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  Carrier Command: Gaea Mission released! *update: patch 1.02* Official    

Bohemia Interactive today has released their action strategy game Carrier Command: Gaea Mission in Europe. In North America the game will be released on 2th October.

Ready for Boarding!
Twenty four years after the original Carrier Command was released, we've declared its modern-day successor seaworthy and launched it from the virtual drydock!

Developed for Windows PC & Xbox 360, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission features a refreshing blend of vehicular combat with tactical and strategic elements. In a massive open sandbox, players set out to conquer the archipelago on the planetoid Taurus.

The game will be released in North America on Tuesday... together with the launch trailer!

Latest trailer "Fundamentals of Warfare":

-Patch 1.02 has been released-

We advise those who have bought the PC version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission to apply update 1.02 right after installing the game.


* Save game corruption bug fixed.
* Improved stability.
* Various Walrus AI improvements.
* Numerous Localization fixes
* Various campaign script fixes and improvements.

DOWNLOAD Patch 1.02 (13,2 MB)

Source : Bistudio Website
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