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  Balkan War Mod by SuperRat Addon release    
SuperRat has released his long expected Balkan War Mod v 1.0 beta on the BI Forums

...The BALAKAN WAR MOD is based on what happend in Yugoslavia the war was mostly fought in entire territory of Bosnia and northern and estern parts of Croatia.The factions will be based on three sides that were fighting in Bosnia
Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina(ABIH), Army of Republic Srbska(VRS) and Croatian Defence Council(HVO).The weapons that were used in this conflict came from all blocks for exmp. there were Yugo-made arms , Soviet ,western block, even WWII weapons left from German's ,Soviets there were even Sherman tanks ,T34 ,flaks and so on...

version: 1.0 beta..... its signed but not server tested yet

addon needed: vila's east and west weapon pack

PBO files included BWM:
abihv- vehicles, static
abih- ARBIH faction
senadHVO - HVO faction
senadVRS - VRS faction
akr - weapon box (you can find weapon box under EMPTY-AMMO- BALKAN WAR MOD)


After year and half of work on BWM mod finally!!!! lets call it (beta) is out this mod is about the conflict in 1990's in balkan mostly on teritory of bosnia there is a lot of custom vehicles , weapons, air, and static there are 3 factions ARBIH (Army of Republic Bosnia & Herzegovina) VRS (Army of Republic Srpska) HVO (Croation Defense Council)

tank: M-84 ,T-72, T-55A, T54
transpoter: M80A, M80-Sava, M-60P, M-60AT, ZPU-57-2, MTLB, SA-6
static ARTY: D-20NORA, ZIS-3, D30J, SPRUT-2A45M, M101, 2S1-GVOZDINKA, M-46, Mortar120mm 2 vers. ,80mm MORT, 60mm MORT, D44
staticMRLS: 69 type, OGANJ, RAM-GRAD, WBR
static AA: ZPU-4, FLAK38, BOFORS-37mm, M55A4
Weapon Box: m56PAP(papovka), M-79(OSA), huge amount of AK-47 , M70, M72, M-53(SARAC) , M-80 withtromblon -mine
PK couple styles

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  Carrier Operations - Duala Campaign v1.11 by j_frost Mission release    
j_frost has informed us about updated Carrier Operations - Duala Campaign v1.11 release on the BI Forums.

v1.11 Highlights | 22-Feb-12
* Updated to use Meatballs v2.0 F/A-18.
* Updated to use Meatballs USMC fighter pilot\crew chiefs and Helicopter Pilots.
* Added: Nimitz deck activity.
* Added: Two new missions from USS Nimitz.
* Added: One new mision playing as the civilian NTC side.
* Added extra tasks for some missions.
* Changed: Mission5 player is now pilot when flying and marine team when on the ground [auto-Teamswitch]
* Changed: Mission5 added custom CAS [AH1Z] script to help [optional to use- called via radio]
* Changed: Mission6 option to use AH1Z or littlebird. Extra optional objective + more e units called if player uses AH1Z.
* Fixed: Mission7 Extraction action sometimes doesn't appear.
* Fixed: Mission7 Extraction helo destroyed means objective failure.
* Fixed: Mission7 - POW could sometimes die before he was rescued
* Fixed: All missions, extraction helicopter will now land on Nimitz deck rather than hover above it.
* Fixed: All missions, Plane wobbling on takeoff, and Nimitz crewmen feet who where partially sunken in deck on certain missions.
* Added: All missions, Workaround to falling through Nimitz deck in some cases.
* Fixed: All missions, insertion\Extraction crew Chiefs don't engage the enemy.
* Changed: mission8 NV weapons for Marines.
* Changed: mission10 NV weapons for Marines.
* Changed: All missions, MH-60 now used instead of littlebird for insertion and extraction. Script improved.
* Changed: All missions, dead body cleanup to leave playableUnits and campaign specific characters.
* Changed: All missions,AI no longer use afterburner on takeoff.
* Changed: All missions, Dip on launch of AI aircraft takeoff added.
* Chanmged: All missions Script fix to stop pileup of planes on Nimitz deck if inital plane is still on Cat#1 and a wingman is requested.
* Changed: All missions, wingman only offered if player vehicle is a plane.
* Changed: all missions, removed disableUserInput true in briefings to hopefully stop uncontrollable camera drift.
* Fixed: Wincing could be heard in campaign's final cutscene.
* Various other improvements.

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  Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO) released Addon release    

SFG from Invasion 1944 has released an updated Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO) huge pack on the BI Forums. Arma2 CO and CBA needed.

After nearly a year of work on 2.6 we are happy to release something that has grown into quite a monster, ranging from the beaches of Omaha, to the cold winter slopes of Belgium! Initially only adding British infantry, our content has nearly doubled since 2.51.

-Content-Here's a brief summary of what's included check the classlist.txt for a full list of units objects weapons and ammunition:

- United States - 1st & 29th Infantry Division, 5th Ranger Battalion, 82nd & 101st Parachute Infantry Regiment.
- British - Infantry Airborne Division, British Commandos.
- Germany - Heer, Heer-Camoflagued, Fallschirmjäger, Schutzstaffel.
With over 30 infantry weapons.

- 30+ German vehicles - including tanks, recon vehicles and troop carriers.
- 20+ Allied vehicles - including tanks, recon vehicles, troop carriers and landing craft.

- Allied - B-17 Flying Fortress, Douglas C-47A Skytrain, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, P-51D Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIa, Spitfire Mk.Ia., Hawker Typhoon
- Axis - Bf-109E4, Bf-109F2, Bf-109G6, Ju-52/3mg5e, Ju-87, Me-262, Me-262A

- Omaha
- Omaha V2 (Greatly enhanced and expanded)
- Merderet
- Merderet (Winter Version)
- Battle of the Bulge map by prowler

- 33 MP Missions
- 11 SP Missions

Over an hour of original music by SFG

- Ballistics coding
- Weapon Resting (automatic or manual)
- Bayonets
- Prone AT Weapon Firing
- Custom Weapon Animations (holding and reloading)
- New movement animations (jumping, crouch sliding etc)
- Hit animations
- New detailed player wounding system
- Overhauled In-game User interface
- Hand signals
- Crew served weapons (Moving/Rotating static weapons, adding/removing ammo, mounting/unmounting weapons on tripods)
- Crate vehicle-loading system
- Overpressure effect
- Tank damage and immersion system
- New cursor- name tag system
- New main menu UI

  February 26th, 2012 - 23:10 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  HH-60J Jayhawk and UH-60Q Medevac by YuraPetrov Addon release    
YuraPetrov has released updated US Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk 1.2 and UH-60Q Medevac 1.1 addons on the BI Forums.

US Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk
beta 1.2:
- Added one distance LOD;
- New RVMAT's (cabine and blured rotor);
- Modified instruments panel texture and material;
- Murtoo winch script modified by Macadam Cow.

UH-60Q Medevac
beta 1.1:
- Fixed error when main rotor blur wasn't synced up with the rotor hub;
- Added animation to the landing gear;
- Added shadow to main rotor and pylons;
- Added geometry to outer pylons;
- Added ability to open/close doors for player in cabine.

  February 24th, 2012 - 01:11 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Krinkov Pack by colonel stagler Addon release    
Colonel stagler has released a Krinkov Pack v1.0 addon on the BI Forums.

This is only a small weapon pack with four modernised AKS-74Us included.

v1.0 Features
- Four modernised AKS-74Us including suppressed variants, and Micro Aimpoint variants.
- Working IR lasers.
- Ammobox containing the weapons.
- Compatible with ACE 2 and all soundmods since they inherit directly from the default AKS74U classes.

  February 24th, 2012 - 00:19 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Enhanced Skills Slider v 1.5 by Jedra Editing    
Jedra has informed us about Enhanced Skills Slider v 1.5 release on the BI Forums.

With some of the changes to the way precision-enemy and precision-friendly work in the 1.6 patch, I started to look at how the AI works in Arma 2, paying particular attention to the Skills Array. In various bouts of testing I found that the skills array had a drastic effect on the way the AI behaved. I came to the conclusion that just having a slider for overall skill was not giving the player, or server admin the fine control they needed. Hence the Enhanced Skills Slider.

The Enhanced Skills Slider will allow you to change the skills of a whole side, a whole group or a single unit on the fly. It works in Single Player, Multiplayer (LAN) and Multiplayer (Dedicated).

The Enhanced Skills Slider is a Client and Server Side Addon and will only be available to the server admin when playing multiplayer. It is accessed via the Action menu.
- View skill values currently set for individual units
- Change individual skill values on the fly for Sides, Groups and single units
- Increase or decrease skills based on a percentage value
- Apply random skills to units based on a supplied range
- Apply a spread to Random Ranges so that each unit is slightly different
- Client and Server Side Addon
- Restricted to Server Admin in Multiplayer
- V2 Key Signature included
- Optional confid for CfgAISkills included see below)
- Full (ish!) documentation included in the download
- NEW - Any new units created by the clients or the server now inherit changes made with ESS - as long as these changes are made to All Units.
- NEW - ESS now has a map and briefly shows the location of units and group leaders selected.
- NEW - the details section now shows which elements will be inherited.

  February 23rd, 2012 - 23:59 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Faysh khabur beta04 by =KCT=Blackmamba Addon release    

=KCT=Blackmamba has released an updated Faysh khabur beta04 terrain on the BI Forums. Arma2 CO -BAF-PMC and Opx_Buildings & Opx_Misc needed.

Situated in Iraq’s far north, the province of Dahuk is famous for its snowy winters.
The border crossing near the town of Zakho is Iraq’s primary border crossing with Turkey.
dahuk has also a border gate with Syria known as the Faysh Khabur border gate.
The main trading route from Iraq to Turkey runs through Dahuk,
this could bring economic gain as cross-border trade increases.
Some villages were destroyed or evacuated since 1988 due to insecurity and other problems like poverty and loss of essential resource,
for these reasons people migrated from their villages to sub-district centres,
living in public buildings or sharing houses with other families.
In general, roads are in good condition except some far located villages that are hard to access, especially in winter.

Added: Alice compatibility.
Added: more nature objects.
Added: City's/location's Named.
Added: city "Gerbalat" (Syrië).
Added: village "Shirk" (Syrië).
Changed: Terrain textures, color tweaks.
Changed: Satalite image complete redo.
Changed: Mask image complete redo.
CHanged: Back to OA aircraft shelters.
Changed: Mushorah AirBase.
Expanded: city "Misharah".
Expanded: Indestrial Area.
Expanded: city "Fayshkhabur".
Fixed: Satallite Grid.

  February 23rd, 2012 - 12:21 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  [ADO] BearRocks v 0.9 beta released Addon release    

[ADO]Old Bear has released an updated [ADO] BearRocks v 0.9 beta island on our Forums.

v 0.7 & 0.8 beta test versions - not publicly released

v 0.9 beta- changelog :
- Modified island picture in GUI,
- Added "Mischa" -a small town- in the North-West using open ArmA2 houses,
- Added "Radio Station"
- Modified size and amount for "rockwall" rocks, used for cliffs,
- Many small objects placement modifications.

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  RUBE Weather Module Addon release    
Ruebe has released an astonishing RUBE Weather Module, now in 2 versions, as an addon or as a script on the BI Forums.

The simulation of weather in this series has been lacking since forever. Actually I think the "weather engine" hasn't been touched since ofp 1.0 (ok, rainbows have been added at some point, but that's it).
Granted, we have the most basic components of weather to play with, such as overcast, fog, wind and rain. But it has always been only that; some components of weather (with some very simply constraints), but no coherent system of weather (or even seasons). But weather should be more than the sum of it's parts. And that's where the RUBE weather module steps in and tries to fill the gap (or at least illuminate and explore it a little).

Sure, there are already some weather modules/addons present. But they focus mostly on effects or worry about synchronisation in multiplayer games. None of them however solves the problem I was interested in to begin with: if weather shall be a crucial component in (strategical/tactical) decision making, then it needs to be forecastable. What weather can be expected for today and what for the next few days? Should we postpone that sniper-mission or rather strike now?

RUBE Weather Module

The RUBE weather module is a pseudo-scientific weather machine consisting of three main components:
- a season model that defines the clima,
- a weather generator which creates a forecast for n days and
- a weather engine that executes todays weather.

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  Sniper Camo Changer script by Feint Addon release    
Feint has released a Sniper Camo Changer v1.0 script on the BI Forums. Brainbug's Ghillies for a change v 2.0 addon needed.

This is a set of scripts that will allow you (or your AI partners) to change their sniper pattern during a mission. Simply activate the script via the action menu, and the sniper's camo changes once every two seconds until you find one that you like. You can also have your AI teammates change their camo as well.

35 total camo patterns are available. 30 created by Brainbug and 5 stock camos from Arma2 and OA.

  February 19th, 2012 - 00:24 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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