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WW2 mission pack (v beta)
Picture of WW2 mission pack Author : Waxbutter Version : beta  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : Coop (N/A - N/A) Downloads : 1436
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
Description :

Needed Addons/Mods :

* 31stWW2 MOD
* EditorUpdate_v102
* Schmalfelden (v1.0)
* IC Barbuda (v 0.9)

- SecureBeachHead(TheWall) Southern Sahrani (CoopMission)
- DisruptSupplyHarbor Southern Sahrani (CoopMission)
- CounterOffensive Schmalfelden (CoopMission)
- DestroyAmmoCache Schmalfelden (CoopMission)
- DestroyGunBattery Isle Barbuda (CoopMission)
- ShootingRange/WeaponsCheck Southern Sahrani (For WeaponTesting Purpose)
- SetupTemplate/Troop-GearCheck Southern Sahrani (For Mission builders)

Most objects on map where placed with 3DE editor.
Therefor all missions need the file Pitchbank.sqf.
This file is included in each mission !!
Hopefully this wont be a problem for the authors of the 3D-Editor.

Also objects aquired by EditorUpdate_v102 are used.
Therefor EditorUpdate_v102 is needed.

The following addons are suggested to run serversided to enhance gameplay and enhance AI.

- Durgs VegetationFix
- RAE SandbagFix
- Truegameplay AI Enhancement
- Truegameplay AI Hearing
- Truegameplay AI Radar
- Truegameplay AI Spotting
- VFAI_Equipment (uses ExtendedEventHandlers)
- ExtendedEventhandlers

KnowProblems :
- First Aid Box / MedTent !!
(Adds Player Action to multiple players, if they are to close to the MedBox or MedTent)
- TeamStatus not showing up after parachute drop. (DestroyAmmoCache)

Have lotsa fun wittum !! Greetz Waxbutter+SD
Picture of WW2 mission pack
Size : 2 MB
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