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  New Arma3 Screenshots from E3 Screenshots    
New Arma3 Screenshots from E3 has been released on the Arma3 official site.

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  E3 2012 - Arma 3 (In-Game) by Videos    
Here are E3 2012 - Arma 3 (In-Game) #1 and E3 2012 - Arma 3 (In-Game) #2 videos from

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  E3 2012 LimnosRadio ArmA3 interview Community    

Here is E3 2012 LimnosRadio ArmA3 interview

Yes! The official start of the LimnosRadio Season!
We'll be covering every aspect of ArmA3 untill its release day with a show once every 2 or 3 weeks.
The kickoff is today, and today we called with Ivan Buchta and Jay Crowe on the E3

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  Arma 3 E3 hands-on preview: 8 important questions answered Community    

Evan Lahti has released an Arma 3 E3 hands-on preview: 8 important questions answered article on PCGamer. Here are some extracts :

Instead of writing a standard preview, I wanted to directly address these big concerns. I asked Twitter to give me Qs, and I’ve provided 1,400 words of As based on my hands-on.

Which improvements over Arma 2 did you notice immediately? (@keenanw)
Scale and terrain detail. Creative Director Ivan Buchta gave me an exclusive look at Limnos by hopping around different points Arma 3’s editor. It’s more beautiful and authentic than any developer- or player-made island I’ve seen in Arma.

Myrina, its largest city, is easily two or two and a half times the area of Chernogorsk (Arma 2’s largest city). But it’s not just “more objects;” the variety of structures and the detail they’re granted makes the terrain feel much more developed and authentic. Buchta showed me an enterable airport terminal, a cemetery, a power plant, school playground, high school athletics track, a beach with colored umbrellas stuck into the sand, and a basketball court at night, lit by floodlights.

Exploring Limnos is going to be a joy. I can’t wait to fight in these areas; structures instantly appeared and felt less static, and less like cardboard facsimiles, as they sometimes do in A2. 80-90 percent of the buildings I saw were enterable.

Another instantly noticeable difference was lighting. The night section of the demo showed a few soldiers idling under a full moon with chemlights, a campfire, and other light sources around. The exception to this is the nightvision, which other than being a little less neon than A2’s pale green filter, still doesn’t really resemble authentic nightvision.


How do the new animations affect close quarters combat? (@craig_vg)
You heard it here: Arma 3 is balanced for double lean. The new stance animations operate as modifiers. Like Arma 2, you still hit Q or E to lean, X to crouch, and Z to go prone. But you can take an additional step left or right by hold Ctrl and hitting Q or E again. These adjustments are specific to each stance, so if you’re crouched and hit Ctrl + W, you’ll poke your head and upper body up a bit. If you’re prone, you can twist to the right by hitting Ctrl + E.

There’s at least one ridiculous animation, too: when you’re prone, if you tap Ctrl + W, you go into this “last stand” kind of pose, you lie almost flat on your back, cradling the gun on your left forearm with the barrel pointed forward. And you can fire while doing this. It looks lazy and heroic and hilarious. I didn’t experience too much CQC in the demo, but mostly I’d expect these commands to increase the viability of fighting from windows/openings. They definitely let me peek around corners without taking awkward, stuttering steps, as is often the case in A2. We’ll finally have the movement flexibility to pop in and out of cover without being at a disadvantage

Read the full Arma 3 E3 hands-on preview: 8 important questions answered article on PCGamer

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  GameStar : Arma 3-‪E3‬ 2012 Live Demo Presentation Videos    
Here is GameStar Arma 3-‪E3‬ 2012 Live Demo Presentation

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  Gamespot E3 ArmA3 demonstration Videos    
Here is Gamespot E3 ArmA3 demonstration

E3 2012: Don't miss out on this lengthy and detailed demonstration of Arma 3.

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  E3 2012 : ArmA3 Gameplay videos ! Videos    
krazi has informed us about some E3 2012: ArmA3 Gameplay videos release on YouTube.

... just uploaded a ArmA3 gameplay movie brandnew from E3!
Go ahead and let the folks see it:

The first Arma 3 *WIP* Preview at E3 2012 from the amazing devs from BIS!
Unfortunatly the WebCam was at a bad quality, but still you get a view :)

Thanks mate !

Source : krazi
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  Arma 3 - 'E3 2012 Sneak Preview' Trailer General    
Korneel van 't Land from Bohemia Interactive has informed us about Arma 3 - 'E3 2012 Sneak Preview' Trailer release.

Just before we're loading up and shipping out to LA, to exhibit our game at E3 2012, here's a little sneak preview on what to expect!

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  Ivan Buchta and Jay Crowe interview on General has published an interview with Ivan Buchta and Jay Crowe, BI Senior Developers. Here are some extracts. Get the full interview on BIS on ArmA III, Mods, Maps and More

Here at, we're big fans of ArmA - so when we found Senior Developers Ivan Buchta and Jay Crowe wandering lost in our corridors, we immediately called them in for a chat. Read on for their thoughts on map size, mods, and what they think of DayZ, as well as revised minimum specs for ArmA III.
GON: Many people felt that ArmA II was somewhat unoptimised and ran slowly on machines that should have been able to handle it. Do you feel that ArmA III will address these issues?

Ivan: Hopefully yes. Of course, we have added new rendering techniques into the engine, which makes it more demanding, but with the computing power an average gaming PC has these days, ArmA III should both look and run well.

Jay: In terms of the video options, too, we give a lot of power to the players, and - in that sense - invest some trust in them, also.

If they want to play with everything on very high – completely max it out – well, that's up to them. It’s a PC game. Naturally, it is up to us to optimise as much as we can; it’s not an excuse to do a half-assed job. Ultimately, though, it’s about giving players the choices. Our video settings provide the option to throttle things back to find a balance for how you want to play on your hardware.

GON: On that note, can you tell us a bit more about what sort of system spec you're aiming for with ArmA III, and whether or not our readers should begin pricing some system upgrades?

Jay: Sure, at E3 we're releasing a newly revised set of minimum hardware specifications, but I’d be happy to share them with you now.

Minimum Specifications:
- OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
- CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
- GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or ATI Radeon HD 3830 or Intel HD Graphics 3000 with Shader Model 4 and 512 MB VRAM
- RAM: 2 GB
- HDD: 15 GB free space
- DirectX®: 10

Read the full interview on

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