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  Macross - Robotech VF-1S Addon release    
Ghost has submited his Macross - Robotech VF-1S addon to Armed

My addon is ready to be released. It's a port from ArmA. The 3D model have not been modified, but lot of improvements and corrections have been made.

Upgrades since ArmA :
- 3 versions available (Red, Blue, Green).
- New textures HD.
- Modification of the shaders.
- New Sounds.
- Update of existing scripts. Addition of new one.
- More information on the cockpit HUD.
- Optimisation of the landing in battroid mode (Auto management of the landing gears).
- Modification of the weight (Flaps needed to takeoff).

This addon was tested on ArmA2 CO and ArmA2 Arrowhead (standalone). No idea if it works on ArmA vanillia, but you can test it.

I hope that my addon will give you great moments of fun :)

  June 6th, 2011 - 17:31 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

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