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  Hellenic Warfare Mod Addon Pack 3 (v 3.0)  
Picture of Hellenic Warfare Mod Addon Pack 3 Author : Hellenic Warfare Mod
Version : 3.0 Era : Modern Type : Misc
Size : 172 MB Demo mission : Yes
Downloads : 12951 Rating : 4 / 5 (rated 15 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • hwm_air.pbo
  • hwm_core.pbo
  • hwm_units.pbo
  • hwm_vehicles.pbo
  • hwm_weapons.pbo
Description :
- UH-1H now has a flaps animation giving better flight control on vertical dives.
- UH-1H rotors now are spinning at the correct direction
- UH-1H reworked config.
- UH-1H Racs version tail marking texture now is correct.
- Leopard1A4 now APDS and HEAT rounds have different behavior and unique realistic characteristics.
- Leopard1A4 apply camo net is now MP compatible
ENHANCEMENTS from Version 2.0
- H&K G3 series weapons reworked from scratch.
- All weapons now have a unique magazine model.
- Update characteristics for all addons to comply under patch 1.14
(unique recoils, upgraded armor for all vehicles)

- Leopard1A4 now has correct ammo switching from APDS to HEAT rounds, with
appropriate reloading time.
- Corrected the slight transparent texture on HKG3 series weapons.
- The deployable MG3 now isn't empty when placed as static.
- Fixed lights in both M113A1 and Leopard 1A4 now they are close to vehicles and
on center.
- Fixed rate of fire in MG3
- Added flash both in M113A1 and Leopard in Cargo/Commander and Driver LODS
- Added View Geometry LOD in M113A1 and Leopard1A4
- Leopard 1A4 now uses the new MG3 (low poly version) designed for UH-1H, and
the appropriate proxy type.
- Added new sound for the MG3

- First release
Picture of Hellenic Warfare Mod Addon Pack 3 Picture of Hellenic Warfare Mod Addon Pack 3 Picture of Hellenic Warfare Mod Addon Pack 3
Size : 172 MB
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