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No picture found for this addon. Author : 6thSense
Version : 0.1 Era : Modern Type : Misc
Size : 13,4 KB Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • SIX_Repl_AIAccuracy.pbo
  • SIX_Repl_AIRange.pbo
  • SIX_Repl_Reloadtime.pbo
  • SIX_Repl_WeaponSway.pbo
Description :
Proud to Present to you: Pack2

Pack2 exists out of 4 Modules
You do not have to use every included Module, remove any you don't like

[i]This package contains 4 Modules by

* AIAccuracy - Gives the AI better ability to spot and identify enemies. Unlike TrueRangeAI, it is a lot less aggressive
* AIRange - Gives the AI the possibility to engage from further ranges. Basicly, they are a little better able to spot due to AIAccuracy addon. But they are able to fire back from further or engage earlier due to AIRange
* Reloadtime - Updated reloadtimes of rifles with values that are closer to reallife
* Weaponsway - Updated weapon sway values. Rifles move more realisticly in hand while standing, sitting, laying down etc. etc.

Please check the Pack2 Wiki for more info about the Pack,
DOCS, Background, Contents etc. etc.

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Size : 13,4 KB
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