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  Maule M7 (Ski Plane) (v 1.0.1)  
Picture of Maule M7 (Ski Plane) Author : Rocket
Version : 1.0.1 Era : Modern Type : Aerials
Size : 16,7 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 3942 Rating : 4 / 5 (rated 5 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
- Fully animated interior
- Custom crew seat/death animations
- Lit interior
- Realistic Glass
- Seats four personnel
- Ski and Non-Ski versions included

- 4 resolution lods (max 12K)
- Seperate custom Fire/Collision/View Geometry
- One Shadow LOD (second is to do)
- Seperate Pilot/Cargo View (13k polys)
- 2 x 2048 Textures, only one with Shaders (interior doesnt need it). One is exterior, other is pilot/cargo view.

Many thanks to:
- FSX for providing a great Maule for research (lots of screenshots!)
- Gnat for his Piper, which provided much of the knowledge and inspiration
- RKSLRock, and the rest of the BI Forums crew
- USEC team!
- ... and all the other community sites. Bandwidth ain't cheap!
- BI for making such awesome games!
- The forum Mod's here for being patient and always around
- Everyone who bought ArmA and ArmA2.
- The ACE mod guys too... while its been a pain to integrate. They have done great work!

This is provided "as is" with no warranty. The property contained retains any and all relevant licenses it may have. Contact me if you would like to edit this file beyond personal use, and I'll see if its possible.

The future:
- When my copy of ArmA2 arrives, I'll port it to that.
- Paintkit.
- Amphibious Variant
- I'd like to make a VOR system...
- Glass Damage textures... I have actually DONE the textures I just couldn't get the damn things working (even following the tutorial!).
- On request I edited the "engine startup" script so that it *should* work correctly with ACE in multiplayer. Haven't tested it though.
Picture of Maule M7 (Ski Plane) Picture of Maule M7 (Ski Plane) Picture of Maule M7 (Ski Plane) Picture of Maule M7 (Ski Plane)
Size : 16,7 MB
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