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WW2 Normandy Mod Warfare (v 1.0)
No picture found for this addon. Author : Rip31st Version : 1.0  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : CTI (N/A - N/A) Downloads : 2153
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • ww2warefare.normandy.pbo
Description :
-KNOWN ISSUES: AIRPORTS do not work correct- Airports removed - ALL AIRCRAFT ADDED TO THE AIRCRAFT FACTORY - so you can spawn them from there. The airports will only function as a point of return for autopilot landings or AI disembarkations.
-Resistance forces are Russian and use allied equipment(Willy Jeep, M26 Pershing, M4A4 Sherman.
-LCM(3) landing craft can be spawned from the AIRCRAFT FACTORY, so commanders place them carefully near water. Don't try to attempt to spawn aircraft in water or vice-versa This does not currently function properly as spawning in water does not work.
-YOU CAN MOVE YOUR MHQ via air. Ju52's and C47's can move the mhq once it's "picked-up" by a glider. It will place your vehicle 50 meters behind and 8 meters up in the air - May look ackward.
-AI forces skill set at max.
-Capture all towns or destroy enemy base.
-Your own AI can be REMOVED from your control! YES! that's right! Remove through the "Team Status" action menu. Put a end to those miserable AI you own that get stuck, or Remove the "Where are you" relentless AI. Team status dialog modified to fit Normandy map parameters.
-TEAM STATUS allows you to join other join other groups and manage AI if you become a leader in that group. In WW2Warfare commands from the chosen commander whether AI or a PVP overide your orders if you join another AI controlled or player controlled team. Team status allows you to view status of others including damage, health, ammo, etc.
-You can join other units and become part of their mission at any time through the "Team Status" action menu.
-Supply & Salvage trucks have fuel, ammo, & repair functions so they also have unlimited fuel for their own use so they shouldn't get stuck so often.
-Opel blitz & WC51 dodge can repair, refuel and provide ammo and spawn various weapons when you are close to them.
-Kublewagon and Jeep funtion as MHQ respectively and respawn randomly under AI command, this creates an unpredictable atmosphere where base defence is mandatory. Also MHQ's are hard to spot for enemy and friendlys =)
-AIRCRAFT - Some can hitch and tow gliders, Gliders can hitch(pick-up) HQ vehicles and cars - Hitching of gliders is somewhat buggy, gliders will appear above ground when they are hitched.
-TRUCKS - They can tow (pick-up) static weapons, other cars & moveable guns and tow them.
-LANDING CRAFT - Can be spawned via light vehicle spawn placed by water, so be careful on how you place it ( currently doesn't work...working on it).
-LANDING CRAFT - Can hitch (pick-up) tanks, cars, HQ, static & moveable weapons.
-Bases commanders get more initial funds.
-Increased construction distance to spread base apart and prevent one team from winning the game with a solo bomber.
-ARTILLERY - FLAK36 for the Axis, M101 Howitzer for the Allies - 1,000m min./ 14,000m max distance.
-Other known issues. When purchasing Equipment or AI, the words "repair", "refuel","ammo", etc appear in queue although purchases do work.
Size : 192 KB 7z
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