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  PROPER World (v 2008-11-01)  
Picture of PROPER World Author : Q aka kju
Version : 2008-11-01 Era : N/A Type :
Size : 1,06 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 1436 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • PROPER_World_Rahmadi.pbo
  • PROPER_World_Sara.pbo
  • PROPER_World_Porto.pbo
  • PROPER_World_SaraLite.pbo
Description :
What is PROPER World

* You can change various aspects related to islands,
clutter, weather, water yourself, for example:

** Disable grass completely independent to terrain detail setting.

** Exchange grass models with other ArmA or custom models.

** Change the size of grass and other clutter.

** Change the composition of grass and clutter.

** Change several parameters related to islands textures.

** Change the water color for all islands.

** Change the waves of the sea.

** Change the rain, clouds and overcast.

** Change the lighting settings.

** Change the island ambients: Wild life appearance

* Client side modification. This means it overrides mission or server settings.

What is new

* Modification now possible for Sahrani, Rahmadi, Porto, SaraLite
(Move Porto and SaraLite PBO in the addons folder itself from .\addons\QG)

* Files for client side modification are now in the .\ArmA\dta\userconfig\PROPER_World_Configuration folder

* Many more settings like water color, CfgMaterials, CfgSurfaces,
CfgSurfaceCharacters, CfgHeads, Ambient, Subdivision etc

How does it work

Goto the .\ArmA\dta\userconfig\PROPER_World_Configuration folder
and open the various files to tweak the settings yourself.

The ISLAND_Settings.hpp (like Rahmadi_Settings.hpp) are a good
start for less experience people to disable the grass or clutter and
change various ground texture related aspects.

In the Water_Templates.hpp you can choose between a
few different given water color templates made by anzacsas.
If you want to tweak the color yourself, open the CfgMaterials.hpp
file and change the RGB (+ transparency) values of the Water,
Shore and Shorefoam defines.

At the end of the line there is the default value as a comment as
backup to restore the default value.

You can NOT change the values while ArmA is running.
You have to restart ArmA to load the new values!

More details on the BIKI page soon: and BI Forum Topic
Picture of PROPER World Picture of PROPER World Picture of PROPER World
Size : 1,06 MB 7z
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