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  Russian Armor Pack (v 4.0)  
Picture of Russian Armor Pack Author : 343rdBadger
Version : 4.0 Era : Modern Type : Armoured
Size : 14,2 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 9211 Rating : 4.5 / 5 (rated 2 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • smurfc_era.pbo
  • SD_BTR80.pbo
Description :
This addon is adding the T90, T80D, BTR80 and T72 to your Armed Assault

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v.3 changes :

Not too much done ,just texture tweaks ,but I added a new variant of t-72.
This version has the T-72MP,which is sorta a cross between the t-80 and t-72 ERA upgrade.
Its a camo net version that matches the btr's a bit better.
Still haven't figured out the damage issues as yet though

v4.0 changes :

Lots of little tweaks. couldn't get the front era triangular section to texture properly so I returned it to the previous 3.0 version,but kept the other era frontal plate updates from v3.1.Still need work though to get rid of the stretching but thats gonna take a whole new texture mapping I think,dunno if its worth the hassel so left it alone.Added stuff,deleted stuff blah blah blah,just little tweaks to shadowing and detailing etc etc.Removed the "thing" on the top of the T-72bm(dunno what its called but I couldn't find a pic of a t-72bm with it on so I deleted it) Main changes are the texture edits to accomodate the random numbers.Added new texture set to match contemporary Russian camo schemes as requested and Kept a traditional Yellow T-90 version as well.(I think you'll like this scheme Marijus,looks fairly close I think to your posted pics).Enjoy

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Picture of Russian Armor Pack Picture of Russian Armor Pack Picture of Russian Armor Pack Picture of Russian Armor Pack Picture of Russian Armor Pack
Size : 14,2 MB 7z
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