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  For The Life Of A Friend v 1.7 by Undeceived Screenshots    

Undeceived has released a new version 1.7 of his mission 'For The Life Of A Friend' on Armaholic.


-Elimination of two showstoppers that some people experienced
-Optimization of some cutscenes

  May 28th, 2012 - 14:22 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  DayZ Zombie RPG Mod Community    

Rocket's, BI Developer, unofficial DayZ Zombie RPG has really kicked up a buzz over the last few weeks, with Kotaku describing his DayZ survival mod for Arma2 the "the most interesting thing to happen to PC gaming this year" and the "greatest zombie game of all time", and PC Gamer describing it as one of the most "important things to happen in gaming this year" and "gaming’s best story machine".

But just what is this DayZ thing, anyway? from GameSpy

It's not the lovechild of Jay-Z and Day[9], as I'd thought when I first saw the name flooding my Twitter list. Yeah, I was disappointed too, but in actuality it's even crazier than that. It's an open-world fight for survival, and by "survival" I don't mean "cover system." You'll be scavenging for supplies here, before hunkering down in an abandoned building and clutching your flimsy supplies to your chest, crying yourself to sleep and hoping the zombies won't use your time of rest to feast on you. The mod's big draw is the way it plays with your emotions -- players tend to develop close bonds with their avatars because there's no quickload button here. Death is for real -- and it can even happen at the hands of other players. Who can you trust to team up with and protect you? Who can you trust not to kill you for a can of beans?

The latest DayZ patch, aptly titled "More New Ways To Get Fucked Up", adds all sorts of realism-strengthening goodies, such as illness and a temperature system. You'll need campfires to keep warm, but let's hope they don't draw the attention of any sick, desperate players seeking medicine.

"Arma2 has shot back into the Steam sales charts and has even topped sales for the week and looks set to do that again," says a Bohemia Interactive spokesperson in a press release. People have clearly been buying it again to give DayZ a try -- a quick glance of my Steam friends list at any given moment of the day seems to confirm this.

Have you been playing? What's the longest you've managed to stay alive? Oh man. Hey. Why are you staring at me like that? We can share these antibiotics, you know. There's no need to kill anybody.

Get more infos on DayZ Forums

  May 28th, 2012 - 07:25 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Sniper Camo Changer v1.6 by Feint Addon release    
Feint has released an updated Sniper Camo Changer v1.6 addon on the BI Forums. Brainbug's Ghillies for a change v 2.0 addon needed.

VERSION 1.6: (5/26/12)
= Overhauled most scripts and added new ones
= Multiplayer compatible
= Added keys to change player camo patterns for better control (Shift + UP or DOWN)
= Added "alive" check so AI pattern cycling stops if AI is killed

  May 28th, 2012 - 06:23 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  ASR AI addons v 1.14.1 by Robalo_AS Addon release    
Robalo_AS has released an updated ASR AI addons v 1.14.1 on the BI Forums. Components : sys_airearming : AI units equip with weapons and ammo on their own and sys_aiskill : AI skills and awareness improvements.

Updated to 1.14.1, maintenance release:

- Improved AI rate of fire - extra burst modes for a few more weapons, with better compatibility with other mods
- Improved support for latest Lingor units
- Morale boost for lone units when they join other groups (cancels fleeing)
- Units occupying buildings spend a bit more time inside them (meant more like fight from there, than a sweep)

  May 27th, 2012 - 16:44 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Nogovan Armed Forces Project by R0adki11 ... updated ! Addon release    

R0adki11 has informed us about Nogovan Armed Forces Project release on the BI Forums.
This pack replaces Nogovan Light Infantry, Nogovan Paratroopers, Nogovan Crew, Nogovan T55 Pack, Nogovan Armour (T72,Shilka, BMPs), Nogovan Btr40, Nogovan Mig21, Nogovan Mi8, Nogovan Backpacks and Nogovan Rifles Pack addons previously released separately.
Along this release is coming an updated Nogovan JAS39 plane addon.
Arma 2: Combined Operations needed.

After releasing most of my addons individually, I have decided to group the released content together. As know i have enough to reflect all branches of the Nogovan Armed Forces.

This is the release topic for my Nogovan Armed Forces Project, this a continuation of my Nogovan Armed Forces Project from OFP. The aim of this Project is to create an Armed Forces that is representative of the Nogova Republic* in a Modern World.

*The Nogovan Republic Consists of Nogova, Everon and Malden.

Edit : NAF hotfix released

Ive released a Hotfix tonight which fixes an issue with my rik_rifles addon and also i have released the C130 with some slightly better textures

Edit2 : Updated full Mod release

Ive updated the whole mod now so those that have yet to download the mod don't need to worry about the Hotfix, however if you have downloaded the whole mod the hotfix is still avaliable

  May 25th, 2012 - 06:09 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Faysh khabur 1.0 by =KCT=Blackmamba Addon release    

=KCT=Blackmamba has released an updated Faysh khabur v1.0 terrain on the BI Forums. Arma2 CO -BAF-PMC needed.

Situated in Iraq’s far north, the province of Dahuk is famous for its snowy winters.
The border crossing near the town of Zakho is Iraq’s primary border crossing with Turkey.
dahuk has also a border gate with Syria known as the Faysh Khabur border gate.
The main trading route from Iraq to Turkey runs through Dahuk,
this could bring economic gain as cross-border trade increases.
Some villages were destroyed or evacuated since 1988 due to insecurity and other problems like poverty and loss of essential resource,
for these reasons people migrated from their villages to sub-district centres,
living in public buildings or sharing houses with other families.
In general, roads are in good condition except some far located villages that are hard to access, especially in winter.

The terrain is based on actual hight and satalite data.
and depicts the southern part of dahuk and its main trade route with turkije and sirya.
Its a pretty deserted area with some small village's, three bigger towns.
At the moment there is a border crossing with sirya.
most villages are placed pretty much where they would be in real life some are changed in to industrial area's or
Underground factory's, the city's have a fictional layout.
The terrain lends itself perfectly for longrange sniper mission's,
escape and evade wich would be a hell of a challenge, convoy missions,tank battle's etc etc.
The terrain is divided in two, the river Tigris is crossing the entire 400 square kilometer map.
There are two bridges to cross it but u can find your way trough shallow water,
even with armored vehicles or Make use of amvibious vehicles for troop transport.
its up to u.

v1.0 changelog

Fixed: Some Sat/Mask issues.
Fixed: Sand texture (Normal/Paralax Map).
Fixed: Entrances to Airports (AI Friendly).
Fixed: AI issues in city "Fayshkhabur".
Fixed: Propably more that i forgot about.
Changed: Satallite image (Colot Tweaks).
Changed: Map grids.
Changed: Terrain around mushorah airbase (desert).
Changed: Reya gunde bihar bridge.
Changed: Rocks.
Changed: Gerbalat.
Changed: Ayn Al Faras.
Changed: FOB Sykes.
Added: Allot more Vegetation.
Added: powerplant in Tallkochak.
Added: powerplant in Abuwajnam.
Added: working Streetlighting.

  May 23rd, 2012 - 05:21 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  co20 @I44 The Cabourg Cauldron Mission release    

VanhA has informed us about his co20 @I44 The Cabourg Cauldron MP Mission release on the BI Forums.

Mission intel in short:
D-day is proceeding nicely but german activity is noted in village of Cabourg. Clear the village.
In your disposal are one sherman tank, one greyhound halftrack and a truck.

Playable units consist of 3 tank crew + 17 infantry units
Mission has group respawn with BIS medic modules + healing script by Celery.

Source : BI Forums
  May 21st, 2012 - 07:56 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Updated CH-47 Bravo November new version for Project82 Addon release    
CimaleX has informed us about CH-47 Bravo - November updated with Project82 version: 1.2 by Afrographx & Konyo addon release.
Requirements: Arma 2

Short description: The only Chinook to make it off the Atlantic Conveyor before an Exocet missile sunk the Cargo Ship along with its Cargo now in a new version with Falklands war livery (thanks to CBFASI for the reference textures) and argentine army chinook, suitable for P82 - Project 82 the Falkland/Malvinas war ported to AII.

  May 21st, 2012 - 07:41 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor v1.4 released Addon release    

IceBreakr has released an updated Island of Lingor v1.4 on the BI Forums.

This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia. ~9 months were spent on research and creation of this world.
Reason for the project is that I've been waiting for years for a proper optimised jungle map. With help of great talented man Berghoff that is now (after 9-10 months of hard work) possible to enjoy.
We have to understand that vegetation rich map is a whole different matter in BIS engine. PCs that were able to run Duala/Jade Groove on max settings & view distance of 10 km will probably only have sufficient FPS with 1000-4000 meter distance on Lingor. With months of optimisations (especially Berghoff did an amazing feat here) we can now enjoy jungle from air or from a grunt's perspective.

Another inspiration is making of this map is a board game by a genius Stefan Dorra named Amazonas, that I just love. Board game features a nice amazon river and many villages to occupy. Hopefully Lingor scenery is a bit similiar with the river setting. But its much more - explore and I'm sure you will get nice ideas for missions.

Heartpoint of an island is a big town on East named Maruko. Its a town ruled by a dictator that lives in his mansion compound in center of town. It features an army base and a large airport for all kinds of operations. Town is surrounded by jungle on W and South. Road then leads throught it to South and West. Its the main paved road that connects the whole island. Amazon-like river splits the somewhat urban part on North and totally rural on South. South is also the home of ARL rebels. In the West you'll find numerous smaller towns that GAL (Government Army of Lingor) protects due to economic and strategic importance.

Rivers banks are not steep as in many of my older maps and mangrove vegetation covers most of the banks. Only few places are suitable for ship landing, but smaller boats are the main transportation device around here anyway.

Jungles have foot-path trails and couple of farms are situated under thick canopy trees. Not all of the jungle is thick as farmers cut it down, so pilots are able to touch down on many clearings and drop off/pickup troops close to the enemy positions.

There are no bridges due to AI bugs (they can't handle well the crossings), but couple of shallow passings enable you to cross the river. At least where there is no rain when rivers like to flood.

- V2 signatures for all island files
- rebuilt and upgraded two research bases up on North
- a lot of terrain steep slopes fixed (tnx to J-Guid)
- latest brg_africa package included with new working lingor 1.338 key (v2)
- fixed path near airport terminal fountains
- docks & crane Maruko height fix (tnx short_German)
- further improvement to satellite image, especially with hills
- removal of road vegetation Corazon SW (tnx themaster303)
- removal of road vegetation near Racetrack (tnx Ei8ght)
- fence post in the guard house removed (tnx short_German).
- dirtroad 059040 plants removed (tnx short_German).
- fixed entry to Rent-A-JG2 hangar
- smoother terrain near hangar and south end of Sargento runway
- flattened terrain a bit near 049023
- fixed some rough edges around Mt. Toris
- a bit of smoothing in Plantiera S beach area
- improved E coastal region near Maruko and its beach on NE
- smoothening of Fernando castle hill
- fixed racing track, removed vegetation, put gravel to parking place
- cut down grass around bank parking places
- smoothed south end of Pista runway
- fixed bank RPT error, changedarmor value
- fixed hangar object (can be opened/closed)
- made NW passage compatible for AI
- Calamar skyscraper neighbourhood fixes
- northern bridge to Dressen fixed for AI
- compound 060017 grass removal / road smoothing
- fixed placement for gas station near Vidora (tnx RP-mods)
- added a new gas station in Tucos and at Motodrom (tnx RP-mods)
- enlarged entrance to sawmill in San Arulco (32-45) (tnx RP-mods)
- enlarged entrance to factory in SE part of Villon (tnx RP-mods)
- fixed size of hut on end part of NE bridge, entrance now big enough (tnx Flax)
- moved landing assist lights not to obstruct AI using road anymore (tnx Flax)
- removed bush from the road south above Puntella Resort (tnx Flax)
- fixed asphalt at entrance & parking Villa Florencia
- small pond stays on road to oil rigs, not a bug
- added two parking lots for Hotel Calamar
- grass fixes Motodrom Rapido
- added new street lamps
- removed cranes from an obsolete shipyard near Victorin
- added a street access to Villa Luna
- added a small asphalt section to a factory in SE Maruko
- added two concrete blocks to W Maruko residental areas

Source :
  May 17th, 2012 - 19:22 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  P82 - Project 82 Falklands/Malvinas war Minimod launch Community    

CimaleX has submitted this new about P82 - Project 82 Falklands/Malvinas war Minimod launch and is asking the community for help, support and time.

Hi to all the community !
Last month in a forum thread I was discussing that 30 years after the Falklands/Malvinas conflict (2nd April 1982 - 14th June 1982) no one seemed to be interested in a dedicated mod for ArmAII, no dedicated mods were available, curiously the addons related to that conflict have been made for other mods; basically because after Ofp in the FLK closed, many of those great addons were shared to some modders, but no one related to the south atlantic conflict.
I asked first 1982 Ofp in the FLK and to MLV Mod if they were interested in this project, after I received a positive feedback I decided to begin a project to port some of the addons into ArmA2 in a Mini-mod.

"Project 1982 - the Falklands/Malvinas war to A2" starts officially, with the aim to make a Mini-mod until A3 is out, to rise the interest for this issue and then make an official team for A3.
Doing a mini-mod by a single person is a difficult task, so I asked help to some artist to make a few addons (basically troops, that due to the different skeleton from A1 to A2 have to be rebuilt) and to retexture/rearrange some of the already existing stuff ported to A2 (eg some vehicles, aicraft, choppers etc...)

I received direct and indirect support from various artists (like CBFASI, LoRo, Konyo, Vilas, Pedagne Mod-ASZ, Trouble, GossamerSolid and others) who accepted to give me their effort in developing the Project.
The aim is to have a basic amount of weapons (based on Vilas West Pack), troops, vehicles and aircraft, while for the island/terrain I chose the good (but still incomplete - lack of objects) Falklands test 40x40 km terrain made by Bushlurker.
Several MP and SP missions were developed for A1 and await the new addons to revive with new Mini-mod.

There's no timetable at the moment as I don't want to press anyone involved with the project (and again I have to thank all the artists/modders involved for donating their already limited freetime) but soon as this presentation is out, the first addon should be ready for release.

If anyone of the community wish give us support and time, please contact me via PM.

"Dedicated to all servicemen of both countries who served and lost their lives in the South Atlantic conflict"
By CimaleX

  May 17th, 2012 - 16:28 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

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