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  XAM (v 1.5)  
Picture of XAM Author : snake22000
Version : 1.5 Era : Modern Type : Total Conversion
Size : 480 MB[7z] Demo mission : No
Downloads : 6567 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 6 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
Here is the complete version of the XAM 1.5

The download of 480 mo contains:

- The XAM 1.5 version in a manual installation way.
- 4 coop mission multiplayer domination,by Squeeky for the XAM.
- 1 reference guide XAM for the missions makers, with the name of the vehicles, soldiers, objects for the mission making.
- 1 Installation guide.
- The "F27_ArmA_Launcher" software, to manage and launch your Arma mods easily (French software)

WARNING! You need "adobe acrobat reader" to read the manuals.

Changelog XAM 1.5


- Full support of the 1.14 version.
- Stability improved
- Great optimization of the performance


- Smoke grenades are now fully effective for blocking the IA sight
- The US pilots now have ammo for their M4
- Error "No entry'bin\config.cpp/cfgweapons.flareslauncher" corrected
- Action messages no more bother the player when entering in a vehicle
- The M1 Abrams Desert now have access to the computer board
- Thermal vision removed for the M113,BMP2,Vulcan and Shilka
- Rotating turrets sound back


- Angle of view adjusted like in the 1.08 version
- M203 sound changed
- PK sound changed
- M249 sound changed
- AK-74 sound changed
- M4 sound changed
- New sound effects for the distant bullets
- Sound effect for the falling bushing improved
- Ballistic greatly adjusted to be more dynamic and realist (VBS2 values)
- Counter mesure system improved
- Decrease of the night atmosphere for more hearing comfort
- Animations faster for the weapons swap (binoculars, AT launcher...)
- Speed modifications for some animations for more realism.
- Computer board of helico better and more functional
- Visual enhancement for the explosions effects
- The bots are now less precise than in the 1.4:06 version, fight are longer
- Starting engine sound for outside
- Music radio now available for HUMVEE, UAZ ...


- Recon UAV with its console
- AA vehicle SA-6
- F-16 aircraft (3 versions)
- New sky texture
- New tracer bullets effect with dynamic luminosity
- The breathing of the pilot as a new audio effect
- Possibility of disable the audio warnings in the aircraft
- Falling bushings sound for the HMMWV and UAZ MG
- Acceleration of the HMMWV sound
- "Flyby" sound for the helico and the aircraft added
- New ammo crate for the XAM mines (Claymore and leaping mines)
- Complet information system in the aircraft


- Supressions of the Everon and Rahmadi Extended maps
- Supressions of the bleeding system
- Supressions of the French Forces, Africans rebels, and FAMAS



-error when opening the UAV console "Cannot load mipmap xam_texture\uav\interface.paa" fixed.
-Crash of the game when opening the UAV console fixed.
-Useless message "test" when an armored vehicule get shot removed.
-The player don't see all dark anymore when heavy wounded in the night.
-icon on the map when a vehicule got destroyed removed.
-"BattleEye" button, in the filter menu is now functionnal
-Bug of the soldier unable to exit their parachute fixed.
-Ejected IA now always open their parachute.
-Error message when using the radio fixed (radio provisionally removed from the mod).
-Ak-74 Aimpoint - error message "No entry: 'bin\config.cpp/CfgSkeletons.AK74" fixed (weapon removed).
-Message "error - replace" deleted on the loading menu of the multiplayer missions.
-Error message "_mine = |#|nearestObject [_unit, "XAM_mines"]" fixed.
-Remaining FAMAS deleted.
-Error message when launching the XAM "XAM_Fixed_Weapons_Settings.hpp" fixed.
-Smoke screen of the tank now functionnal.
-FLIR system is now not present for the M113 ambulance, BMP-2,BMP-2 ambulance, M113 (CARS)


-Tracer bullet smaller and less "flashy".
-"IR system" now know as "FLIR system" in the action tab.
-You can hear explosions from larger distance.
-Explosion sound changed.
-Smoke screen now for the T-72 and T90.
-A sound for the launching Scud has been added.


-Several models for the new MI-24 Hind
-T-72 ERA
Size : 480 MB[7z]
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