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  CSLA3 Phase1 (v 1.02)  
Picture of CSLA3 Phase1 Author : CSLA
Version : 1.02 Era : Modern Type : Realism Mod
Size : 308 MB Demo mission : Yes
Downloads : 7217 Rating : 4.4 / 5 (rated 7 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
New version of MOD has been released - ČSLA3 - Phase 1 v1.02

- updated models and textures of soldiers from version 1.01
- added new models of paratroopers and scouts
- added static AGS-17 grenadelauncher on tripod
- added feature - possibility to build nests with AGS-17
- added Sa-58 with bipod and optics
- added Sa-61 with silencer
- added feature – Sapper can build static defense positions (sandbag walls)
- added feature – AI can be mounted to positions behind new sandbag walls
- added feature – soldiers can build trenches
- added feature – possibility to deploy static M2, TOW, Mk.19 from US vehicles
- added feature – smoke grenade launchers on armored vehicles
- added feature – added ATGM 9M112 Kobra to T-72M
- added feature – reworked changing of weapons on tanks
- updated MP missions Warfare, Evolution and Domination
- many updates and tweaks in CFG, scripts, models and textures
- added 2 new SP missions
- many other updates and tweaks

Singleplayer missions
In The Army Now
Operation Marjoram
Operation Carmen
Road To Pita (Queen's Gambit datadisc required)
Clean Sweep (Queen's Gambit datadisc required)
Hips (Queen's Gambit datadisc required)
First Blood (Queen's Gambit datadisc required)
Steal The Tractor (Queen's Gambit datadisc required)
Travel Agency
Kill The Beasts

Multiplayer missions
CSLA Evolution
- South Sahrani island
- CSLA vs. US Army
- possibility to build nests with UK-59 or AGS-17 (see Features)
CSLA Domination
- base on 3.70 version by Xeno
- added new weapons and features from CSLA 1.02
- added possibility to recruit AI
CSLA Warfare for 16 players
CSLA Warfare for 32 players
CSLA Warfare for 48 players
- more than 870 fighting units in one huge battle over South Sahrani
- CSLA vs. US Army
- AI uses helicopters
- RACS land and air patrols
- RACS convoys (random counterattacks)
- added new RACS static defenses on strategic positions
- used new CSLA WF objects
- possibility to build nests with UK-59 or AGS-17 (see Features)
- increased HQ endurance
- cooperative version of SP mission
- cooperative mission


Download (307MB)

You need to download complete setup because all original PBOs are updated.

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Picture of CSLA3 Phase1 Picture of CSLA3 Phase1 Picture of CSLA3 Phase1
Size : 308 MB
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