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  VFAI - AI Extension 2.3 released Addon release    
VictorFarbau has updated his VFAI - AI Extension to version 2.3 and released it on the BI Forums. This addon makes units smarter and more independent, you can view a sample video of v1.4 below.

VFAI - Equipment.AI enables units to independently equip themselves with Weapons and Ammo from dead bodys. Further information and details included in the readme file.
How to use? Just drop "VFAI.PBO" into your addons folder, done. All units will now have skills to help themselves with weapons and ammo. VFAI REQUIRES "Extended_Init_EventHandlers" © BY SOLUS (included with the addon).

FIXED with version 2.3 :
Tested Smokeshell.AI on a dedicated server, works fine for me now. Bug reports still very welcome.

Tested Equipment.AI on a dedicated server. Due to the precautions taken you don't see units that often anymore stealing stuff from corpses. But I tested a basic mission on a dedicated server and after a while hostile and friendly units started to pick stuff from dead bodys. So the addon works - there might be other conditions that stop units as explained in the readme file.

VFAI will work with XEH 1.0 by Solus and Killswitch. It is the only version of extended eventhandlers that I have installed and it works fine for me. I am not sure it's a good idea to have several versions installed simultaneously - I won't be held responsible for undesired effects.
I myself use this:
Works all just fine with only "Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo" (XEH).

Thanks and have fun!

  January 11th, 2008 - 16:04 By Deadeye   Comments (3)  

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