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  A sneak peek at ARMA 3 BETA in Livesteam_ Official    

A sneak peek at Arma3 Beta in Livesteam_ has been announced on the official Arma3 site.

Gearing up for the E3 exhibition, the Arma 3 development team is hosting pre-E3 livestream hangouts – offering a glimpse of what will be on display in Los Angeles. Both sessions are scheduled for 17:00 UTC on Saturday June 1 and June 8, and will be hosted on the official Arma 3 channel on

For the first livestream, on Saturday June 1 at 17:00 UTC, Mission Designer Thomas Ryan (supported by several others Arma 3 developers) will give a basic tutorial in scenario editing - using some of the weapons and vehicles from the upcoming Arma 3 Beta.

The second livestream, scheduled for Saturday June 8 at 17:00 UTC, consists of a playthrough of the brand new Combined Arms showcase mission, which is also scheduled for release in the Arma 3 Beta.

Both sessions are expected to take about one hour and will be streamed live from Bohemia Interactive HQ in Prague. The setting is casual and viewers are welcome to ask developers their questions via chat and/or Twitter.

Last but not least, those who want to make sure they will not miss anything can already enlist for the official event via Arma 3’s Facebook page.

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  SITREP #00013 Official    

On Tuesday 28th May 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land has has released theAlpha "SITREP #00013" on the offical ArmA III website:

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
INFO: E3 2013, BattlEye, particles

Another week has passed and our E3 2013 build (very similar to the Beta) has seen huge progress. Today we are plugging in the voice-acting recorded last week for the new scenarios. This always gives them that extra boost towards completion. Stay tuned for designer Thomas Ryan getting twitchy with Beta content ahead of the expo. Also keep checking the social channels (Facebook, Twitter). Korneel van 't Land has a tendency to post E3 materials there before they are fully released - like this screenshot!

Oh, and let's not forget that we released version 0.58 of the Alphas last week. Some issues sneaked in, even though they were known to you and us both. They have been marked for swift termination. Our plan is to release 0.60, including the Sniper Package staged on Development branch, before E3 starts. This will allow us to start re-skinning the game to "Beta" when we get back from Los Angeles and get things ready for the transition.

The main page Community Focus section was updated again. Gaming community Comrades in Arms prove that a little innocent bribe works sometimes ;-)

On the multiplayer security front, we can now finally share that we're working on getting the BattlEye anti-cheat engine up and running. Look for the early stages of the Beta for its inclusion for server admins who wish to use it to protect their servers. You may wonder why this has taken so long, or why we have not confirmed it before. We have finally agreed with all parties on how we intend to include this third-party software and how to use it within the Steam distribution of Arma 3. As with many things, this is not a simple copy-and-paste from Arma 2 technology.

Quite a lot of enhanced particle technology exists in Arma 3. Designer Borivoj "Druid" Hlava has taken some time for public documentation of the new parameters and options.

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  Arma 3 Alpha updates to version 0.58 Official    

Joris-Jan van 't Land has informed us about Arma 3 Alpha updates to version 0.58.

Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday 23rd May 2013

Bohemia Interactive has released a major new update for the Arma 3 Alpha. The most notable improvements in version 0.58 involve the new dedicated combat and stealth radio protocols, plus all-encompassing tweaks to lighting and audio. Also, Multiplayer Dedicated Server administrators now have access to a separated executable to host such servers more conveniently.

The complete changelog for 0.58 is provided together with the update and can also be found on the official Arma 3. The Arma 3 Alpha will update automatically via Steam.

To participate in the Arma 3 Alpha, people can choose from the Arma 3 Alpha (24.99 EUR/19.99 GBP/32.99 USD) or Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (39.99 EUR/34.99 GBP/49.99 USD) on Steam or Prices will increase once the Arma 3 Beta and full game become available. For a complete overview of the separate editions, be sure to visit the Arma 3 website.

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  Mission 1 Mission release    
Murcielago has released his new "Mission 1" for ArmA III (coop)

Mission1 is a cool mission with 70-100 high skilled enemies where you can use most of the vehicles and items present on Arma 3 Alpha.

This mission is fully working mission to show my latest scripts for Arma. Like always the scripts are cleverly made and they work having a minimal impact in performance. Thanks to this I manage to create a cool challenging mission that is highly re-playable!

Mission summarize:
- Cool challenging mission where you can use most of the Arma 3 Alpha content.
- Smart tiny scripts to make this mission a great experience:
- Random AI unit locations.
- Sector Control game system.
- SaveGear system.
- Smart Marker system.

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  SITREP #10 Official    

BIS has released the 10thAlpha Briefing "SITREP #00010" on the offical ArmA III website:

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
INFO: Hotfix release, audio changes, community

Late last week we published an unscheduled hotfix (SPOTREP #00003) to default branch of both Alpha and Alpha Lite. Although the changes did not affect Lite, we want to keep them the same on the data-side. In no way do we feel this fully 'solved' the multiplayer security issues. The efforts described last week will surely continue.

The second big thing which dominated past week was the audio overhaul. Our audio team and audio programmer Frantisek Novak in support, made large changes to the sounds of most assets (and the tweaking will be in progress for the coming weeks). Ondrej Matejka took some time to explain the changes related to volume, sample normalization, distance versus loudness and the WSS file format. The current state on Development branch is known to have a number of errors, missing sounds and unfinished volume settings. In the end this will benefit the way the game sounds, which is of similar importance as how it looks.

We're loving the newly added widget showing custom messages from those who purchased the Supporter Edition! It's energizing to take a few minutes during the day to read the supportive and funny messages that roll by. Currently only those people who opted in for the game credits are shown, but we are working on extending this for the rest (for the widget only).

Yet another rotation of community projects is being shown off in the Community Focus widget on the main website:, machinima, a UGL video guide, and camouflage samples for modders. The full archive is available here.

We are now transitioning to put focus on our next big public release: the Beta. It's still weeks away, but we need to start preparing and finalizing the sandbox content, new playable content, features and all supporting assets, such as artwork. The plans are all in place, and we are scrambling to execute them well.

The Steam Client has a new field in the application properties' "BETAS" tab. It allows you to enter access codes for restricted branches. This does not currently affect Arma 3 Alpha. We only have one branch (Development) and it's not password-protected.

Source : ArmA 3 Website
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  SPOTREP #00003 Official    
SPOTREP #00003

Today Joris-Jan van 't Land has released a SPOTREP #00003 spotted on Arma3 site

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
UNIT: Arma 3 Alpha, Arma 3 Alpha Lite
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 0.56 (multiplayer security)
SIZE: ~38 MB



Added: Functions are now compiled using newly introduced compileFinal
Added: Functions meta data are now secured against rewriting
Removed use of vulnerable script commands in DynO functions
Added: BIS_fnc_log enabled in public version when 'allowFunctionsLog = 1;' is set in description.ext
Fixed: BIS_fnc_sideColor can now load non-number values
Fixed: BIS_fnc_functionMeta was not working with scenario and campaign functions
Added: Scenario / campaign functions now support 'forced' param, allowing them to be executed automatically upon mission start
Added: BIS_fnc_spawn
Added: Ability to execute BIS_fnc_execVM and BIS_fnc_execFSM without arguments
Fixed: BIS_fnc_error was not working correctly
Changed: Splendid Camera roll speed decreased, users should no longer be inclined to take screens with too extreme roll


Fog is now really enabled for this branch
getFuelCargo, getAmmoCargo, getRepairCargo commands added
Fixes to serialization of particle emitters
Fixed: shoreline was not covered by fog properly
Correct vonCodecQuality is set now
Fixed: Animation source gear for PhysX vehicles
Fixed: Ships are now using the correct Arma 3 gearbox
Merge from OA: attack helicopter was unable to engage with rockets (PhysX-compatible)
Fixed: canMove on a vehicle with dead driver would return false in some cases
Improved synchronization of structure destruction in MP
Hotfixed: (MP crash)
Fixed: AI now uses optics better to detect enemies
Fixed: Switching HDR settings could cause graphical corruption
Added: Removing destroyed buildings from PhysX simulation
Fixed: Crash opportunity related to PhysX
Added: new events for inventory event handlers: "Take" and "Put"
Fixed: improved path planning related to roads
Tweaked darkness detection and use of NVG by AI
Minor optimizations to dynamic lights
Added: difficulty command to return high-level selected difficulty mode
Added: getArtilleryETA script command
Input Array: [unit, targetX, targetY, targetZ, magazineType]
Returns: ETA of the first available mode (the mode the AI will probably use)
Fixed: Glitch in blending of 2 animations masks
Added: compileFinal command
Removed fully script commands: setVehicleInit, clearVehicleInit, processInitCommands
Made all script commands final (no longer possible to reassign in most circumstances)
Fixed: healing sound could play in an endless loop
Attenuation of dynamic lights can now be influenced by a new parameter in asset configuration - maximum distance of light
On steep surfaces, players now crouch instead of fully standing up
-showScriptErrors enabled by default
To allow better debugging (may or may not be changed for final release)

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  SITREP #00009 Official    

Joris-Jan van 't Land has released an Arma3 Alpha "SITREP #00009"on the offical Arma3 website:

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
INFO: MP security, Dedicated Server files, audio and lighting tweaks


For most of our Alpha testers, last week has mostly been about the multiplayer service being interrupted by servers manipulated with scripting exploits. The situation was worse than single servers being hacked, since it easily spread to clients, who would then also bring it to the next server they connected to. In the Operations section I've detailed some of the steps we've taken so far, and those we'll take from now on to improve the situation. A lot can be said about the root of the problem we're facing here - perhaps a good topic for a blog at some point. It boils down to the concepts of freedom and security and how badly they often mix.

We pride ourselves on the open platform that Arma games are built on. Unfortunately this extremely flexible platform can both be used for creative modding and malicious purposes like MP griefing. Most solutions for improved security mean taking away freedom and putting restrictions in place (there are obviously many real world comparisons to draw here). For a very practical example of this you can see the response to deliberately removing three scripting commands: improved security, but broken community content.

I do not believe for a moment we can have both freedom and fully secure MP without serious restrictions. The only seemingly valid method would be an approach taken by the DayZ project via its MMO architecture. Keep in mind this concept does not gel with Arma 3 as it was designed - it means all client actions are validated on a server, and this makes client-side modding and scripting much more difficult. Acceptable for DayZ, not for Arma 3. We will however do our best to improve security, reduce vulnerabilities and walk the fine line between freedom and security based on your feedback.


A more extensive description of lighting tweaks was posted via lighting expert Pavel Guglava. It also serves as a feedback thread for the team. Data configuration is still rolling out in steps, but a large portion is available on Development branch now.

The Community Focus widget now has an archive (linked via the widget header), so you can see which community projects were put in the spotlights so far.

To repeat a point made previously: it is futile to argue we should not be working on e.g. lighting tweaks while security is compromised. Different people, different specialties, different roles. Even within the programming department it is simply not as easy as reassigning someone from rendering to netcode. That's not how it works and it never will.


We have deployed into Development branch a first set of measures to make this simplest form of security breach harder. Compiling scripted functions as 'final' is generally beneficial. Custom function designers will be able to re-compile for debugging using a description.ext parameter. The removal of certain script commands was deliberately done without transitional deprecation systems, to gauge effectively how widespread their use is. These specific commands were originally introduced to support never-supported functionality. We are looking into further methods of dealing with these and similarly vulnerable commands (also taking into account interesting proposals posted on the forums). One part of this is to better document alternative approaches to scripting methods. This has started on a page about the Functions Library.

It is planned to update the default branch with the current hotfix this week (target: Thursday). It should: reduce the ease with which this exploit spreads through all servers and it should stop this most simplest form of scripted exploit. It will definitely not: stop all hacks in Alpha MP.

Dedicated (third-party) anti-cheat solutions have not yet been added during the Alpha for which we have our reasons. As soon as we can, we will start rolling these out. This should help with some of the more advanced hacks.


Today we'll publish to Development branch, but then we will halt updates for two days. Publication should continue this Friday. The reason? We are making significant and extensive changes to the way audio and volume balancing are handled. These changes affect all assets with sound, and we want to make sure it all gets published in one go. There will also be a detailed description of the changes and what to test afterwards.

The Development branch now contains the Dedicated Server binary and required files. It can be run without needing to run a Steam Client, but has a significant known limitation at the moment: it is able to run one instance per machine. The data organization may change later once we go for a separate package.

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