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  PMC Somalia v0.6 for ArmA 2. Addon release    

Snake Man from PMC has informed us about PMC Somalia v0.6 for ArmA 2 release.

This mod is work in progress!

This is Somalia conflict mod featuring realistic Mogadishu terrain, 1993 era US Army Rangers, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, 160th SOAR pilots plus little birds, black hawks, ah1 cobra, hmmwv, 5 ton trucks and Somali militia / civilians.

Changes are too many to list, the whole mod has gone overhaul since previous public release, check changelog for details.

  May 26th, 2013 - 07:20 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  PMC 51km Desert v1.7 has been released! Addon release    
PMC has released "PMC 51km Desert v1.7" terrain for ArmA 2.

This is 51km x 51km desert terrain with war torn cities and villages. There is also few modern (intact) cities, three airbases, six oilfields, five harbors, dirt road network and two lane highway.

Changes are satellite map cleaned up a bit and surface types for vehicle movement speed (sand/dirt) fixed.

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  May 7th, 2013 - 17:26 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

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