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  UAV RQ-1 and MQ-1 Predator (v 1.0)  
Picture of UAV RQ-1 and MQ-1 Predator Author : EMSI
Version : 1.0 Era : Modern Type : Aerials
Size : 3,20 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 10260 Rating : 4.3 / 5 (rated 9 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • emsi_mrquavs.pbo
Description :
=== ENG ===

UAV RQ-1 Predator Addon for ArmA: Armed Assault

RQ-1 Description:

RQ-1 Predator is a long-endurance, medium-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.
The Northrop Grumman TESAR synthetic aperture radar, which provides all-weather surveillance capability, has a resolution of 1 feet.
Surveillance imagery from synthetic aperture radar, video cameras and a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) can be distributed in real-time both to the front line soldier and to the operational commander, or worldwide in real-time via satellite communication links.

MQ-1 description:

MQ-1, armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, is the multi-role version which is used for armed reconnaissance and interdiction. It can be also armed with intelligent bombs GBU-12 Paveway II, EGBU-12 Paveway II or GBU-38 JDAM.
The Raytheon Multi-spectral Targeting System (MTS-A/B) is fitted on the MQ-1/9 Predator. The MTS-A/B provides real-time imagery selectable between infrared and day TV as well as a laser designation capability. MQ-1 can employ two laser-guided Hellfire anti-armour missiles with the MTS.
The endurance of the air vehicle is more than 40 hours and the cruise speed is over 70 knots.

How to use:

Cut and paste addon file (emsi_mrquavs.pbo) with sign file (emsi_mrquavs.pbo.EMSI.bisign) into your Addons directory, or use your own Mod directory for unofficial addons and testing.
Then you find this unit in editor through BLUFOR -> UAV -> MQ-1 Predator (or RQ-1 Predator).


This addon has one unique function bringing a bit of reality into a game. It’s Auto-FLIR view for pilot-operator. Auto-FLIR function means brighter view during night recons.
This is typical view for UAV cameras in night time. This function is automatically enabled in time interval between 20:30 and 4:40. It‘s also enabled/disabled if player as a pilot-operator is in/out of the plane. When the Predator is destroyed, Auto-FLIR function is also disabled.
If you want enabled function Auto-FLIR during game play, add to the init filed of this unit code:

[this] exec "\EMSI_MRQUAVS\EMSI_autoFlir.sqs"

... of course, if Predator has in mission specific name (in this example "uav") use this code:

[uav] exec "\EMSI_MRQUAVS\EMSI_autoFlir.sqs"

This view will be available only for pilot-operator.


This addon has name EMSI_MRQUAVS.pbo.
Addon was created in cooperation between EMSI and pochyst, so this was the reason why was this addon renamed from EMSI_PST_xxx.pbo and digitally signed by project leader.

EMSI.bikey file for MP (copy it to "Keys" directory) is available to download on (Download section) or on


pochyst - for his amazing work on this unique addon - he knows where is this described ;o)
TheSun – for nice reference pics
scubaman3D – for his help with final weapons solution on armed version MQ-1


EMSI pochyst
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Picture of UAV RQ-1 and MQ-1 Predator Picture of UAV RQ-1 and MQ-1 Predator
Size : 3,20 MB
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