select them in the actions menu.

- Changed jamming and fixing probabilities, still rough estimates though.

NWD Ballistics mod is supported (there are different names of ammo there which is important for correct mag selecting).
There could be tiny little issues when you use mixed mags for one weapon (like stanag and stanagSD). If you jammed with one mag, fixed the jam and without emtying it loaded a mag of another type, on next jam the mag that was used on the first jam will be inserted. But you won't notice anything unless you set high jamming probabilities and intentionally cause this to happen :)

Also highly recommended to use this mod together with TrueUI mod that disables ammo counter completely. That way jams will really cause you to say what AI's are currently saying when they jam

Q1184 - all the work
Mandoble - his wonderful "getpos" function

This addon adds jamming probability to all BIS primary weapons. Jamming probability is determined bythe parameter "Jam_probab" in the weapon config and may be set per each weapon. So far the values are just rough guesses, and one of the tasks of this beta is to come to an agreement (if it's at all possible) as to what values are the most functional.

On jamming player gets an action called "Immediate action". This is the first thing a soldier is trained to do in case of a stoppage, and it's basically just cocking the weapon to get rid of the problematic round/case. It uses default reload animation which is a bit slower than it would take to cock the weapon, but it's the only suitable animation i could think of. With the probability of 80 percent it will solve the problem, and you can continue shooting. If not, a more severe problem is simulated, and you will be given an action called "Remedial action" which is supposed to be removing the mag and checking out what's going on in the receiver. It also uses reload animation, which is much or less close to real thing. In 90 percent of the cases this will clean the problem and you can keep shooting. In 10% your weapon is considered badly jammed and not repairable in battlefield conditions. In this case you'll have to start looking for a dead body before you become one ;)

AI jams are also simulated, but they are much simplier. In case of jam the unit is forced to perform reload
animation, and with a 95 percent probability he's good to go. In 5 percent of the cases his weapon becomes irrepairable. On jam the unit says a foul word :)


There is a strange issue if used together with GMJ_Sightadjustment mod. Somehow GMJ mod overrides CfgSounds of my config with his CfgSounds, thus creating an error "Sound not found". Until i find a solution, i included a "fixed" version of GMJ mod, where I removed the click sound. (Won't affect gameplay anyway). It is compatible with my mod.

Another issue is that by fixing the jam you automatically load a fresh magazine. Can't do much about it.

- Editing jamming probabilities:
UnPbo the addon and open "probabs.hpp". Find the weapon you want and edit the "Jam_prob" parameter.

Note: This addon requires extended init and fired eventhandlers to work. The files are included in the package.
Size : 20 KB
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