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  SLA Woodland Troops (v 1.1)  
Picture of SLA Woodland Troops Author : Rellikki
Version : 1.1 Era : Modern Type : Units
Size : 22 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 4773 Rating : 4 / 5 (rated 4 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • rel_wlsla.pbo
Description :
SLA Woodland Troops
by Rellikki
This addon comes up with a redux version of the BIS SLA troops. The main purpose of the addon is to
bring you SLA troops without the Interceptor body armor, as I thought that it was unrealistic to have
an Eastern world nation with Western world equipment. Other changes comparared to BIS SLA troops are
for example: enhanced camo pattern, some different unit types, etc.

Version 1.1 changes:
- Added signature files for MP gaming purposes
- New wound textures
- Adjusted the chestrig's straps to fit better with the shape of the body
- Replaced the 2D belt on the uniforms with a 3D one
- Added support for multiple languages for the display names
- New units: Crewman and Marksman
... and several other minor updates.

ArmA v.1.04 or higher.

To install, simply excract the content inside the AddOns folder of the archieve into your ArmA AddOns
folder, or a mod folder of your choice.
The units can be found under the OPFOR side in a category named "REL - Woodland SLA".

Credits & thanks to:
- Ebud, CWR and BIS for the base 3D models & textures
- ObmaR for the 3D models of the bandana and the field cap
- Von Rundstedt for the 3D model of the beret
- Benoist, W0lle, Tiger205,, wipman, Old Bear and MODUL for the translations of the display
names to different languages.

Please visit my website for more ArmA stuff by me:

Have fun...
...and use the addon at your own risk!
Picture of SLA Woodland Troops
Size : 22 MB
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