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  Hammer of Thor v1.1 Campaign by nettrucker Mission release    
nettrucker has informed us about his Hammer of Thor v1.1 campaign release.

Takistan 2012
General Hassan Jafar staged a successful coup d'etat. He removed the corrupt politicians controlled by the USA from their power by force. Zargabad is under Martial Law. He managed to unite the leaders In a secret meeting and forced them to cooperate to end the occupation by the US forces. The whole country is in turmoil. Militia forces are reinforcing the Takistani Army in the fight against the foreign opression. General Jafar supplied every man willing to fight the infedel with a weapon.

You are Vincent Vega, PVT 1st class - 25th mechanized Infantry Division.
your unit has been send in to remove the general from his powers and restore order in Zargabad. you will be part of operation "Hammer of Thor".

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  District9 -Meca by neoko2000 ... updated Addon release    
neoko2000 has submited his District9 -Mechanic on Armed

This is District9 -Mechanic Ver2
This addon is Vehicle , not Unit.
This is tested in Ver 1.06 ArmA2-Original.

Edit : District9 -Mechanic Ver 4.0 released

More good shapes..
and More Detail..
More smaller scale..

  November 28th, 2011 - 10:53 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  GCam 2.0 by Gigan Addon release    
Gigan has informed us about GCam 2.0 - "a Free Camera Addon/Script" release.
Previously known as Free Tracking Camera, this script/addon offers free camera operating with smooth movement for player.

Ver 2.0
- Improved camera performance.
- Improved GUI.
- Added view change function with v-key.
- Added parameter tracking function.
- Corrected many issues.

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  Middle Eastern Rebels by someguywho Addon release    
someguywho has released a Middle Eastern Rebels addon on the BI Forums.

They started as an attempt to make a more urban sort of OPFOR insurgent but then Libya happened so a change to Independent and a few other tweaks and now you have a generic Middle east faction that can be on either side at the press of a button

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  Camo Nets by hcpookie Addon release    
hcpookie has released a Camo Nets v1.0 addon on the BI Forums.

This addon adds new camo vehicle nets and new sniper/FAC nets. All objects located under Empty > Camo Nets (a new category). The sniper camo nets come in two sizes and can be deployed via new backpacks. A script is included to equip any vehicle with deployable camo nets. A script is also included for the sniper camo nets to help scripted deployment scenarios.

: Camo Nets v1.1 released

v1.1: 11/22/2011
- New: Aircraft and helicopter vehicle nets.
- New: Improved 3D models for sniper camo nets (small and medium) to further enhance AI detection avoidance.
- Update: Editor class reorganization to keep things sorted better.

  November 24th, 2011 - 05:03 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  Multicam pilots by b00ce [OA] Addon release    
b00ce has released a Multicam Pilots addon on the BI Forums.

This started as a private addon for TFB, name tags, ranks and what not. Its been a big hit here at TFB, so I decided that I should probably spread the love.
I know I'm not the only one who hates tan pajamas.

  November 23rd, 2011 - 10:18 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Moschnyi Island (GSEP) by Jakerod Addon release    
Jakerod has released Green Sea Expansion Project (GSEP) first production : Moschnyi Island on the BI Forums. Requirements: ArmA II and Operation Arrowhead.

Moschnyi is the southern most Chernarussian territory. It is an island located east of Novigrad and south of Primorsk. The southern coast has been pummeled by wind and rough seas for centuries leaving a slowly receeding cliff face lining the coast. The grounds above the cliffs contain only bushes and grass due to the brutal winds from the south. There are no trees until one reaches the northern side of the island where the slow descent to the northern coast shields trees from the wind. There are few crops that grow on the grounds of Moschnyi but the open fields are commonly grazed by domesticated animals including, sheep, cows, and goat.

Two bays, the old harbor in the town of Moschnyi and the new harbor in Novakvice can be found along the northern coast. Additionally, a ferry on the north-west coast near the town of Moschnyi links the island to the mainland across the Strait of Moschnyi.

The two main towns on the island are Moschnyi and Novakvice. Smaller towns include Lipnice, Murnice, and Kyslin. Moschnyi has both the only fuel station and only large market on the island. Novakvice is the newer port and has better facilities for bigger ships due to the proximity of the mine on the eastern edge of town. Kyslin, Murnice, and Lipnice contain mostly open fields on their non-coastal perimeters and the majority of this land is used for the grazing domesticated animals. Water and power on Moschnyi are provided by the mainland and are connected to Moschnyi via underwater cables and pipes that lead to the utilities station to the west of the ferry terminal. Governor Banik of the Novigrad District maintains a residence on the northern coast between Moschnyi and Kyslin. The islands only other notable figure is Mstislav Skala, owner of a large transportation company both on the island and throughout the rest of Chernarus with a few warehouses in Takistan, Russia, and Ardistan. He is a suspected member, and possibly key figure, of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star.

There are no military bases located on the island but there is a small military base across the strait. Additionally, alert 5 fighters from Novigrad are estimated to be able to reach the island in about 20 minutes.

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  Taviana Island Beta WIP screenshots Screenshots    
Martin has informed us about Taviana Island Beta WIP screenshots, showing new features from the upcoming Beta version.

Hi guys, I would just like to inform you that the progress on the BETA is now at 80%. I also have some new screenshots to share with you. Enjoy!

Source : BIS Forums
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  Improved BRDM2 units by hcpookie Addon release    
hcpookie has released an updated Improved BRDM2 units v2.1 addon on the BI Forums. The mod features many improved BRDM2 as well as 9M113 (AT5), 9M111 (AT4), 9M14-F (AT3c) and 9M14 (AT3) static launchers. hcpookie has also released an Improved BRDM2 units v2.1 MLOD.

v2.1: 11/13/2011
NEW: Readme updated with more comprehensive information!
NEW: Revised camo patterns: Russian Modern Camo, Desert Tan camo (Takistan Locals), PMC Black, PMC Grey, Police Civilian Blue, UN white
NEW: Revised camo netting patterns (see below).
FIX: Minor texture mapping issues
FIX: Shadow model issue
FIX: MG M2 Model issue
FIX: Police barricade texture issue
FIX: Police Door issue (getin-getout)

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  MCC Sandbox - The Mod Screenshots    
shay_gmanhas released a Mission Control Center Sandbox (MCC Sandbox) version (SP/MP Vanila/ACE) addon on the BI Forums.

Mission Control Center Sandbox (MCC Sandbox). MOD Version (SP/MP Vanila/ACE)

So what is MCC Sandbox exactly?
It is freedom. In this 2MB addon you'll find the power to create, control, alter and spice your missions on the run. You'll have the power to change and surprise your friends every time you'll play. You can use it a mainframe for mission making, as a strain test tool for mission making or even as a cheat tool for SP.

You'll get a 3D editor, box generator, time control, weather control, fog control, you'll spawn enemy or friendly units asking them to patrol a zone or ambush the players, you'll call for paratroops, create IED, suicide bombers, hostile civilians, place ambushes, call a UAV, a ULB, place a hostage, call for more then 10 types of artillery and CAS missions to aid your friend or to harm them, create triggers, play music or sound, create briefings, tasks, markers, spawn an LHD , spawn some vehicles on it, call for evac, start a HALO and much much much more. You'll be able to save it and load it on later on the run.

As Spirit put it in his own words:
MCC is a dynamic, real time, in-game mission-creation tool. It enables people to build missions on-the-fly whilst in game and change mission parameters to match the reactions of progress of the players.
MCC is capable of "saving" a mission and load it up on the server without using any FTP but by simple use of the clipboard. This means missions can be created out of the dedicated server and loaded up to play.
From inside the mission, you can open a mission making interface that allows you place units on the map, create waypoints and briefing markers, call in CAS missions, artillery, support or whatever you feel like, the possibilities are endless.
MCC is used to create both Coop and PVP missions. Its capable of using respawn on and off, including providing a spectator script.

MCC makes use of a mission maker. Only one person at a time is capable of creating or interfering with the mission by login in to the mission making tool. That person is also capable of logging out again and giving somebody else a go on mission making. That way you don't need to distribute admin access for players to make or manage their missions.

You can find the PDF manual here:

Source : Armaholic
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