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  ARMA: Enhanced Configuration System (High Quality) (v 10150)  
Picture of ARMA: Enhanced Configuration System (High Quality) Author : ECS Mod
Version : 10150 Era : N/A Type : Total Conversion
Size : 168 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 47384 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 6 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • ECS_Air.pbo
  • ECS_Animals.pbo
  • ECS_Armory.pbo
  • ECS_Characters.pbo
  • ECS_CIV.pbo
  • ECS_Core.pbo 'required in order to work'
  • ECS_Misc.pbo 'required in order to work'
  • ECS_Quiet.pbo
  • ECS_RACS.pbo
  • ECS_RC_CIV.pbo
  • ECS_RC_RACS.pbo
  • ECS_RC_RU.pbo
  • ECS_RC_US.pbo
  • ECS_RU.pbo
  • ECS_SmokeShell.pbo
  • ECS_Sounds.pbo 'required in order to work'
  • ECS_Tracers.pbo
  • ECS_US.pbo
  • ECS_Worlds.pbo
Description :
Note : This is the HD version of the ECS Mod :

(HD: high quality sound version of ECS, for users that experienced sounds problem in the game with using high compression level Ogg vorbis or for users that want the max sounds quality)

Welcome to ArmA Enhanced Configuration System.


ECS comes as a self-installing addon. Unpack the archive to a temp
directory and run the setup.exe file; theres a browse option that lets you
choose the directory you want to install to, and this should create
a '\@ECS' mod folder with the mod in it.

Nothing is modified by the installer but make sure the @ECS folder is
in your '\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\' folder for it to work.

There is also a 'ecs.bikey' in the 'Keys' folder that must be located in the
'\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Keys\' folder for connection to a signature
required server. Note that the server MUST have the the required key
installed on it for ECS to be allowed in.

Make a shortcut to your ArmA and add the mod option to your target line like
this: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=@ECS

If you have other mods installed or are using the '-nosplash' option it might
look like this:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=;@ECS

It is imperative you assign -mod=;;@ECS as the last mod if
you have more than one mod installed/in use with ECS or ECS will not initialise

A successful install will display the "ECS Version xx.xx.xx" number in the lower left
main menu of ArmA after startup.


Project lead and Core developer L.François.
Suggestions, Debug help, Beta test, help files english translation, text english translation D.John.
German Translation, Debug help, Optimization help, Beta test, P.Tobias.
Suggestions, server support, Beta test, C.Jeffrey.

for all News and information about ECS and/or the team, visit us at
We hope you enjoy ECS!


It is imperitive that you do not modify ANY of these files without express permission of the ECS team,
as these files are signed and modification of these files will cause problems with ECS_clients and/or ECS_server
when other ECS_clients and/or ECS_server have this mod installed.
You are free to use it so long as it is not modified. It may only be distributed in its original form,
complete with ECS team credits.
Copyright © ECS team, L.François. All rights reserved.
Distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;


Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint are copyright their respective owners.
The ECS team are not affiliated with BIS, Codemasters or Atari.
Size : 168 MB
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