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william1 released a config replacement that imporves ArmA's AI (especially in CQB). The scripts are depicted from TonyRangers FFN Mod. The required addons from the FFN Mod are included. Watch the YouTube Video to find out what this addon does.

Some time ago , TonyRangers released a beautiful minimod that went quite unnoticed between the Arma comunity ,it contained some beautiful features especially the great dodge movement when hit or the cqb movement. Unfortunately those features were only abailable for his Tr_men.

Well, i thought to give it a new go with a updated replacement config that enables some of FFN Mod features to the default Arma soldiers.
The replacement comes in two versions, normal and XAM 1.405 compatible version, read the "how to install" before installing. To run, the replacement needs the "TR_OBJ.PBO" from FFN Mod (Included in the rar file).

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