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Bleeding Skies (v 2.0)
Picture of Bleeding Skies Author : Igor Drukov Version : 2.0  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : Coop (1 - 10) Downloads : 467
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • co10_bleeding_skies.Sara
Description :
In Bleeding Skies, as part of a U.S. airborne unit, you will have to deliver a crate of AA missiles to the anti-Communist resistance in North-Sahrani.

In order to do so you will have to:

HALO jump to the boats left off North-Sahrani by the resistance;

Contact a CIA agent to know where to deliver the crate (time-critical objective)

Mark a Drop-Zone to have the crate containing the missiles dropped by a plane in low-altitude stand-by off Sahrani (time-critical objective)

Find a suitable vehicle somewhere to load the crate

Deliver it to the resistance.

Of course, many obstacles will stand in your way, and many secondary objectives may appear as you proceed. Read the "Principle" section for more.

The Plot

The recent spate of demonstrations staged against the communist Sahrani regime has ended in bloodshed and brutal repression, with the army tightening its grip on the island's commodities. Oil in particular has become scarce, all reserves being requisitioned for military vehicles.
The threat of total nuclear war posed by the current complex system of alliances with countries such as North Korea or China has so far prevented the U.S. from any overt involvement to support the resistance.

Operation Bleeding Skies is the first covert operation launched to support anti-communist dissidents.

The Principle

Bleeding Skies being a covert operation, you are all equipped with SLA weapons.
Under no circumstances should you be detected and let the alarm be raised. Read on to know how not to let that happen.

The zone you will have to operate in is criss-crossed by enemy patrols. These patrols are to send a check message to their Head-Quarters at regular intervals. If they don't, then the alarm is raised and support is sent.
It is therefore advised to refrain from engaging them, but should you have to do it:

search the bodies for information on where the patrol's assigned Check-Point is and what their radio code is;

Go to the Check-Point before the time when their check message must be sent (use your action "Check notes" to see the countdown; cf. screenshot above);

And input the corresponding code in the computer:

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON TIME: a soldier with a Laser Designator must go to any computer in any checkpoint within 10 minutes to call off support.


the possibility to playe with norrin's revive script or instant respawn

Spooner's Laser Designator

Mandoble's air-support console and missiles

A unique system of preventing patrols from raising the alarm through computer hacking

Full randomisation of patrols, starting points and locations of objectives

Time-critical objectives

Insertion with a learning curve

An original (if outdated) way of marking DZs

The possibility to check alarm countdowns at any time

Full briefing and plot, and surprises, and tactical choices, and freedom

No spawned units: what you see is what you get

Full Read-Me

And much more, honestly.


BIS for their great simulator;
Spooner for his Laser Designator;
SKNKMAN and KeyCat and toadlife for GLII;
norrin for his revive script;
Cheetah for his CoordToGrid function;
snYpir's for his TimeToString function;
ManDay's for his HALO set of scripts;
Mandoble for his Air-Support Dialog;
rickydrier for extensive beta-testing and suggestions.
Jack Hammersmith and 23-Down (beta-testers).

Kegetys for his spectator script.

Known bugs

This mission is quite CPU intensive (due to the number of units) but it works fine on regular gear (e.g. a rented server).

I hope I haven't forgotten anything and that some of you will enjoy this mission

Picture of Bleeding Skies
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