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  New ARMA 2 ingame HD video released Videos    

The long awaited New ARMA 2 ingame HD video has been released on the ARMA 2 web site

Eagerly awaited, full HD, ARMA2 ingame trailer finally declassified! As part of our continued commitment to the loyal ARMA fans, we wanted to ensure that this "developer's cut" trailer provided a detailed look at the game’s weapons, vehicles and the incredible environments in the troubled setting of war-ravaged Chernarus.

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  ArmA 2 preview on IGN Screenshots web site has released an ArmA 2 preview and a video on their IGN PC Games section.

Extracts from
ArmA: Armed Assault II Preview
On point across the most realistic battlefield ever created.
by Richie Shoemaker, IGN UK

. For many gamers there can be no greater endorsement than that - but players who have been taken down once too many times by ArmA's crackshot AI may need a little more convincing.

"In ArmA you could be hit with a miracle shot, but you could still wipe out 30 enemies beforehand" admits Marek Spanel, head of Bohemia Interactive. "In ArmA II that won't be possible without really careful preparation because the AI is more cautious."

Helicopters are from the upper tier of the many vehicles on offer.
Spanel says soldiers will now take cover behind corners and provide suppression for each other, not moving until they know the other guys in their AI team are providing suppression in turn. Bohemia call their new system 'Micro AI' and claim it allows for unparalleled placement of enemy and friendly units. "Unlike our previous titles where AI was designed primarily for larger-scale combat in open fields, this time the AI is capable of finding cover with centimetre precision, like at corners of a building," says Spanel, "And they act dynamically and cooperate as a team; provide suppressive fire and trying to avoid it from the enemy. It's a big advancement in terms of AI."

The team Spanel alludes to forms the centerpiece of ArmA II's main campaign, the development of which has proved to be something of a challenge. Realising that campaigns in their previous titles have been perhaps too freeform, the early emphasis was to create a fast-paced linear story that would compare with Call of Duty. "But that's not what we're about" says Spanel, who ordered a re-think. "The story didn't utilise the open nature of the map or the gameplay. Our engine is more dynamic and so a linear experience just doesn't work out as well."

Read the full ArmA: Armed Assault II Preview on

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  ArmA 2: More news Screenshots    

The German magazine PC Action has released another report about ArmA's successor on their website. They unveil some interesting features of ArmA 2 as well as a bunch of new screenshots from the game.

Here is a translation:

All facts and pictures for the OFP-rival

Operation Flashpoint was great, Armed Assault rather so-so. Does ArmA 2 reclaim old virtues? We have tested it.

When you hear "Czech Republic" you just have Becherovka in mind and you think that "Prague spring" is a local weather phenomenon? Disappointing! There is so much from the Czech republic (it indeed is a republic) you should have heard of: Mafia, Operation Flashpoint or Bus Driver (a popular present for your enemies)! Or maybe „Armed Assault“. It is excuseable if you did not know the latter title, this one has been missed by many gamers. It was not able to meet all expectations due to Operation Flashpoint, the awesome debut work of Bohemia Interactive – after all, Armed Assault was referred to as an unofficial sucessor (However, ex-publisher Codemasters owns all name copyrights). Nowadays new hope is raised by ArmA2, the abbreviation of the new title. All-time archenemy Operation Flashpoint 2 is supposed to be released in early 2009 just alike, but here the ifs and the whens have not been resolved yet. Additionally the Codemasters-team has never developed a similiar game before.

Welcome to the real world!

One who is not aware of the series must know: ArmA 2 is a military simulation with tactical, non-linear battles. You could even say, the Bohemian work is the holy grail of tactical shooters! „Many people ask what ‚Arma’ means, they complain it is no english word. ‚Arma’ is Latin for ‚war’ and also means ‚weapon’ in many languages. This is no joke, we create a serious game!“, Marek Spanel, the Bohemia Interactive executive says. By the way, it is serious enough for the United States Marine Corps and the Canadian Armed Forces to use a more professional spin-off to train their soldiers. ArmA 2 simulates 81 versions of weapons and 136 of vehicles. Despite of many shortcomings and boring lengths, the realistic game world is more fascinating than anything else offered by average shooters. In ArmA 2 comrades will come to your rescue if you have been hit so occasional players do not become totally frustrated – you’ll have your stuffing knocked out faster than Samuel Peter in a fight against Vitali Klitschko.

I’m so free

In the crosshairs: Our boss

Instead of playing many characters like in Operation Flashpoint, you will permanently be a part of „Team Razor“. In the campaign playing in 2009, this five men team is deployed to the Russian-style state of Chernarus which is politically falling apart and features virtual 225 square kilometres of accessible territory with 50 towns and villages. As before you play an infantry man and control war machinery like helicopters, tanks, boats and now even VTOL-planes. So much to the storyline: Your team leader dies, so you assume command. Video sequences make the story more interesting and your decisions and mission results affect the conflict as well as the end of the game. If you occupy a town for example, you can gather more ressources to buy weapons and you can interact with the local population.

It’s shining in blue

Of course we wanted to know from the developers what is new in the game in comparison to Armed Assault – and at first it was all Greek to us. For example they have created a „Micro AI“ now. Oh well! The background is: Up to now all commanders had their problems with the inept computer comrades. Now the AI does not navigate in scales of metres (Macro) anymore but centimetre-exactly (wohoo!). Good! Other mysterious additions are for example things called „Mega SEF“ and „Halo insertion“. „Mega SEF“ provides improved, 3D-sound that resembles your position in your environment and HALO insertion is a certain paratrooper technique, meaning to jump from high altitudes and to open the parachute only little above the ground. Regular soldiers have simple parachutes whilst special forces troopers have controllable glider parachutes. Other improvements which were more easy to understand are the new gestures system, the ability of the game character to jump over small obstacles, or that frightened enemies now do give up or run away. And whose shot at is affected by a shrinking accuracy. However, probably the most phenomenal improvement we have saved for the end of our report is the cooperative game mode for the campaign. This could actually become a real blast – especially in the view of the possibility that now AI soldiers maybe won’t drive their jeeps into mountains anymore, but still into rocks.

A more detailed review will be published later on in the upcoming printed PC Action edition!

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  New ArmA 2 footage revealed Screenshots    
SASrecon informed Armaholic that there is "new" Armed Assault footage available at and
Unfortunately the article is only in czech language and we would appreciate it if someone could write out the most important facts and post them in our forums (ArmA2 section). (Update below) !

Furthermore Barely-injured posted a very interesting link on the BIS Forums. It is linking to a YouTube channel where several unknown videos can be seen. Apparently the videos have been recorded during the GC in Leipzig. The audio and video quality aren't very good though ;).

You can view the other videos by following this link

Update : stilpu posted a link to another (better quality) YouTube video in which we can see ingame footage + comments by Ivan Buchta

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