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Merlin - Training System (v 1.3)
Picture of Merlin - Training System Author : Dr_Eyeball Version : 1.3  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : Other (N/A - N/A) Downloads : 1135
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • Merlin13.afghan_village.pbo
  • Merlin13.Avgani.pbo
  • Merlin13.FDF_Isle1.pbo
  • Merlin13.ic_Barbuda.pbo
  • Merlin13.map_3demap.pbo
  • Merlin13.Porto.pbo
  • Merlin13.Sakakah.pbo
  • Merlin13.Sara.pbo
  • Merlin13.SaraLite.pbo
  • Merlin13.Schmalfelden.pbo
  • Merlin13.Syr_Darain.pbo
  • Merlin13.Tolafarush.pbo
  • Merlin13.Tatawin.pbo
  • Merlin13.Uhao.pbo
  • Merlin13.unskduc.pbo
  • Merlin13.uns_nt.pbo
  • Merlin13.VTE_AustralianAO.pbo
  • Merlin13.watkins.pbo
Description :

What is Merlin?
This is a continual WIP. Do not consider it a finished product yet. But it has proven to work well enough for clan based training scenarios so far. Expect some updates.
It wasn't actually intended for public release, but some players have expressed interest and it also serves as a technical demo.

What are Merlin's benefits & what is it's purpose?

- Provides a suitable controllable training environment for clans
- It's primary feature is realtime MP multi-person scenario editing.
- It is not in any way a replacement for: complex missions, story-driven missions, published missions, plus all the other training missions and 3D editors out there already.
- ability to save and load the mission at run-time to/from clipboard
- Allows you to create quick scenarios for many of the new islands, without requiring access to upload missions to a server without the need to clog up a server with single-use missions
- Provides the tested complex core system of game functionality without the need to know how to incorporate it into each of your missions. Things like: JIP, respawn systems, broadcasting, etc.


For detailed information about his island, please head over to the BIS Forum Topic, or check out the pdf file included in the archive.

If you want to use this addon on other the other islands included in the archive. You can get them below :
Watkin Mountains (v Alpha)
Viet-Nam : The Experience pre Alpha
OFM Uhao (v 1.0)
Iraq-Iran Border updated (v 0.3)
Syr Darain (v 3.0 Beta)
Sakakah Al Jawf (v 1.0)
3DEmap (Dreide Island) (v 1.01)
IC ISLAND: Isla Barbuda (v 0.9)
Avgani Iraq (v 1.2)
Picture of Merlin - Training System Picture of Merlin - Training System Picture of Merlin - Training System
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