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  Fire At Will v1.2 released Addon release    
Rydygier has released an updated "Fire At Will" - Functional AI artillery without any knowledge about scripts etc. version 1.2 on the BI Forums.

- Fixed some bugs;
- improved calculation of salvos drift;
- added demo mission;
- new PDF manual.
Note: In this version, salvos drift finally is calculated exactly as I wanted. In comparison with earlier version it may be larger.
If you prefer a smaller drift - remember about possibility of adjustment this parameter with RydART_Acc variable (is equal 2 by default). 1.1a version is included in "old" folder.

Parameters in demo mission are set up so that artillery fire was the most frequent and intense.
In a standard missions I recommend a default value of RydART_Safe, which is 200 meters.
In this mission player is a civilian spectator - so for addon version test just wait a minute and watch fireworks.
For script version testing launch game without FAW&CBA addons. Then use radio ALPHA channel to initialize script. Map markers are active.

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  Cold War Rearmed² : Demo³ Addon release    

W0lle from the Cold War Rearmed Mod has released the Cold War Rearmed² : Demo³ on the BI Forums.

Merry christmas from the CWR² Team!

Once again we're happy to present you the third Patch for the Cold War Rearmed² Demo.
To make things easier, and to make it clear that this is not only a patch but a full release, this is now called Cold War Rearmed² : Demo³.
This also is the last Demo release/patch except for critical bugfixes. Next release will be the full Mod.
Thanks to everyone reporting issues, we hope that most of them are fixed in this release now.

Besides the over 150 units, weapons, and vehicles from the Demo this patch also contains a lot of bugfixes as well as some major additions/changes:

The AH-1 Cobra from Max Power has been added for you to play with
Bushlurker made a complete set of Vegetation models
All Weapon/Vehicle sounds have been replaced with the excellent JSRS sounds
Winter Kolgujev and Units can now be used together with the Demo
Some additional vehicles required for some missions: Bus, Police Jeep and Trabant
Two fancy new glasses for your units
Malden (Beta) and Nogova Islands

  December 28th, 2011 - 09:51 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  J.S.R.S. 1.4 released ... and updated to 1.4.1 Addon release    

LordJarhead has released his J.S.R.S. - Jarhead's Sounds Redeployment Systems- v1.4 on the BI Forums.

This version of the JSRS project is to provide the player with the feeling of auditory perception and an experience of tonal variety—both of which are unique and yet was non-existent. This provides a much richer and immersive experience in-game.

The J.S.R.S. Sound modification project desires to provide a major aspect of the sound experience within ArmA that has been severely lacking. Boasting over 1800 samples, all of which were originally adapted, rejected, and have been completely redesigned into a reproduction of powerful sounds which elevates both the game and its players to a higher level of the virtual combat reality experience.

A milestone of J.S.R.S. - version 1.4 uses a wonderful system which replicates for its users changes in sounds based on various distances—both near and far alike as well as both a spatial location and arrangement of the delay, describing the sound. A unique and exciting new feature of J.S.R.S., it captures you, touches the senses and sends you on a sonic journey.

Edit : JSRS Update 1.4.1 released

The main things:
• Changed: Signatures and key are updated to version 2 for more safety of cheaters
• Changed: Range and distance of script command (will fade in after 100 meters now)
• Changed: Reworked most configs for more sound range of normal weapon sounds (fading out after 400,
450 meters)
• Added: SMAW added to the NLAW config
• Added: MAAWS added to the NLAW config
• Changed: Reworked the GAU12 sounds to get rid of burst sounds
• Changed: Reduced distance of far-crack sounds
As we have a problem with the script anyways at the moment, i will not included the increase of volume for distant sounds.
We updated the ReadMe with all important informations!

  December 27th, 2011 - 22:06 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Carrier Operations: Duala v1.4 Campaign by j_frost Mission release    
j_frost has informed us about Carrier Operations: Duala v1.4 Campaign release on the BI Forums.

Duala is offically in a state of civil war. The Duala Revolution is an ongoing armed conflict in the North African state of Duala being fought between forces loyal to Colonel Mumma Gotdafti and his regime and those seeking to depose of him.

The situation began on 15 February 2011 as a series of peaceful protests which were met with military force by the Gotdafti regime. The protests escalated into an uprising that spread across the country. The forces opposing Gotdafti establishing a government named the National Transitional Council [NTC] whose stated goal was to overthrow the Gotdafti-led government and hold democratic elections.

The civil war rapidly esculated as the Gotdafti loyalists applied further force in an attempt to crush the rebellion of the NTC. NATO forces have alligned themselves with the NTC and provide support of the restricted Fly Zone over Duala.

The US carrier Nimitz based off the East Duala coast will provide air-support for the civilian populated NTC forces, striking deep into GotDafti held territory at various cummunications and other military targets. Any ground operations conducted by the UN alliance must be striclty confidential, otherwise risking a huge uprising from the rest of the Arab world.

You will play as a pilot flying various aircraft and helicopters from USS Nimitz in aid of our campiagn in support of the NTC and Dualan civilians. Parts of the campaign will also focus on covert operations from the US MArines operating from USS Nimitz.

* Fictional campaign based roughly on the recent Libyan conflict.
* Starring Col.Aziz as Col. Mumma Gotdafti.
* 10 Missions based on Nimitz Air\Ground operations.
* 7 Flying missions, 3 Marines missions.
* Many custom scripts for various mission functions.
* No voice acting\ sorry but an Aussie voice wouldnt quite sound right on USS Nimitz.

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  HETMAN - Artificial Commander by Rydygier Addon release    

Rydygier has released an updated HETMAN - Artificial Commander v1.0 beta2 addon on the BI Forums.

Addon „HAC” enlivens battlefield in way, I hope, that would do a living commander. „HAC” does not deal with the manner, in which orders are executed. Addon focuses on aspect of issue orders. In other words, this addon gives one or both sides of conflict an field commander level AI. In my opinion effect is quite interesting.

To activate „HAC” for one side, one of units of this side must be named leaderHQ. Highly recommend also placement of any object on the map (can be empty trigger) named RydHQ_Obj, for example near leader of opposite side. Its position will determine a target point, which Artificial Commander will try to conquer. In order to give to addon control over units of both sides must also be named leaderHQB any unit of second side (I suggest an officer/boss unit. If it is AI controlled unit, will receive “HOLD” order and will not move. Death of these “field commander” units means the end of script control - army is losing its „brain”. Such unit may be compared to a “King” piece in chess). Similarly, we also place for the other side on map object called RydHQB_Obj. After these preparations, „HAC” should take command over all placed units and completely automatically assign them tasks adequately to the situation on the battlefield.
Script version is installed by placing contents of folder “Source” in a mission folder in which scripts shall be used. Should also be placed in the init field of any object, in the activation field of a trigger or waypoint, or in a separate file, following code:

nul = [] execVM „RydHQInit.sqf”;

„HAC” will start working after about 15 seconds from start of the mission and will control all units of given side and their allies (except civilians).

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  Combined Operations Lite / CO Lite guide Multiplayer    

kju has informed us about the Combined Operations Lite initiative on the BI Forums. ArmA 2 Free and Arma 2: OA needed.

What is it

Combined Operations (A2:CO) is the combination of Operation Arrowhead (A2:OA) and ArmA 2 (A2). It extends it with additional content like new worlds (Chernarus and Utes) and various factions and their assets (USMC, Russian Armed Forces, Chernarussian Defence Forces, Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, National Party).

CO Lite is the combination of OA with ArmA 2 Free (A2:F). It is called Lite as ArmA 2 Free has lower quality textures and sound files.

NOTE: CO Lite allows A2:OA only owners to join A2:CO servers and therefore it unifies the multiplayer scene.

Get more infos about Combined Operations Lite on the ArmA 2 OA: Combined Operations Lite Biki page.

ARMA 2 Free is available in Six Updater, you can also download, install and update ARMA 2 Free, directly from within the Six Updater, Games section.

WARNING : Combined Operations Lite is NOT Free Arma2 Combined Operations, please note you still need the paid ARMA 2: OA ... you can get on Sprocket.

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  Twenty-first release of A&S ProMode (2011-12-17) Mission release    

kju has informed us about Twenty-first A&S ProMode (2011-12-17) release.

This small update just adds a couple of random mode mission for new community made worlds.
This may be very well the last release of A&S ProMode. So thanks for your interest!

2011-12-17 changelog

# Changed: Show for AI units an abbreviation of the class type instead of full class names in minimap/map.
# Changed: Add random mode version for Moschnyi Island.
# Changed: Add random mode version for Bush's Geotypical Microterrains - 2km x 2km x 2 meter test terrain.
# Changed: Add random mode version for Bush's Geotypical Microterrains - 2km x 2km x 4 meter test terrain.
# Changed: Add random mode version for Clafghan.
# Changed: Add random mode version for Emita City.
# Changed: Add random mode version for Tigeria SE.

The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server
to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

The A&S ProMode (2011-12-17) pack is available in the filebase.

Find more about A&S ProMode, its features and countless configuration options in the wiki.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!

Source : PvPscene
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  Fields of War - Normandy Screenshots    
Rip31st released several new screenshots of their latest work on our forums.

Source : Armedassault.Info Forums
  December 25th, 2011 - 18:29 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

  Operation FrenchPoint Mod v3.1 released Addon release    

Ikar from the Operation FrenchPoint Mod -OFrP- has released an Operation FrenchPoint Mod v3.1 on Operation Community Base Addons needed.

Operation Frenchpoint is finally available on Arma2/OperationArrowhead.
To set the Mod online file has not been easy, it still weighs more than 1GB.

After 3 ½ years of absence and several months of work, the mod OFrP is back, we hope you enjoy it.
Some things may seem to be incomplete but we wanted to give you this little Christmas gift (even with a slight delay).

We have made ​​many improvements since version 2.1 of the Hexagon Mod, you'll also find several new vehicles and other items.

We will make a few improvements and add new elements in the coming weeks.

Compatibility with missions that use addons Hexagon is normally provided, as well as compatibility with the addons from MAF2EXT.

Attention, as announced several weeks ago, the mod is dependent on Community Base Addons, you can find at this address.

To learn more about what changes in this version, you can read the "changelog".

We wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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  Hazar-Kot Valley by McNools [CO] Addon release    

McNools has released his Hazar-Kot Valley v 1.0 terrain on the BI Forums. Arma2:Combined Operations needed.

This is the first release of my new map, it's basically two types of terrain, the outer valley is a large desert-area with some hills and ridges, sporadic vegetation and rocks with a small run-down town consisting of several compounds, as well as a couple of compounds outside the town.

The inner valley is a rugged, rocky terrain with dense vegetation (mostly bushes) and sporadic settlements and ruined compounds and buildings on some ridges and mountains, aswell as a few caves, providing much cover and defensive positions for whoever holds it.

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