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  US Army RANGERS for CO v2.00 by Massi Addon release    
Massi has informed us about US Army RANGERS for CO v2.00 addon release on our Forums.

Since I’ve updated the SEAL pack I decided to update my US Rangers pack too, in order to get them ready for supporting SEALs operations.
The addon is a retexture of BI Delta force, that rapresents US Army Ranger operators in five set of different camouflages , giving the units the possibility to operate in all kind of environments.
In this update, you’ll find new combat shirts textures, improved loadouts, new units and specialists, snipers\observers in “ghillie suite”, config improvements, units now have “ranger green” color gear and backpacks, signatures files updated to v2, new replacement files and ACE config updated.

The addon now gives you 20 different operators with their own custom loadout, for each type of camouflage (5 camos), plus 4 snipers\observers wearing their “ghillie suite” for each woodland and desert camos.

There are also 4 fatured groups for every camo type (plus the ghillie ones insede woodland and desert), in order to improve the units placement in the editor.
Hope you’ll enjoy this new version !
v2.00 date 29/Apr/2012
- All units have "ranger green" color equipment.
- Custom patches for JTAC, Medic and Sapper.
- Signatures Files updated to v2.
- Improved normal and ACE configs.
- Fixed "update class" RPT error.

  April 29th, 2012 - 16:28 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  CWR² : M60a3 (USMC) Addon release    
W0lle from the Cold War Rearmed Mod has released a CWR² : M60a3 (USMC) addon on the BI Forums.

Upon request by Muecke who was looking for a medium tank for CRcti, this addon allows you to use our M60A3 Tank without the CWR² Modification, assigned to the USMC Faction.
The only difference between this and the CWR² Tank is the used woodland texture to match the other USMC Vehicles.
The addon is of course signed, the server key is included in the archive. Also see the readme for class names.

  April 26th, 2012 - 15:07 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  US Navy SEALs for CO v2.01 by Massi Addon release    
Massi has informed us about US Navy SEALs for CO v2.01 addon release on our Forums.

v2.01 date 22/Apr/2012
- Added ACE medic backpack for medics, when using ACE config
- Corrected wrong images of some backpack's inventory pics

  April 25th, 2012 - 22:09 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  PedagneMOD betafix pack 02.1 - Vehicles released Addon release    

Arremba_San_Zorzo from the Pedagne Mod has informed about the PedagneMOD betafix pack 02.1 - Vehicles release on the Pedagne Mod web site.

Keep in mind that if you can't see bugs, here, there is the must work!

cleared the color tone of the base green of texutres of many vehicles
translations (by google translator) of "displayname" strings in english, french, italian, spanish, german, czech and polish (here, will be very much appreciated any feedback by mother tongue gamers)
improved the damage effects
fixed bugs on reflectors
re-designed the MG3 turrets and some M2 turrets on land vehicles
changed light effects on .rvmat files
added animations on instruments

ASZ_Wheel and ASZ_Wheel_2:
added the damage on wheels
added loader on Centauro turret
added a new FIAT BLINDO 6614 "Ibis" (Ibis was the name that Italy government gave to Somalia mission of 1992)
added artillery ability to 6614 rocket launcher
added a new VTML "Lince" with desert camo
added protected turret on VTML "Lince"
added a long range patrol kit on VTML "Lince"
added the view pilot detailed on all Blindo PUMA
re-design of VM90 serie
fixed the rotation on drive wheels

ASZ_Tracked and Tracked_2:
added new artillery unit VCC2 with a 107mm mortar in version for Army and Navy regiment
added new artillery unit M109L in land version and a version with an amphibious kit mounted (Original Model by VILAS)
added loader on Ariete and Leopard turrets
added the view pilot detailed on all VCC1, VCC2, SIDAM and Aris-Gator
added view cargo on SIDAM
fixed the position of commander on LVTP7

fixed the load of sound on doors animation
fixed error message on rocketsmoke.p3d

some instruments not work properly
some vehicles show black triangles yet when destroyed
plate front animation do not work on Aris-Gator and VCC class
M109 amphibious is a bit more instable for the low wheight that allow it to float

  April 21st, 2012 - 10:52 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  Balkan War Mod v1.2 by SuperRat Addon release    
SuperRat has release an updated Balkan War Mod v 1.2 on the BI Forums

...The BALAKAN WAR MOD is based on what happend in Yugoslavia the war was mostly fought in entire territory of Bosnia and northern and estern parts of Croatia.The factions will be based on three sides that were fighting in Bosnia
Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina(ABIH), Army of Republic Srbska(VRS) and Croatian Defence Council(HVO).The weapons that were used in this conflict came from all blocks for exmp. there were Yugo-made arms , Soviet ,western block, even WWII weapons left from German's ,Soviets there were even Sherman tanks ,T34 ,flaks and so on...


- Added: m60,m16a1,m16a2 w\scope,akms,akm,new m72a1, more soldiers with these new weapons , new backpacks , tromlon, mine pouch
- Redone: pks models , rpd , and ak's
- Changed: new sounds , this time scrubbed ALL models hope that some of you guys wont have these issues no more

  April 20th, 2012 - 15:59 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  BW Mod Fix by Mr Burns Addon release    

Mr Burns has released a BWMod Fix for the latest BWMod Version 1.7 on the BI Forums. Arma2 : Combined Operation needed.

This is a semi-official fix for latest BWMod Version 1.7, sanctioned by Terp.
It fixes several error messages & .rpt entries, such as a scripting error which popped up for each shot fired from a vehicle mounted MG3.


- all errors from BWMod 1.7 in ArmA2 >1.54 environment gone
- now requires ArmA2 & Operation Arrowhead (CO) instead of only ArmA2
- Desert units use OA's G36_Camo
- freaky Pzf3 animation fixed (replaced with 1.8 closed beta animation)
- Fuchs wreck wrong texture path (replaced with 1.8 closed beta model)
- updated ACE compatibility config addon

Needed addons :
BW Mod (v 1.7)

Source :
  April 20th, 2012 - 12:15 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Celle 2 by Mondkalb ... updated Addon release    
Mondkalb has released his Celle 2 terrain on the BI Forums. MBG Buildings 3 required.

I'm excited to finally release Celle 2!
- authentic recreation of a massive landscape in Lower Saxony, Germany
- 39 highly detailed settlements
- Autobahn 7
- Bergen-Hohne Training Area
- Fully destructable bridges
- Two big airports
- Many new usable structures (Hangars, Barracks, Observation posts, road signs...)
- ~150 sqKm in size

Please note that this terrain was started from scratch, so it will not be compatible with missions made on my previous Celle terrain.

Edit : Patch #1 for Celle 2 terrain released
Changelog #1:

- Removed concrete barriers from Autobahn to stop AI confusion
- Removed Vegetation that was too close to Runways
- Moved Celle back into northern hemisphere
- Fixed fences in Bergen
- Some forests have clearer edges

To install just overwrite old files

Needed addons :
MBG Buildings 3

  April 20th, 2012 - 08:40 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  F2F A.L.S.S. v2.4 released Screenshots    
[F2F] SKYNET has released an updated F2F Air Loadout Selector System v2.4 script on the BI Forums.

The F2F Air Loadout Selector System is a script which enables a variety of bomb and missile loadouts for ArmA 2 (A2/OA/CO/PMC/BAF) aircraft. Originally, F2F A.L.S.S. was considered a private script used only in F2F squad missions. I came to the conclusion that others may also benefit from this script so I decided to release it to the ArmA community.
Added F2F F/A-18C compatibility
Added Bundeswehr Compilation EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoon compatibility
Added yurapetrov's US Army Blackhawks compatibility
Added Southy's F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle compatibility
Added CheyenneAH56's OV-10 TFB Config compatibility
Added CheyenneAH56's OV-10 Bronco (Tigerian Air Force) compatibility
Added ACE Mi-24's (ACE_Mi24_V_CDF, ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_RU, ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_CDF) compatibility
Added ACE AH-6J DAGR compatibility
Added ACE A-10 compatibility
Added ACE L-39ZA compatibility
Added ACE AH-1Z Viper compatibility
Added ACE AH-1W Cobra compatibility
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Mi-24V
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Mi-8's (Mi17_rockets_RU and Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1)
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Ka-52 (Ka52 and Ka52Black)
Added ACE Loadouts for the BAF AH-1D
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS AH-64D
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Su-34
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Su-39
Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Su-25
Added New Addon Check System
Fixed BIS AH-1Z overwrites ACE AH-1Z bug
Disabled pop-up message incompatibility warning

  April 19th, 2012 - 04:30 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Mi24-A Krokodil by Pathetic_Berserker Addon release    
Pathetic_Berserker has released his Mi24-A Krokodil v0.1 addon on the BI Forums.

Release is finaly here!
All the info you need is in the readme but I'll reiterate that apart from A2/OA the required addons are only for the Lingor, Moltatian and Red Dawn versions, and these versions are still accessible in vanila A2\OA as empty vehicles with out any error messages.
And those versions and extra skins are in the folder called 'Optional stuff'

  April 18th, 2012 - 15:47 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  Zernovo by Jakerod - Terrainmakers competition winner Addon release    

Jakerod has unveiled his Zernovo v1.0 terrain, the Terrainmakers competition winner, on the BI Forums.

The Green Sea Expansion Project (GSEP) presents our second release (Jakerod's entry and the winner of the Terrain Competition): Zernovo.

Version 1.0
The only difference between this one and the one entered into the competition is that I updated the tag from xyz to gsep. I'm hoping to get around to improving the satellite map.

Zernovo is a farming region in Central Chernarus.

Behind the Scenes
The map is centered around a river I found in Germany near Frankenfeld. I thought it had an interesting shape so I decided to make the river on my map the same basic shape only running north to south and with a few minor adjustments. I decided on farmland because at the time I had been working on Miroslavl' for several weeks doing a large city and was kind of sick of it (especially sidewalks). During the testing phase my brother and I found it to be a lot of fun assaulting across Pegas Bridge into Katov. The layout of Pegas Bridge and the surrounding buildings is based on Pegasus Bridge from Close Combat: The Longest Day. We also rather enjoyed attacking the town of Zernovo from the south.

  April 16th, 2012 - 16:37 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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