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Justice For All (v 1.0)
Picture of Justice For All Author : VanhA Version : 1.0  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : Coop (1 - 12) Downloads : 631
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • co12@Justice_for_all.Sara.pbo
Description :
Short one line mini description (for listings): Secure mercenarys as hostages

Features: BAS framework,norrins revive AI-disabled,repair & ammocrate scripts. Random vehicles.


Difficulty: medium
Supports SP: MP only,
Cadet/Veteran mode variation: None
Playable side: East-partisans
Island/towns: Sahrani/ Mataredo
Core game style:infantry
Scale: medium
Duration: about 70 mins
Weather/Time: selectable


Missions created by: VanhA-WASP
Mission Versions: 1.0
Release Date: 27 January 2009

Intro/Outro: no / yes
Briefings: Full briefing, notes & tickable objectives
Created for Arma version: 1.14
Testing: Tested on dedicated server with 4 players.
Size: (eg: 1006kb)
Screenshots: (image or link or thumbnail link)


Detailed scenario description/objectives:
- Stage 1: Go see the situation in Mataredo
- Stage 2: Figure out a way to disarm and contain the mercs
- Stage 3: Secure the site until trnasport arrives


6 mercenaries have done something awful in village of Mataredo.
Get your team to the site to see the results and bring the guilty ones to justice. Intel reports of local USMC camp giving reluctantly refuge to the villains so search from there.
When you have secured the site a transport chopper will arrive for a pickup.
Locals have given some vehicles for use. You can create an ammocrate from the landrover but be careful not to lose the car.
Team leader has the action to create mobile spawn tent.

- For Multi Player, copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\MPMissions (installation) folder.
Size : 543 KB
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