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  Schwemlitz, a German terrain - WIP Screenshots    

Falcon_565 has released some new WIP-Screenshots of the map Schwemlitz for ArmAII on the BIS Forums

Release is almost here! But before this is available for everyone I thought I'd tease everyone with a few last WIP screens. Bahnhof West sits in the northwest corner of the map composed on the train station and a small industrial complex this was the last hamlet that needed to be placed.

Source : BIS Forums
  October 27th, 2012 - 14:50 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Isla Duala v1.97 by IceBreakr Addon release    

IceBreakr has informed us about updated Isla Duala v1.97 release on the BI Forums.

Island changes:
- Town Bolabongo (Capital of Molatia) upgraded, new Dendala District
- added final brg_africa v1.24 (V2 signature and antiaris tree texture fix)
- fixed grid offset for artillery (
- smoothed out road near Numbo and Ursana
- new clearing E of Mawimbela near river pass
- new factory and a farm near Kirabo
- further improvements to satmap
- upgraded the Pumado Armybase
- Canto armybase slight update
- aircraft now taxi correctly at Kinsella Intl. runway
- upgraded landing system lights at Kinsella Intl. & Aeroporto Molatia Intl. runways on W and E sides
- activated oil pumps (Arrowhead official addon required)
- presidental palace added to Bolabongo outskirts (Arrowhead required now)
- added three Molatian forts, used for defense of Bolabongo
- added new warehouses for Molatian army
- massive redesign of beaches
- added more detail and cover spots suck as rock formations (tnx Arthur for idea, MikeBart for objects)
- several smaller bugfixes

Units changes:
- vehicle classes for Viggens and AS-350 Squirrels now use standard Air class
- unarmed AS350 Squirrel versions dont have a graphics glitch anymore
- 7x FFAR Launcher on AS350 has a proper display name
- replaced Leopard 1A5 crew from Rifleman to Crewman
- Leopard sound distance fixed, new realistic engine sounds
- removed zetaborn faction (you will need a standalone addon, sorry)
- tweaked Mig-21 handling / control sensitivity
- replaced Mig-21 sounds with improved real recordings
- Mig-21's UB32Launcher now has correct 57mm rockets, half-load in each launcher (due to configuration with 2xFAB-250)
- removed old texture flags from Pinzgauers
- crew of T-55 changed to correct one
- new gunfire sound of Afrenian Steyr AUG
- new Molatian soldier: Trashtalker (AKM), he likes to trash talk to human players (<150m distance)

Edit : Today 26/10/2012 13:53 Isla Duala v1.97 archive has been reloaded. Due to our .ftp saturation, the uploaded archive previously hosted was incomplete. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Source : Armaholic
  October 26th, 2012 - 11:57 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  A Day As Policeman 2 By Maxjoiner Version2 released Mission release    

maxjoiner has submited his new A Day As Policeman 2 SP Mission on our site.

This is my second mission with my Police Mod.
Like the first mission you must patrol the city of Zargadab.
The goal is to eliminate crime in the city
There is much work to be done and There are many mission to do!
The radio will say You where and what You must do
Objectives will be shown on the map with a red symbol.
If you will stop a crime the city crime will decrease!
Otherwise It will increase!
You can found ammo in Police Station,
You and your colleague can heal yourselves,
You can repair your Police patrol to the Police station
by approaching to the workshop.
If It destroyed a Worker will bring You another
Your colleague will follow You everywhere in Car and to walk,
If He will die It will come another colleague.
Right Ctrl + M = Minimap on the screen.
If You will kill a colleague You will be an outlaw and.....
If You will kill a civilian the City Crime will increase
and Your Score will decrease!

Edit : A Day As Policeman 2 (version 2.0) released

Version 2.0

fixed sub-mission minor bugs:
- car theft
- Brawl
- Kidnapping
fixed city people bug

  October 26th, 2012 - 07:15 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  The Shooting Range 2 Mission release    

Murcielago has informed us about the release of updated The Shooting Range 2 training mission.

Updated version of The Shooting Range. This new version contains some new features and improvements.

This is a mission and not a mod so you only need Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead to play it.

This mission will allow you to enjoy the best ballistic simulation in a simulator. The projectile camera will allow you to see what projectiles do in a proper simulator: ricochet of bullets, deflection of bullets, loss of energy/speed due to air friction and/or due to material penetration, complex simulation of material penetration (depending of bullet type, material and distance), bullet drop (Force of gravity)...

This mission is different... It uses maths formulas to place objects to give to every player the same things at the same place as you can use this mission to compete against four players; It has menus to guide you to create tests to compete with other players; It has a complete set of messages to allow you to understand how you need to the things... In addition it contains all the Arma 2 Combined Operations weapons and most common vehicles to use them as targets so you can use this mission to improve your skills or you can share your knowledge with colleagues.

The Shooting Range 2 can be a shooting competition for 5 players; it can be a training area for you; it can be a place where you can share your knowledge with colleagues; It can be a place where you will be capable to see differences between: weapons, ammunition and targets; It can be the place where you can test a new weapon or vehicle...

-TWO VERSIONS of the mission (East and west);
-PROJCTILE DATA to allow you to know: muzzle projectile speed, final projectile speed, speed loss, range and projectile point of impact for every vehicle/unit
-MULTIPLE TARGETS and ability to change stances of targets for soldiers.
-FENCE OBJECT to study bullet penetration and how it affects to bullet's energy and direction.
-ADVANCED AERIAL TARGET: You can stop and rotate an helicopter to allow to study its weak points.

  October 25th, 2012 - 11:54 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Dutch Armed Forces v0.113 release Addon release    

larsiano has informed us about the release an updated Dutch Armed Forces v0.113 still requiring ArmAII:CO and CBA.
Until now the mod includes a lot of vehicles such the Leopard 2 tank, the Fuchs APC, helicopters, jets and dutch troops.

This mod is made by and for Arma players with the permission of the original modmakers. We are looking forward to expanding and enhancing this mod for the best possible experience. We are also on the lookout for adding Arma maps of the Netherlands, Navy vessels and other Dutch branded objects.

Dutch Armed Forces v0.113 changelog

-added: F-16A Falcon 323sqn "Dirty Diana" 2001 & 2008/09 (J-881) (Arthur Vince)
-added: daf_specialforces (Air Manoeuvre Brigade (Red Barets)) thx to Vince
-added: retexture of crewchief and helicopter pilot (thx to Tuttie[TDLu])
-added: A2020 model based desert and temperate officer
-added: Matt Brewer's F-16 Sound replacement
-added: AS-532U2 Cougar MK II
-added: CV9035 turn-out function (thx to GranQ)
-added: Dutch Carriages
-updated: F-16 Tigermeet J-222 by -=XTRA=-Gooz!
-updated: Cheetah weaponclass & glt_flacon > glt_f16 config name change (issues)
-updated: Leopard & Cheetah texture (thx to Pilgrim[TDLu])
-updated: Leopard & Fuchs ACE support functions
-updated: AH64 Flares & gunner Termal-Imaging fixed
-updated: Fuchs Interior text replaced. medic fuchs > NLD special service fuchs (Nato & desert camo) all other fuchs removed
-updated: some configs classes & units inside vehicles
-removed: second F16 Tigersquad: new classname: xtra_tiger_f16nld

You will find more information here.

Needed addons :
CBA v0-8-3

Source :
  October 25th, 2012 - 11:22 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation update ! Addon release    

Soul_Assassin from Red Hammer Studios has released an updated RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 0.1.5 (ACE Playability) Mod on the BI Forums.

We are proud to bring out a public BETA of 0.1.5 (build 1359) which brings about a few new things. First of all, a few bug fixes of the original release. Secondly, we’ve added two new vehicles: original BIS models that have been retextured and had decals added. And the most important update is this release is considered ACE mod “playable”. This means that the mods should be able to play along side each other. Read more about all this in the documentation and head over to the downloads page to get the new release!

Release Log:

[+] Added URAL-4320 Open/Closed
[+] Added UAZ-469
[+] Added ACE compatibility to all vehicles
[#] Fixed bad light on some BMP-2 turrets
[#] Fixed BMD-2 Russian Stringtable spelling errors
[#] Fixed bad damage on GAZ-66 wheels
[#] Fixed some mission briefing errors in Russian translation
[^] Loading screens are now in rhs_ui.pbo and thus will not show up if it is removed
[^] AK-74M now has zeroing
[^] Adjusted T-80 reload sound volume at distance
[^] 9M113 ATGMs now take longer to reload (~60s)

Edit : Version released!

A few days after the release of 0.1.5 we decided to follow up with version 0.1.6 which fixes some important issues noticed by our fans. We felt that these were critical not to delay until 0.2. Here you can see the changelog:

[#] Fixed URAL and UAZ decal MP multiplicity bug
[#] Fixed T-80 gunner sights
[#] Fixed BMD-2M gunner sights
[^] ATGM flight velocity now more realistic
[^] Heavyweapons inheritance improved
[^] BMP-2 2A42 now can be zeroed
[^] BMP PKT boxes now hold 2×1000 rounds
[^] 9M113 ATGMs reset to reload at 30s

  October 25th, 2012 - 02:47 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  News from Greece‏ Community    

Posted by jerryhopper on

The Greek Penal courts which were on strike until 20 october, have decided that the strike continues untill November 10.
According to the lawyer : On that same day (10nov), they will get the decision of the council of the judges regarding their appeal. By then Martin and Ivan, will be held in prison for 62 days.

  October 23rd, 2012 - 11:48 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  MBG Generic African Buildings by Mondkalb updated ! Screenshots    
Mondkalb has released an updated MBG Generic African Buildings v1.1 addon on the BI Forums. Arma2 or Arma2:OA needed.

Originally part of a much much larger project, I decided to release these right now so more people can use these in the meantime.

It features a small collection of structures that are inspired by African/Middle-Eastern architecture. These buildings can probably supplement the existing selection offered by OA.

4 large apartment buildings, of which the biggest is fully walkable.
3 old buildings intended for small villages or ruins. One is painted in zebra camo as a safari/ranger station.
3 types of tiny slum huts that come in 8 different visual appearances.
Highly accurate icons of the buildings for stress-free usage in the mission editor.
Arma2:OA is not required
For usage in (Northern-) African or Middle-Eastern terrains.

In total with all color variants this adds up to 33 new objects.

Fixes in 1.1:

- land_* classes now have scope = 1 (Required for this to work on terrains, *shame*)
- 2 extra paint variants of "Big Apartment 3"

  October 20th, 2012 - 11:25 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  RG-6 and Heavy Grenadier units v2.0 by hcpookie Addon release    
hcpookie has released an updated RG-6 and Heavy Grenadier units v2.0 addon on the BI Forums.

- NEW launchers:
- RG-6 (aka 6G30) Russian 6-shot rotary grenade launcher
- GM-94 3-shot thermobaric (FAE) grenade launcher
- MRO-A thermobaric (FAE) RPG launcher
- RPO-A thermobaric (FAE) RPG launcher
- Mk13 Pistol version
- M79 Pistol version
- GM-94 Pistol version
- Signal flare pistol
- NEW smoke rounds for all AT weapons (great for multiplay!):
- MRO-D Smoke
- PG-7 Smoke
- SMAW Smoke
- RPO-D Area Smoke
- MAAWS Area Smoke
- NEW Thermbaric fuel-air explosive ammunition for existing launchers:
- SMAW-NE thermobaric (FAE) ammunition
- MAAWS-TB thermobaric (FAE) ammunition
- TBG-7V thermobaric (FAE) ammunition for RPG-7
- NEW OG-7 rocket model (replacement for default BIS model)

- NEW M203 rounds that use standard inventory slots (instead of pistol slots).

- New Heavy Grenadier Units and Groups for all default BIS factions using the new equipment as well as the BIS M32, Mk13 and M79 launchers.

- Ammo boxes and preloaded backpacks are also included.

The thermobaric grenades in the GM-94 should prove VERY effective in CQB situations!

  October 19th, 2012 - 06:53 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Namalsk Crisis version v1.15 "Update 2" aka "Pathfinder" Addon release    

sumrak has informed us about Namalsk Crisis version v1.15"Update 2" aka "Pathfinder" Mod on the BI Forums. Arma2 : Combined Operations needed.

It's been a while since I released something and altough work on my next big project is in progress (yeah, that coming soon on my website is actually not this update, nor DayZ: Namalsk (but be sure to check that!), there are few must do's for my currently released work.
My test island Namalsk once again had an opportunity to show its strength!
This time was my primary goal of this relatively quick release to test the experience from the better terrain grid, AI and objects and the overall AI interaction with the environment!
Namalsk got a lot of fine things, campaign got polished and some new things were added to the modification!

More on Namalsk Crisis, Update 2 aka "Pathfinder" ...

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  October 19th, 2012 - 03:28 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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