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Black Sword (v 3.1)
Picture of Black Sword Author : Igor Drukov Version : 3.1  
Islands :
Official islands
Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 2 times)

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Mission type : Coop (1 - 12) Downloads : 1983
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • co_12_black_sword_3_1.sara.pbo
Description :

Mission Name: Black Sword
Game mode: Coop 1-8/Single Player
Addon's required: None
Respawn: norrin's revive script
Description: Airborne infiltration in North Sahrani


* SKNKMAN's and KeyCat's and toadlife's GroupLinkII for ArmA
* norrin's revive script
* ManDay's HALO script
* Ingame adjustable time of the day, view-distance and terrain detail;
* Full briefing and plot, and surprises, and tactical choices, and liberty, and different endings;
* Fully working Computer system (dialog controlled) for Close Air Support/Evac/Satellite.


Difficulty: expert
Supports MP, SP possible.
Cadet/Veteran mode variation: None

Location: North Sahrani
Core game style: infantry vs. infantry + armour
Scale: 40 vs. 100+
Duration: up to the players' skills and tactical choices
Weather/Time: fair, 02:35 am, radio triggers to adjust time/TerrainGrid/View-Distance


Mission created by: Igor Drukov
Mission Version: 3.0
Release Date: July 2007

Intro/Outro: None
Briefings: Full briefing, notes & tickable objectives
Created for Arma version: 1.08
Testing: Tested on dedicated server with up to 6 players.
Size: 500Kb
Unless any major flaws are found, this version is final.


Storm an enemy radar and engage targets of opportunity before extracting.

Copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\MPMissions (installation) folder or to .\ArmA\Missions.

- EVAC chopper and CAS may have to be called several times with the \Request_Evac and \Confirm_Evac or \Request_CAS and \Confirm_CAS commands for it to find its path.
- Red chain may appear at the beginning of mission. It will disappear after 30 seconds tops. If not, launch the mission again.
- A voice.pbo is normally needed with GLII.sqf; if you don't have it, an error message may appear once. Click on it, the mission will go on as it should.
- Choose a relatively flat location for chopper extraction. Don't abort the extraction once the chopper has started its landing approach.

license & disclaimer

You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment
purposes only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden
without permission from the author.

You are free to distribute this software as you wish, as long as it is kept 100%
free of charge, it is not modified in any way and this readme file is
distributed with it.

The author takes no responsibility for any damages this program may cause,
use at your own risk.



Note! If you need to do any modifications to the script files and include them
with your own mission, please mark the modified files in the header as modified by you to avoid
confusing them with the originals and note them as "modified" in your release documentation.

All files for the Computer/Satellite system written by Igor Drukov unless specified otherwise.
Vektorboson and Kegetys were the two sources of inspiration for this system.

- BIS/BIA for their great simulators.
- DOA for giving me access to his dedi server;
- SKNKMAN and KeyCat and toadlife for GLII;
- norrin for his revive script;
- Cheetah for his CoordToGrid function;
- snYpir's for his TimeToString function;
- ManDay's for his HALO set of scripts (modified by Igor Drukov to include a mini-map);
- Vektorboson for his OFP satellite;
- Kegetys for showing the way;
- Beta-Testers: Smiley_Nick (big cheers mate), deanosbeano, Variable, Apex, Vartan, Ricky D., Smookie, Georgiev, Jonny A.K.A. Johannes Wagner.

VERSION V1.1 Changes

- Reference to a non-existing marker "Landing-Zone" in the briefing removed ;
- Starting position changed so players appear on the map while HALOing at the beginning ;

VERSION V2.0 Changes

- Sounds of C130 and freefalling added ;
- More playable slots ;
- Join In Progress ;
- Markers updated on JIP ;
- GLII issues fixed;
- Mission Streamlined;
- Choice of JIP implemented;
- Instruction Dialog at the beginning of the mission.

VERSION V3.0 Changes

- latest version of norrin's revive scripts implemented;
- A few end and settings triggers fixed;
- The mission can now be played in Single Player.

VERSION V3.1 Changes

- Bug in norrin's revive scripts squashed


If you are waiting for revival but return to the lobby (out of impatience?), that soldier's slot will no longer be available.


Please use the BIS thread:
Picture of Black Sword Picture of Black Sword
Size : 503 Kb
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