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  The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod (Pack 3) (v 1.0)  
Picture of The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod (Pack 3) Author : Lost Brothers Mod
Version : 1.0 Era : Modern Type :
Size : 375 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 5442 Rating : 1.7 / 5 (rated 3 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • achzrit.pbo
  • AS-Balshield.pbo
  • ASMAP.pbo
  • ASSmoke.pbo
  • Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo
  • Flares.pbo
  • iaf_apache.pbo
  • iaf_f16.pbo
  • icp_anims.pbo
  • idf_ch53.pbo
  • lobo_aaunits.pbo
  • lobo_airammo.pbo
  • lobo_c130.pbo
  • lobo_hamas.pbo
  • lobo_hezbollah_tow.pbo
  • lobo_idf_tow2.pbo
  • lobo_sounds.pbo
  • lobo_vulcan.pbo
  • lobof15.pbo
  • lobof16.pbo
  • lobohezballzjeep.pbo
  • lobohezballzmotorcycle.pbo
  • lobohizballah.pbo
  • lobohmwv.pbo
  • lobomagach.pbo
  • lobomerkava4.pbo
  • lobomusic.pbo
  • lobouh6d.pbo
  • lobouh6g.pbo
  • loboweapons.pbo
  • map_air.pbo
  • map_air_sounds.pbo
  • map_air_weap.pbo
  • map_basic_models.pbo
  • MAP_Misc.pbo
  • rkta_F16.pbo
  • tav21.pbo
  • vilas_pwp.pbo
  • vilas_wpn.pbo
Description :
Finally we are releasing out long awaited LoBo Addon Pack #3
Within this pack you will find the following:



Palsar Golani (LRRP)
Tzanhanim (paratroopers)
Nahal (Paltas/Recon)
Shayetet-13 (Naval Commandos)
Sayeret MATKAL
Sayeret Egoz
Sayaret Duvdevan
YAMAM (Police Special Operations)
IAF pilots (standard,Apache, & fighter jockey)
IDF Tank Crew
Oh.... and THE ZOHAN!!!!!!!!!!


F-16I Sufa (multiple weapon loads)
F-15C (multiple weapon loads)
F-15I (multiple weapon loads)
AH-64 Apache
UH-60 with rockets (in green and tan desert cammo patterns)
UH-60 with MG's (in green and tan desert cammo patterns)
CH-53 Yasur


Merkava Mk4 MBT
Magach 6 MBT (with ERA)
Achzarit Heavy APC
M163A2 Hovet AAA


Up-armored IDF HMMWV's (M2, TOW, and Recon)

Crew-Served Weapons-



Regular Infantry
Commando/Sapper infantry
Shahid Brigade commandos

UAZ with MG

Crew-served weapons-


8 different types of irregular Hamas infantry

Special Thanks… to Uziyahu for providing us an FTP site,, (also providing us FTP space), and others for hosting all of these addons. Many thanks also for all of you helping the mod to coordinate our efforts, contact other mod teams and addon makers, as well as doing historical research for our Mod.
Also thanks to IDF Hayal, SFC Itzhak, Jewish Freak, Namman2, Black Knight63, IDF Godzilla, Chris Death, Diversant (Yosi), and anyone else I may have forgotten. Also a big heart felt thank you to VipersHeart for starting this mod providing assistance and inspiration.
Also big salute to NoOne as one of the co-founders of the mod and helping to create many of the original addons.
Massive Thanks to the following Mods and Addon Makers:
Footmunch, Mapfact, Al Simmons & DSA (A1 Simmons entry tools pack), Vilas (Project '85), and Törni as well as to wld427 and EddyD (both of whom kicked ass helping us).

If I left anyone out or if any of the credits are incorrect, please contact me at: and I will correct the credits in the next update.

Now go install these addons and enjoy-
Chris G.
aka-Miles Teg
The Lost Brothers Mod Team Leader
Picture of The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod (Pack 3) Picture of The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod (Pack 3) Picture of The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod (Pack 3) Picture of The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod (Pack 3)
Size : 375 MB 7z
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