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The Arma3 official website has been updated with the very latest information about the Arma 3 campaign.

Ahead of that, here's a quick peek at the background and history of Limnos:
"Amid the events of 2033, the island was defended by a weakened contingent of the Hellenic Air Force and Army - elements of which successfully repelled Iranian attacks for several weeks - before succumbing to occupation by the Iranian Armed Forces.
In the weeks and months following the Jerusalem Peace Accord of 2034, which crystallised Iran's position in the Aegean, a small group of Greek forces established a resistance movement, covertly backed by the United States and Great Britain.



Your area of operation is the island of Limnos, once an important Greek air force base in the Mediterranean, now a remote hostile territory deep behind enemy lines. Still partially inhabited by a fraction of the original Greek populace and refugees from the Eastern Mediterranean, the island bears many scars from the fierce battles between NATO and the invading Iranian troops in 2025. The large airfield and the adjacent military base now serves as a basis for a fairly large Iranian force servicing the objective Omega.


Limnos, spreading over an area of almost 300 square kilometers, is situated in the Northern Aegean (39°54’04″ N, 25°14’25″ E). The terrain of its North-Western part is remarkably hilly, gradually lowering Eastwards into the flatlands; its highest peaks reach to almost 400 meters above sea level. The island’s climate is Mediterranean, with particularly strong winds and average temperature, slightly colder than Greek mainland, mild winters with the occasional snowfall.

The most inhabited and developed areas can be found on the South-West of the island. The current population (excluding military personnel) is partially scattered amongst the isolated farms and villages, estimated to be approximately 2,000.


Limnos played a vital role for many cultures throughout history. There are many traces of antique history to be found across the island. The island became particularly important to Allied troops during the Gallipoli campaign and later in 1918, when the armistice between the Allies and the Ottoman Empire was signed in the city of Moudros.

The most recent history is partially unknown due to the general lack of records from the contested territories after the outbreak of hostilities in the 2020′s. During 2025, the island was defended by the 27th MEU of the United States Marine Corps, elements of which successfully repelled Iranian attacks for several weeks despite the sinking of the MEU’s amphibious assault ship early in the campaign. In the following years, the island has been under the administration of Iranian armed forces. Around 2029, the puppet government of the New Greece was created with the support of Iran; on Limnos, local government collaboration with the local Iranian military was established (see Factions – Militias). In 2030, the first incidents of armed resistance against the New Greece government and Iranian troops was recorded; ever since, Iranian troops and N.G. militias are engaged in a low-intensity COIN campaign.


Most of the formerly inhabited areas are currently unpopulated; highest population density can be found in the vicinity of Myrina and along the Southwestern coast. The biggest settlement is currently the military base, inhabited only by Iranian troops.

The basic infrastructure is mostly decayed due to combat damage and no maintenance. Limited support is available in the housing of Myrina: electricity, intact sewage systems, drinking water distribution. Local economy is based on direct bartering on local products, mostly vegetables, genetically modified corn and olives, meat and fish. The services are limited, probably strongly dependent on educated or trained individuals as in similar societies throughout the European war zone, there is a general lack of hi-tech equipment, medical supplies, clothing and luxury goods. Due to regular supplies from Turkey, fuel and ammunition are well accessible in the New Greek areas.

Majority of the island is in the hands of hostile forces. In order to maintain the security over the area, many observation posts and checkpoints were established, many of them in remote parts of the island. Several resistance groups are most probably hiding in the mountainous regions far from the frequently used routes and military outposts. Iranian troops are supplied by air and sea, the base provides power generation, water de-salter and other life support.

Security level is generally high in the areas under New Greek militia control or under direct surveillance of Iranian troops. Distant areas may be under the control of various paramilitary factions.

News submitted by Shooter_OFCRA.

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  A Thing of Beauty: Gepard GM6 Lynx Official    
Last Spring, the Arma 3 development team were handed the ideal opportunity to get to grips with a powerful anti-materiel rifle, the Gepard GM6 Lynx.In a new developer’s blog post, Creative Director, Ivan Buchta, describes the field trip and offers up some behind the scenes imagery

“As with many exciting development stories, this one started with a rogue e-mail: “I talked to a guy in a Hungarian company manufacturing hi-calibre sniper rifles with unique construction. They are okay with giving us the CAD data and our using the rifle in-game, and we can visit to take pictures and record sounds if we want…” One of our artists had left me a message together with some YouTube links; well, that’s really all we needed to know! ....”

You can read the entire blog post on the Bohemia Interactive website (click here).

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