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  Russian Armory Package by DaMan3 updated Addon release    
DaMan3 has released an updated Russian Armory Package addon on the BI Forums.

The weapons are now 1.60 compatible.
Also added new (SD, Aimpoint) versions plus minor bugfixing.

  January 30th, 2012 - 07:59 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Blake's PINS and Bombing. v0.3 Alpha Addon release    
blakeace has released an updated Blake's PINS(Pseudo Inertial Navigation System) and Bombing. v0.3 Alpha addon on the BI Forums.

Version 0.3a

- Changed control of the weapons systems to the gunner if there is one on the aircraft.
- Changed the binoculars key to be a toggle on toggle off for the flir cam, Hold breath is still only while held.

Note: Video is of an older module version. I haven't had time to create a newer one.
Current version has no module, it uses CBA to launch the addon.

PRADAR requires extended event handlers found in Community Base Addons.

  January 30th, 2012 - 07:22 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Dynamic Weather Effects Script by Enigma Addon release    
Enigma has released a Dynamic Weather Effects Script on the BI Forums.

As a mission designer I have always had problems with the weather. It has not been dynamic the way I want it to be, and I've always thought that it synchronizes terribly in multiplayer as soon I start laborating with it (especially rain).

This is a simple script that makes the weather dynamic, and it works in single player, multiplayer (hosted and dedicated) and for JIPs. The weather is constantly changing over time intervals of the mission designer's choice. Weather is unpredictible, and above all it's always synchronized among all players in a multiplayer game!

Script handles fog, overcast, rain and wind.

  January 30th, 2012 - 07:14 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  New Release: F2 v2-5-0 (for Combined Operations) Editing    

Fer has informed us about F2 v2-5-0 (for Combined Operations) release.


1. Folk platoons now expanded to provide the existing 6 infantry fireteams with the following attachments and vehicles:
[LIST][*]Medium MG
[*]Heavy MG
[*]Medium AT
[*]Heavy MG
[*]Infantry Fighting Vehicle (x3)
[*]Transport Helicopter (x2)
[*]Attack Helicopter

2. The OA Folk Assign Gear Script component has been updated so that final loadouts appear in the briefing screen.

Huge thanks to comrade Nullkigan from ARPS for leading the work on this build (with help from comrade Harakka from ARPS). Big thanks to everyone in the Folk and ARPS. communities.

From the ReadMe.txt file:

2-5-0 | 24 JAN 2012
Updated OA Folk Platoons.
Updated OA Folk Assign Gear Script.
Updated OA Folk Group IDs.
Updated OA Folk Group Markers.
Updated OA Folk JIP Reinforcement Options.
Updated stringtable.xml.
Updated manual: Various changes (EN and RU versions).

About F2

The F2 Mission Development Framework (F2) is the successor to the popular BAS f mission development framework for ArmA (discussed in this thread). The new framework contains many of the features you know from BAS f, updated to work with ArmA2 and ArmA2:OA, plus some new components which take advantage of the new game's special features.

For downloads and to find out more please see our online manual:
[*] (English version)
[*] (Russian version)
Huge thanks to all team members and contributors to F2 (and BAS f), as well as the testers from Folk and ARPS.

  January 30th, 2012 - 06:48 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  District9 v5 by neoko2000 ... updated Addon release    
Neoko2000 has submited his new District9 v5 meca addon on Armed

1. Ghost-Mod( transparent body.)
2. Enemy-Scan(Auto Attacking-Mod.)
3. Electric Shild
4. RVmat changed.
5. Modeling changed.

Edit : District9 v5 final version released
v5 final
1. Ghost-Mod( transparent body.)
2. Enemy-Scan(Auto Attacking-Mod.)
3. Electric Shield changed(Bubble Shield.)
--You will change Geometry of Dis9-Mecha.
4. RVmat changed.
5. Modeling changed.
6. JUMP-Mod.
7. Kneeling-Mod.

News submitted by neoko2000.

  January 30th, 2012 - 06:37 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  [ADO] Oring v0.3 by Bloodric Addon release    

[ADO] Bloodric has released his [ADO] Oring v0.3 island on our Forums. Arma2 CO needed.

Here is my first map. I wanted to create an imaginary island was the scene of the Second World War and provide a change of scenery in different parts of the map.

Edit 23:15 Updated Oring v0.3 archive released : oring.pbo.FRAN.bisign seems to be corrupted so a new archive has been packed and uploaded by Bloodric. So if you intend to play this island in MP, and have download the file prior to this date, please reload the files.

  January 29th, 2012 - 19:14 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  JSRS Update 1.4.2 released Screenshots    

LordJarhead has released a JSRS Update 1.4.2 on the BI Forums.

JSRS 1.4 AND Update 1.4.1 are required. Install JSRS 1.4 first, then update 1.4.1 and then 1.4.2!

I can finally present the update for JSRS in version 1.4.2. The Mainthings are:

Changelog 1.4.2
• Changed: Volume of all radomly played SFX sounds
• Changed: Increased volume of some stereo environment sounds
• Changed: Reworked all distance weapon sounds for more life like sounding
• Changed: Increased distance for distance weapon sounds
• Changed: Reworked the sounds of passing or moving through brunches
• Changed: Increased distance for distance helicopter sounds
• Changed: Deleted annoying dog and chicken sounds
• Added: Added an script entry for automatic vehicle spawning (dummy vehicle)
• Added: Added new Script: dummy_vehicle.sqf
• Changed: The allowable distance for distancesounds was further restricted! (More Performance)
• Changed: The #particlesource will be deleted after the sound has been played (no memory leak anymore)
• Added: Soldier hit sounds, soldiers screaming and hurt sounds
• Added: Optional weapon sounds for testing. These are just to serve my own taste!!!!!!!!!!

* This mean, you dont have to put an vehicle on the map anymore! The script will add an invisible vehicle by itself (thanks to psycho). Also there is no memory leak anymore, so more smooth gameplay after serveral minutes of firefights.

  January 28th, 2012 - 19:47 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  US Army Sappers (combat engineers) v 0.3 by strac_sapper Addon release    
strac_sapper has released an updated US Army Sappers (combat engineers) v 0.3 addon on the BI Forums.

US Army sappers work in squad and team sized elements in cooperation with Armor and Infantry, and this addon creates the necessary units and groups for easy use in missions. A team of engineers is seen as a "force multiplier", able to increase the fighting ability of nearby units by doing specialized tasks as well as direct combat.

All of the members of a sapper unit are able to do normal infantry tasks, but more importantly every member also performed their specialized tasks. In every (good) unit this author was in, everyone in the unit worked including the squad leaders. The only exception was the MG and his assistant who would provide over-watch.

Also, in Takistan, there is need for EOD teams, highly trained sappers who specialize in dangerous removal of explosives among other tasks.


All personnel, including squad and team leaders, have the ability to perform engineer tasks. And all sappers carry a mix of demo and mines, with more of one or the other. This way you can be prepared for changes in mission.

Vehicles have load of mines and satchel charges. Their crew also have engineering capabilities.
- signed pbo's and added key
- added Engineer Bradley Fighting Vehicles
- added namman2's MaxxPro MRAP in 6 variants
- added Sapper AR, AAR, HAT, AHAT
- added Sapper EBFV dismount squad
- small text and config fixes

  January 27th, 2012 - 23:18 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Spetsnaz GRU v1.4 by Colonel Stagler Addon release    
colonel stagler has released an updated Spetsnaz GRU v1.4 addon on the BI Forums.

- Added Machinegunner unit for both Men and Men (Woodland).
- Changed Sniper and Spotter in KZS suit due to requests
- Credits to ArdvarkDB for the comms headset that is now on most of the units.
- Changed NVG proxy on all models.
- Various bug fixes addressing issues raised on this thread.

  January 27th, 2012 - 10:32 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  SOC-R Special Operations Craft v1.2 by hcpookie Addon release    
hcpookie has released a SOC-R Special Operations Craft v1.2 addon on the BI Forums.

The SOC-R boat is a Special Operations craft designed to transport a SF crew of 8 into shallow waters. The craft is designed for high survivability in the form of overwhelming firepower. There are two versions in this addon - the M2 version and the M134 version. The M2 version consists of 2-M2 MGs in the front, 2 M240 MGs on the side, and a rear Mk19 grenade launcher. The M134 version has 2 forward M134's, 2 side Mk19s, and a rear M2 MG. The addon contains both USMC Fore Recon and US Special Forces versions (total of 4 vehicles).

v1.2: 1/22/2012
-FIX: Conflict issue with other mods (changed inheritance settings).
-FIX: Some minor LOD issues.
-IMPROVED: Commander Turret rotation now 360 degrees.

  January 23rd, 2012 - 18:26 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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