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  CheckMate missions, MP missions with SWAP system Mission release    

Murcielago has submitted us his new MP Mission for ArmA 2 called "CheckMate".

CheckMate missions are a new type of mission to show my new Arma creation, SWAP system.

SWAP system allows players to use the switch team member feature IN MULTIPLAYER MISSIONS! Basically this system allows you to swap from one unit to the other one but in addition I added some things...

When you use the SWAP system to change from unit A to B, unit A will carry on looking at the same direction and it will keep the same stance when you will take control of unit B.

SWAP system will keep the same looking direction for units inside turrets too and, aircrafts will keep the same altitude. For example you will be able to easily have a full control of an Apache helicopter. You will need only to swap to the pilot and move the helicopter to the desired location. Once you meet the enemy swap to the gunner and have fun!

Swap system is an universal solution as it works with infantry and vehicles in addition it adds a new huge number of possibilities to the game because with SWAP system you will be able to do things that you could not do before, for example, you can move your SWAP units as a SWAT team or, you can place AI units wherever you want (Taking cover behind a vehicle, looking through a window, inside a house facing the door...)

To complete the SWAP system I created the ChessMove system. This new system makes easy to move any unit/vehicle of your side. ChessMove system is a simple visual help that will move from individual soldiers to vehicles with two clicks on the map!

So I use these features a mission system where both players have exactly the same conditions and they need to fight to conquest an specific location. It looks like a chess match.

Players have same weapons and vehicles. Their uniforms are similar so I included a modified military symbols feature to help players (This option can be disable) to recognize ally units and vehicles. All vehicles will be shown on RADAR as red icons on both sides so no one has advantage as I pick the right sides and vehicles on purpose. Finally players have the same number and types of ally groups to help them to create different tactics.

In a CheckMate mission only the players make the difference.

  March 19th, 2013 - 16:19 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Lithuanian Armed Forces v0.9 Addon release    

Aidas2 has submitted us the release of his Arma2 mod "Arma 2: Lithuanian Armed Forces" on the BIS Forums for ArmA2: CO with ACR.

Arma 2: Lithuanian Armed Forces is a Arma 2 Combined Operations mod, unofficial DLC, focusing on portraying current day Lithuanian Armed Forces with as much authenticity as possible. Covering the vast majority of combat units working in Afghanistan and Lithuania with authentic camouflage, markings, vehicles and weapons.

Source : BIS Forums
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  Team Killer Lock system Editing    
Murcielago has submitted us his "Team Killer Lock System" tool for ArmA II.

The TKL system is a tiny solution that fix a big problem... team killers or people destroying vital gaming elements. TKL system is easy to use and in addition is an autonomous system, so it does not need a admin or votes.

TKL system punishes team killers by freezing their avatar (10sec, 90sec, 5min...) letting they know that they did something wrong but when they reach the maximum number of friendly kills their games will be locked automatically until the server restart or mission is changed.

Every 5min the list with all the game ID from team killers will be copied so everyone can has access to this information. This games ID can be introduced into the TKL system to ban automatically those users.

Now you do not need to waste your time to have any type of server protected from team killers.

  March 4th, 2013 - 16:03 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  F2 v2-7-1 for CO released Editing    

Fer has submitted us the new F2 version 2-7-1 that has been released for ArmA2:CO at the BIS Forums

The F2 Mission Development Framework is the successor to the popular BAS f mission development framework for ArmA. The new framework contains many of the features you know from BAS f, updated to work with ArmA2 and ArmA2:OA, plus some new components which take advantage of the new game's special features.

-Added Mission Observers component.
-Changed default setting for Backpacks mission parameter to "off".
-Changed Preplaced Game Logics component: synchronizing medic modules with every single unit is no
longer required.
-Changed ACRE Support component: 148s restricted to element leaders.
-Changed Casualties Cap component to add more options (by side, by faction).
-Fixed incorrect unit names in Takistani Locals platoon.
-Fixed incorrect classnames for pilots and crew in CDF platoon.
-Fixed F2 Common Local Variables so it no longer includes the F2_Precompile_East and
F2_Precompile_West units used by the CO Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component.

Source : BIS Forums
  March 2nd, 2013 - 12:17 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

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