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  ADF Mod Core Pack (v 1.0)  
Picture of ADF Mod Core Pack Author : ADF Mod
Version : 1.0 Era : Modern Type : Aerials, Armoured, Vehicles, Units, Weapons
Size : 50 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 4694 Rating : 3.7 / 5 (rated 3 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • KHS_ADF_Des_Replacements.pbo
  • KHS_ADF_Replacements.pbo
Description :
The ADF Mod is proud to announce the release of the ADF Mod Core Pack Version 1.0. This release is a 'Core' Release of the ADF Mod. Other 'Packs' later to be released include 'Boat', 'Aircraft' and 'Vehicle' Packs.

What is included in the ADF Mod Core Pack :
*ADF Infantry, Including both AusCam and DesCam Variets.
*ADF Weapons, Including the F88A1, F88A2, F89, Mag58 and SR-98.
*ADF Vehicles, Including the M1A1 in AusCam and DesCam variets and the ADF Landrovers.
*ADF AirCraft, Including the ARH Tiger, S-70 Blackhawk and MRH-90.

So please, without delay, I present to you, the ADF Mod Armed Assault Core Pack Version 1.0. :)
*Filefront Link

Credit's Go out to;
- Rico [ADF Mod Leader, Texturer, Config, Modeller (The main man)]
- DK [ADF Mod Modeller, Texturer, Config (Texture God)]
- Vipers_Fang [ADF Mod BETA Tester (Military critic :-P)]
- Disco_Stu [ADF Mod Config, Modeller (No model he hasnt dismembered)]
- Antipop [ADF Mod Webmaster, Public Relations, BETA Tester (Pack has been released to get Anti to stop asking for it :P, just kidding :))]
- UKF For letting us use their L-96
- DrillSeageant and [AIF]Wiggles for letting us use their Un-used F88's.
- AussieDave, and for providing a Server for the Mod & helping us do the final beta tests.

Thankyou so much to everyone who helped the ADF Mod in anyway including the boys who BETA Tested on Chritmas Eve, you were a great help. Thanks All, more updates for this mod will be released including a updated S-70 with Mag58's. (We Didn't have time to convert it over, we wanted to release the pack for you We're working on it now.) Keep an eye out for our other packs and we hope to see you on the battlefield.

- ADF Mod Team

Furthermore this addon is packed with 7-zip, a packer tool similar to Winrar. You can get it from HERE, but the files can also be extracted with Winrar.

If you want a replacementpack for this addon, you can get it from HERE (made by khayes for woodland and desert units)
Picture of ADF Mod Core Pack Picture of ADF Mod Core Pack Picture of ADF Mod Core Pack
Size : 50 MB
  December 26th, 2007 - 16:02   Comments (2)  

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