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  SITREP #00157 Official    

On May 24, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00157 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Development Status, Rendering Optimizations, VON Improvements


We would very much like to release the 1.60 update later this week. That would clear the way for the final leg of our journey to Apex. It would allow us to start staging some very interesting components of the package in phases. And of course it would mean everybody gets to enjoy the Visual Upgrade and other improvements. Give the most recent RC branch a go if you can, and alert us to any last-minute issues on the forums. Our developers' work on Apex is meanwhile subject to Strict Data Lock and Localization Lock. For those of you new to our development cycle, this means that all work and changes in data must now be explicitly approved. We do this to consolidate the package, to monitor how all components interact with each other, to stabilize the build, and of course to pester our beloved devs! The second lock means the bulk of texts have been submitted for translation and any further changes need careful coordination. This doesn't mean work has finished, far from it, but we're nearing our destination on the #RoadToApex.


Reality Gaming Task Force is back with an action-packed montage that was compiled from 600 clips during 6 months of gameplay compressed into 6 minutes of video.

The Spanish FFAA mod is no stranger to our reports either, but we simply cannot ignore this gorgeous cinematic!

Completing our round of REPregulars, Kydoimos of Resist fame has published a handy collection of scenario design props to Steam Workshop.


A few optimization-related entries appeared on the Dev-Branch change logs recently. Now that Tanoa is nearing its final form for release, it allows for more effective and targeted optimization work to be done. Doing this while locations aren't yet populated, or the thousands of placed objects don't yet have final Levels Of Detail, could skew results. A set of rendering optimizations by Senior Programmer Lukáš Bábíček has now come online, covering areas like preparing the scene for rendering in smarter ways, aggregating the terrain grid, drawing distant objects that have become reduced to mere pixels, LOD-handling, calculating terrain shadows, etc. Even though these optimizations were benchmarked on Tanoa, they can definitely help on other terrains. But there are risks also. It may be that one type of scene now works better, while another runs worse. Or various kinds of visual glitching may have become more prominent. We'd like to hear your own observations and measurements. Please note that the Dev-Branch build does have some additional performance impacts compared to main branch (diagnostics e.g.). Also try to rule out external factors, such as corrupted data and defragmented drives.


There has been an overdue and multi-angle effort to improve our native Voice-Over-Network technology. At this stage the goal of this work is to make vanilla VON properly usable, not to match the excellent work of the various radio communications mods out there. At a low-level we have Programmer Dmitro Panasenko looking at the underlying technology. The game now supports the Opus codec next to Speex (use vonCodec = 1 in the server.cfg). There have also been optimizations and fixes to address the stuttering issues. These are hard to verify due to the high number of players needed in a session, so we eagerly await your experiences. Coordinated by Designer Karel Kališ, there are also UX enhancements in the pipeline. Available now is a separation of VON and (text) chat, with control for servers and scenarios. More improvements, such as muting options, are being looked into, but we're not yet sure when we can deliver those. Read more details in this forums write-up on the current state, and feel free to leave your feedback.

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  SITREP #00156 Official    

On May 17, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00156 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Release Candidate 1.60, Limping, Line Drawing, Quick Play


That was quite the weekend for Arma 3! A huge amount of players tried the game for free over the past few days, beating our concurrent player record. Plenty of recruits have also made their enlisting a more permanent career. We'd like to welcome everyone to the Armaverse. You've picked a perhaps slightly turbulent but very definitely exciting time to jump aboard. A new expansion is on the horizon and we're still supporting the platform with a motivated team. Keep an eye on the reports in our Dev Hub, like the one you're reading now, for our Intel on the #RoadToApex. Our last pitstop is the 1.60 update, for which we've just started the public Release Candidate test. Thank you for contributing to the splendid release prep!


Last week's dev photo shows on-going focus tests of the Apex co-op campaign. Design Lead Jaroslav Kašný and Senior Designer Thomas Ryan carefully observe several Prague QA testers as they had their first proper play-through of the missions (on the actual photo they were just preparing for the session in Eden Editor). They took notes on issues, progress, flow, comprehension, challenge, balance, fun and more. All feedback was taken back to the Playable Content lair for use during development iterations. The 1-4 player campaign with ties to "The East Wind" will be one of the last components of Apex to be available to you on Dev-Branch, but we think the multiplayer experience will be worth the wait.

French unit Le 126 RIM has shared a nice promotional video in the form of a gameplay cinematic showing a High Value Target extraction.


You can now share information on map interfaces a little more conveniently, because we've added a simple ability to draw line map markers (in addition to inserting standard symbol markers). Thanks to Programmer Marcel Marciš and Designer Radko Voda, you can just hold Left Control and draw using the Left Mouse Button. The map interface has also been enhanced by two combo boxes, one to select the marker color and one to change the inserted symbols (the old arrow key selection methods will still work). Any placed markers can be removed by hovering over them and pressing Delete. Visibility of the new line markers is handled the same as for any other type (via active radio channels). We are looking at methods of controlling potential spam. Please let us know your notes on this feature on the forums.

We've long wanted to reflect a character's injured leg restrictions in a more immersive manner. Thanks to an effort coordinated by Animation Encoder Martin Kašpar, and supported by our other animators and MOCAP technicians, characters with leg injuries will now be limping as they try to move. This involved quite a few changes in the animation spider, so if you spot glitches, let us know in this forums thread.

There is one more surprise feature that is to be included in the 1.60 update: Quick Play. Finding a suitable multiplayer server can be quite time-consuming, especially when you're new to Arma 3. There are many things to consider, like custom modes, required mods and servers with special rules. While we've recently added an improved to the Launcher, with powerful filters to find suitable sessions, we also want to cater to those players with little time or awareness of the varied multiplayer scene. The idea behind the new Quick Play display in the game is to get you playing with as little user input as possible. You simply pick a desired game type, maximum ping and searching method - then the game will try to get you into a server automatically. Importantly, this system takes into consideration the mod mix you're using, so it will only connect you to servers that are compatible. To make it very clear: this is not intended to replace the existing browser(s), but to be a companion tool. This also is a first version, and please be aware of limited server availability during RC testing. As with our other improvements, do please visit the forums to leave your notes.


If you'd like to participate in 1.60 , please check our forums overview for the highlighted changes. The Steam access code follows its regular format: Arma3Update160RC. Since Feedback Tracker isn't quite ready yet to make its re-appearance, please report issues to the RC discussion thread or Troubleshooting section. We're also monitoring discussions on the Arma subreddit, and several other channels. This might also be a good moment to remind you of the Campaign Unification, which will affect existing saves!

Let's wrap up this week by enjoying a small selection of the great screenshots that have come our way recently. Special kudos go to Lapinaur, who has been relentlessly publishing sweet artwork almost every day. But our thanks go to all war photographers out there - your pics bring little morale boosts to us every time we see them!

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  SITREP #00155 Official    

On May 8, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00155 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Launcher Upgrade, CfgPatches Revamp, Difficulty Overhaul Phase 3, Work Drive


We are presently preparing a snapshot build for the 1.60 update that we'd like to release at the end of this month. We feel that we should point out this is another complex update that affects the game in many areas. Some of those are very prominent, like the Visual Upgrade. Some are more low-level and explained later in this report. As is usual for Arma 3, these changes have been available on Dev-Branch for weeks if not months. We will also soon stage a public Release Candidate for even broader testing. And of course we're doing our own extensive build tests. As we've learned, no matter how hard we all try, there is a risk of errors sneaking in. Please know that we will work hard to mitigate the risks and to address issues should they appear. Ultimately, doing these changes now will pave the #RoadToApex, and hopefully provide a smooth landing on Tanoa.


There is a new Dev Diary coming your way. Focusing on the Apex expansion, a few key developers on the project will share exclusive information and reveal some of the behind-the-scenes processes. This should finally provide a clearer picture of what Apex is going to bring in terms of its setting and sandbox additions. Most of the interviews have already been recorded, and the editing is now starting. As you can see on the weekly dev photo, our Creative Director Jay Crowe was sharing his thoughts so passionately that he drew the attention of a rather unusual audience.

The new Feedback Tracker sent out its first signs of life this week, although it did so a little too intensely. Some of you received large numbers of e-mail notifications (from a > address) about seemingly random tickets. This was caused by the first attempt to import the old database into the new system. Our web team is trying another approach now, so FT is probably still offline while you're reading this. Our goal is to have the full collection of tickets available with minimal loss of data, including re-directs via the old URLs. We'll let you know when things are fully online and ready for your reports (not just for Arma 3, but other games as well). Meanwhile please keep using the Troubleshooting section on the forums.

The community ARMAnet podcast is still going strong and we can wholeheartedly recommend listening to its fifth episode. They interviewed several members of the Community Upgrade Project: Alwarren, Slatts and Varanon. In a very insightful and stimulating discussion, they went over the history of their mod, their methodology and the team's organization. The guests and hosts also debated the pros and cons of working on an evolving platform such as Arma 3's. Check out this episode and the older ones via PodBean or iTunes!

Ahead of their 3.0b release, the Unsung Vietnam Mod have uploaded a lovely atmospheric promo trailer by IN8II. We're keen to see what they'll achieve with the Visual Upgrade. It's looking very promising!


One of the Launcher team champions, Jiří Polášek, has reported on a significant upgrade that has been staged to Dev-Branch recently. Its 1.5 version brings great new improvements to the Server Browser, such as more robust handling of various types of required (server) mods and DLC detection. It even sports partial support for non-Workshop mods. A list of the specific changes is available here. There is one particular thing to highlight, since it will appease many of you. Until now, due to technical limitations in how Steam handles Workshop content, you'd often have duplicates of mods on your harddrives. The Launcher team has now found a way to utilize mods directly from the Workshop cache. That means the Launcher will also delete the copies it had created in the Arma 3 install folder (those are no longer needed). Jiří adds a warning for advanced users who tried to work around the issue themselves by deleting or otherwise manipulating the cache: "If you had developed the habit of deleting the Workshop cache files, please stop doing so. After this update, you would be effectively be removing the actual mod files. Only the first time Launcher 1.5 is started, it will attempt to restore the Workshop cache with files from the Arma 3 folder. Afterwards, this fix will not be possible without a re-download (verifying integrity of game cache)."

In preparation of new addon identification features (mainly for Eden Editor - we'll have more details for you soon), we are revamping all CfgPatches classes; the part of the game's config which is responsible for the load order of configuration files. We are unifying the way these classes are named, which results in some new classes and some obsolete ones. The obsolete classes will still be available in-game for backwards compatibility, meaning that there shouldn't be any issues in the long term. However, once these changes appear on Dev-Branch, scenarios created in that version of the game might not be compatible with the main version of the game until the next main branch update (1.60).

Having previously reported on phases 1 and 2 of the Difficulty Overhaul, we can now say that the 3rd and final phase is live on Dev-Branch. A simple but useful addition is a set of text descriptions and image previews of the various options. This should finally do away with the sometimes vague labels of the past, and make it clear what you're changing.

Cooperating with the Designer departments, Junior Programmer Rastislav Tisovčík has also implemented a new forcedDifficulty server.cfg parameter. It allows server administrators to force a particular difficulty preset for all scenarios played on a server. To better communicate this to players, a few User Interface tweaks were made as well. You'll find the details in the relevant forums thread.


Tools Commissar Julien Vida shares with us details on an update to Work Drive - a tool in our suite that handles the working drive (P) and its content. Its new iteration lets modders extract PBO data in a simple and optimized way. Head on over to our forums for a full analysis by Julien himself. We'd like to remind everyone that you should always pay careful attention to any license covering the data you're extracting. Respect each other's hard work and let us all enjoy a productive, collaborative and rewarding User Generated Content scene!

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  Isla Abramia 1.22 by IceBreakr Addon release    

IceBreakr has released an updated Isla Abramia 1.22 on his site

Urgent new release: Isla Abramia 1.22!

I've managed to fix all the v1.1 reported bugs and added a new smaller island with Mental Asylum for those zombie missions ;) enjoy! See changelog in the archive for more info. If you are experiencing missing grass clutter disable addon Island Panthera A3 (@panthera_a3). I'll release an update for Panthera soon.

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  SITREP #00154 Official    

On May 3, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00154 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Tanoa Sector Tests, Community Guides, 1.58 Re-Released


Seeing how we're very busy to deliver Arma 3 Apex, there isn't a lot to report on this week. You'll be happy to know that this effort includes our Marketing Communications people working on various avenues to shed more light on the expansion. Over the next two months, we'll finally be showing more about the assets, features and the Tanoa crown jewel. At the moment we don't yet have a concrete timeline for staging the components to Dev-Branch (besides what was already released on the #RoadToApex of course!). Our usual approach is to stage Sandbox assets (vehicles, weapons, characters, props, Tanoa) in several phases first and Playable Content (co-op campaign) last. Features sneak in continuously throughout, as they have for the past while. Once we decide on the specifics, we'll be letting you know via our usual channels.


In cooperation with Andrew "Dslyecxi" Gluck , we've published another entry in the Community Guide video series. The "Reconnaissance" episode deals with methods for conducting recon and why you would benefit from doing it in the first place. Andrew describes it as "looking for the enemy in a low-profile manner", which can be useful regardless of your play style or favorite mode. It will allow you to get an understanding of the tactical situation before you execute a plan of action. Tools of the trade include: binoculars, magnified scopes, remote cameras, UAVs, UGVs, recon helicopters and operators on the ground. A key take-away: always preserve the element of surprise!

If you haven't seen the rest of the Community Guides, view them all in this playlist. You can also access them from within the game, in the LEARN sub-menu. Because the game has evolved a lot since its initial release, we've added a few disclaimers to make it clear using which version each guide was recorded. Some of the Intel presented may be outdated, but the overal knowledge contained within the series is definitely still worth your time.


The splendid environment team, led by Martin Pezlar, still has a lot of work ahead of itself, cutting their way through the 'green hell' of Tanoa. As a sign of good progress, they have recently requested thorough sector testing from our hard-working Quality Assurance testers. The terrain is divided into 8 big sectors, which consist of a total of 32 sub-areas. Many of those are now undergoing rigorous and detailed testing by the ladies and gentlemen in the QA teams, for which we thank them! They are focusing on a broad range of issues so that we can fix them ahead of release. To give you an impression of what they're scanning for: misplaced objects, weeds growing where they shouldn't, missing textures, inconsistent visual appearance, satellite map blending errors, collision problems, AI navigation glitches, road and path network disconnections, terrain mesh irregularities, 2D map topography mistakes, and more. As further sectors are made ready by Martin's team, they too are submitted for testing. At the same time, Tanoa is being set up for its lighting configuration. Situated in a different part of the world, there are noticeable differences compared to Altis and Stratis. Slowly but surely, and with excellent cooperation with our artists and other departments, the archipelago is made ready for your eager exploration.


Hotfixes for update 1.58 and the Arma 3 Tools were published to the respective main branches last Thursday. For the game this should have solved the performance issues connected to the system malloc, plus some crashes and a problem related to difficulty settings on Dedicated Servers. Further difficulty issues are under investigation, so that we know exactly whether some behavior may have changed unintentionally for example. We are also still searching for the cause of various server crashes reported by admins.

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  New Arma 3 video reports on reconnaissance Videos    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us about new " Arma 3 video reports on reconnaissance" release.

Prague, Czech Republic, April 29th 2016

With its massive open combat environment, in which unexpected engagements can end an operation in the blink of an eye, reconnaissance is a vital element in Arma 3's gameplay. To help players gain a greater understanding of the tactical situation, Bohemia Interactive today released a brand new episode (watch on YouTube) in the official Community Guide video series on how to conduct reconnaissance in Arma 3.

The new video explores what to look out for when scanning the terrain, as well as the various methods of 'recon' in Arma 3, ranging from infantry using binoculars and magnified scopes, to helicopters with magnified sensor suites, and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) or Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV).


The Arma 3 Community Guide series is created in collaboration with Andrew Gluck (better known as Dslyecxi - leader of the popular Arma community group Shack Tactical). Previous episodes in the Arma 3 Community Guide video series covered topics such as infantry combat, multiplayer teamwork, helicopters, sniper- and launcher teams, combined arms warfare, air assaults, guerrilla warfare, ground vehicle crew, machine gun teams, defense, and the Arma 3 Zeus DLC. The complete Community Guide playlist is available on Arma 3’s YouTube Channel.

If you're curious to learn more about Arma 3, be sure to visit, and follow Arma 3 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Steam to keep track of all the latest news.

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  SITREP #00153 Official    

On April 26, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00153 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Official Mod, Milsim Stream VoD, Top 10 Update 1.58, Price Reductions, Score Screen


We've moved a step forward on the #RoadToApex, admittedly with a few stumbles, now that update 1.58 has hit main branch . There were several great improvements, which we're confident have bolstered the game's usability. Later in this report we will also share Intel on how we're dealing with some of the issues that were shared with us. Apex is looming on the horizon, so besides dealing with update glitches, we're already in full motion to compile the 1.60 build ( Visual Upgrade and more). That does mean there are many more complex changes coming up, which we all know don't always work flawlessly in the broader player-base. But we still feel that doing this in chunks, rather than all at once, makes it more manageable for us, modders and players alike. Plus it means you don't have to wait for everything we're working on. Bear with us, it will be worth it!


You can now watch the full-length recording of the #milsim live stream, organized by Community Developer Greg Becksted and QA Assistant Adam Hurta with the 21st Ranger Regiment. It was impressive to see the unit react to unexpected events while observing strict discipline. Greg reflected on the fun event by stating: "We've completed our first ever #milsim live stream, visiting the 21st Ranger Regiment on one of their regular co-op milsim missions. With 70+ players active, multiple platoons and an active campaign lasting weeks, what does it take to organize, run and participate in a milsim group like this? We took a close look at the 21st Ranger Regiment's operations, touched on what mods they use and discussed the details of what is involved in running one of their typical missions. We were also joined by FRIZNIT, one of the developers of the ALiVE mod. He expanded on the mod's features and provided some of its history and their plans moving forward. Many thanks to Vegas, the leader of the 21st and everyone in the 21st Ranger Regiment for letting us tag along on one of their operations and letting us explore how they use Arma 3 for their milsim experience."

Perhaps it has snuck past you unnoticed, but we've announced the first permanent price drop for Arma 3 since its release in September 2013. Both the base game and all released DLC have been reduced in price. For newcomers, the Apex Edition definitely still is the best option. It will give you the game, digital extras, DLC and the upcoming Apex expansion. Take a look at the updated purchasing overview.


Last week we did something a little unexpected. We published an 'official' mod to Steam Workshop as a celebration of Arma's custom content scene. One of our goals was to show how easy it can be to discover, install and maintain such content via the official Launcher. Read the whole story in Creative Director Jay Crowe's most recent OPREP on the matter.

What kind of mod is it actually? We present to you the 'ADR-97 Weapon Pack', which consists of several variants of this unique SMG. Created by the multi-talented Senior Programmer BXBX in his spare time, you can now play around with this high rate-of-fire weapon for free. We should also acknowledge splendid support by Project Lead Petr Kolář and Senior Animator Paweł Smolewski for their off-duty help with encoding and animations respectively. To clarify: even though this firearm was crafted by our devs, we do really consider this a mod, not a vanilla Sandbox asset. See the weapon in action in our introductory video, and then jump into the game to squeeze off a few rounds yourself.

Senior (UI) Designer Vladimír Hynek has teamed up with Senior Programmer Krzysztof Bielawski to convert the previously hard-coded score / stats screen (seen in multiplayer by pressing P by default) to one that is configured like most other displays. This will not only let us tweak and improve the screen, but also allow modders to make relevant changes more easily.


A full change log of the 1.58 release is available in its SPOTREP. Even after four weeks of public RC testing , various issues did pop up. Let's go over the major ones, for which we are considering a small hotfix in the near future.
  • A group of users report severe performance degradation after some playtime. This appears to be an issue when using the system memory allocator. Most of these users confirm that the issue is solved by switching to another allocator (e.g. TBB4). Regardless, we believe we have a fix, and we're testing it in-house.

  • The Difficulty Overhaul mostly just caused confusion, which was a matter of re-configuration for server administrators. Tips and work-arounds are being discussed in this thread on the Arma subreddit. Actual bugs in the implementation are not yet confirmed, but are being investigated.

  • BattlEye started kicking clients who took too long to download custom scenarios. This was temporarily mitigated by setting a longer timeout, but a proper fix is being sought. The silver lining is that these changes to the BE implementation lay the groundwork for support in the Linux and Mac ports.

  • We're also processing (modded server) crash reports.

The Tools and Samples also have their change log, and a very nice overview of the changes written by R&D Lead Julien Vida. Here there was an issue that caused faulty binarization of terrains, which has swiftly been fixed on the relevant Dev-Branch.

But let us not forget the cool stuff these updates bring to the platform. We've written up another Top 10 article to go over the 1.58 highlights, such as the Tasks Overhaul and the weapon switching package.

That's it for this week. Now that the weather gods over our various studios have decided it isn't quite spring yet, we join PhiGohlYT in wishing for the summer season!

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  Bohemia Interactive publishes ADR-97 free weapon pack Official    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us about "ADR-97 free weapon pack" release.

In support of the Arma 3 Steam Workshop, Bohemia Interactive deployed an 'official mod' in the form of the free ADR-97 Weapon Pack. A new trailer, which accompanies the ADR's release, demonstrates how easy it is to install user-created content from the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

The ADR-97 Weapon Pack consists of a collection of variants of the ADR-97 submachine gun. Inspired by the iconic FN P90, the ADR is a lightweight, highly maneuverable firearm with a high rate of fire, which stands out due to the 50-round magazines positioned on top of the weapon. The ADR-97 comes with inbuilt collimator sights, but some variants can also be fitted with custom optics.

To add the ADR-97 Weapon Pack to their game, players simply need to visit the official mod's page on the Steam Workshop (via their web browser or the Steam Client), and click on the green 'Subscribe' button, as is demonstrated in the video. Then, when they start Arma 3 from their Steam Library, they can enable the ADR-97 Weapon Pack (and other mods they have installed) via the 'Mods' tab in the Arma 3 Launcher, and run the game. The ADR-97 is now reasy for use; give it a go in the new 3D Scenario Editor!

Arma 3 - ADR-97 Weapon Pack (Official Steam Workhop Mod) Trailer

In addition, while marching forward on the #RoadToApex, Arma 3 today also received a significant platform update. Highlights of Update 1.58 include the new Apex control preset, the ability to switch between weapons while in movement, an overhaul to Arma 3's difficulty options, an improved system for assigning and managing in-game 'tasks', and continued support for the recently released Eden 3D Editor, as well as a range of other improvements and fixes. The complete changelog is available on the Arma 3 Dev Hub.

Last but not least, for the first time since its official release in September 2013, Bohemia Interactive has announced a permanent price drop for Arma 3 and all of its DLC released so far. The new price for the Arma 3 base game is 34,99 EUR / 29.99 GBP / 39.99 USD (before it was 44.99 EUR/35.99 GBP/59.99 USD). The Arma 3 Helicopters DLC and Arma 3 Marksmen DLC are now 9.99 EUR / 7.99 GBP / 11.99 USD (before it was 12.99 EUR/10.99 GBP/15.99 USD). The price of the Arma 3 DLC Bundle, which includes the Karts, Helicopters, and Marksmen DLC has been reduced to 16.99 EUR / 14.99 GBP / 19.99 USD (before it was 19.99 EUR/16.99 GBP/24.99 USD). Those who are new to Arma 3, but want the most complete experience for the best price, can still choose to pick up the Arma 3 Apex Edition for 59.99 EUR / 44.99 GBP / 69.99 USD, which includes the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition, Karts, Helicopters, and Marksmen DLC, and the upcoming Apex expansion. All Arma 3 editions and DLC are available for purchase on the Bohemia Store and Steam.

For more information about Arma 3, please visit - and for all the latest news be sure to follow Arma 3 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Steam.

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  SITREP #00152 Official    

On April 19, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00152 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: 1.58 Release Week, Campaign Unification, Action Filtering, Eden Editor Updates, Targeting Improvements


This week we want to finally release 1.58 to every player. Besides several fixes, the last addition we sought to get in was merged on Friday (action filtering for weapon switching). That gives us all a day or two of further . Take a look at the pseudo change log on our forums for the highlights of this update. If you're aware of critical issues remaining in the build, alert us via the forums please. Catch you on the flip side!

[Related Twitter content on click]


We're planning a fairly drastic The East Wind campaign change in the 1.60 update. For Arma 3's 1.0 release we decided that we needed to split up the campaign into 3 episodes (not counting the Bootcamp Prologue). This also meant that technically these episodes were released as 3 separate campaigns. It's our desire to now finally merge these into 1 campaign for presentation purposes. For anyone new jumping into the game, this would offer a more streamlined and logical experience. There is however one very important caveat to be aware of: existing campaign saves will not work after this! That would mean you have from now until 1.60's release (and technically one more update after that given the Legacy Build) to finish your current session. Re-playing the campaign after 1.60 will be well worth it, with things like the Tasks Overhaul and , but also to refresh your recollection of events for Apex.

[Related Twitter content on click]

The expansion will come with its own 1-4 player co-operative multiplayer campaign, with ties to The East Wind. The Playable Content team actually hit our MOCAP studio recently to record special animations for various scenes in that campaign.

On this week's dev photo you'll see our proud envoy to last weekend's Game Access 2016 summit in Czechia (< don't blame us). We had quite a few devs in attendance to support sessions by their fellow team members, as well as to listen to other great developers in the Czech industry. The presentations were recorded, so we'll report back once they are online.

[Related Twitter content on click]
[Related Twitter content on click]
[Related Twitter content on click]

Releasing in unison, both the Community Upgrade Project and ALiVE have dropped major new versions of their mods after we last published a report. On their new website and our forums, you can see more Intel on the vast library of assets now available via CUP.

[Related Twitter content on click]

ALiVE describes their 1.0.3 update as focusing on fixes, map indexing and full War Room integration with ACE. Congratulations to all modders involved with these awesome improvements.

[Related Twitter content on click]


Wrapping up the weapon switching package for 1.58, we've added tech to filter action menu entries which are bound to a control. This was configured for weapon switching actions only for now, but we may extend it later. Especially when combined with the Arma 3 Apex controls preset (which maps switching weapons to the number keys), this goes a long way to de-clutter the action menu. It should reduce the frequently complained about situation of trying to open a door under fire, but slowly switching to your launcher instead ... and dying. Let our Research & Development designers know what you think on our forums!

[Related Twitter content on click]

More usability enhancements coming from R&D and Sandbox are coordinated by Designer Ondřej Kužel and his direct line to our programmers. They have worked on improvements of various targeting systems (planned for 1.60). This encompasses a list of changes in the categories commanding, crew communications and weapon systems. You're best of reading through the great write-up by Ondřej himself.

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One specific addition is a virtual camera pod on fixed-wing aircraft. It should help pilots to coordinate their Air-to-Ground attacks more precisely by enhancing their restricted view from the cockpit.

[Related Twitter content on click]

Then there is a very exciting bundle of new features for the Eden Editor (after 1.58). Its development team continues to process their own wishlist as well as community feedback with excitement. Designers will now find a new entity type: Comment. This is a very useful tool to leave yourself notes and reminders in 3D space. You may wish to build a detailed F.O.B. somewhere later, and just place a reminder in the editing scene for now e.g. Comments have an always visible title and a tooltip with more details. Another useful tool is the ability to create and scale area entities, such as Triggers and Markers.

[Related Twitter content on click]
[Related Twitter content on click]

Looking ahead to Tanoa jungle editing, designers may now toggle the visibility of foliage on vegetation. It's also possible to preview the changes of environment attributes like time of day and overcast in real-time with this update.

[Related Twitter content on click]
[Related Twitter content on click]

We've reached the cherry on the cake: asset preview images. While we're still generating these for all vanilla assets, you now see an image preview of the asset you're hovering over in the Asset Browser. We are also preparing a pipeline that automatically generates those for mod assets, although it's not currently functional yet.

[Related Twitter content on click]

With so many things being staged to and seeking your feedback, it can be hard to know where to post. Associate Producer Vojtěch Kovařič to the rescue! He's shared an overview of active feedback topics on the Arma subreddit. If there's something that doesn't have its own thread, feel free to share your thoughts in the general discussion thread.


Technical Designer David Sláma reports on cool new animation source tech for weapon animations, implemented by Senior Programmer BXBX. As the documentation describes, modders may now use numerical identifiers for sources associated with muzzles other than the primary one. This tech should offer more flexibility and allow weapons to be more effeciently animated. It should even be fully backward compatible!

That leaves us to wish you a splendid evening!

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  CUP Units 1.3.1 Hotfix Addon release    

The CUP - Team has released a CUP Units 1.3.1 Hotfix on their site.

Version 1.3.1 (17|Apr|2016)
2 New cap designs (TrackIR, Make Arma Great Again)

British and Khet/Jeans units bouncyness (now Lord Pettka is back to being the Lord of the Bounce)
US Army, Russian, Chedaki units not appearing in Zeus
Napa Soldier 4 hood removed in Pilot/First Person View
Russian Spetsnaz Assaultman did not have ammo for his RPG-18

Needed addons :
CUP Weapons (v 1.6.0)

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  CUPREP #0001 : Updated CUP Units, Weapons & Vehicles released Addon release    

The Community Upgrade Project - CUP has announced CUP Units Pack 1.3.0, CUP Weapons Pack 1.6.0 and CUP Vehicles Pack 1.3.0 release on the BI Forums

CUPREP #0001 : It's CUPDATE time!

The Community Upgrade Project is proud to announce another happy little accident in the form of our new Website and the rollout of a new update for the Weapons, Vehicles and Units packs.

Head over to our new website and check our downloads page for links to the new stuff. Download mirrors might take a while to get the updates.

And since you all have been such good boys and girls, here's a gallery of goodies that are in the new update..

Needed addons :
CUP Weapons (v 1.6.0)

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  SITREP #00151 Official    

On April 12, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00151 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Visual Upgrade, Milsim Live Stream, Respawn Screen


With Release Candidate testing for 1.58 continuing this week, and major 1.60 features being staged to Dev-Branch, things are perhaps becoming a little confusing. That's why we're here to clarify when you can expect what on the #RoadToApex. The simplest way of looking at it is: we want the weapon switching package to be in 1.58, but the version is otherwise locked. Anything else is for 1.60 or Apex itself.

Said expansion has meanwhile passed an internal Alpha milestone for the Sandbox. That means the assets are being finalized towards Beta, with Levels Of Detail, detailed textures, etc. They are being prepared for encoding, animations and sounds. Milestones are also a good time for our team to align priorities, dependencies, resources and the overall progress. Special snapshot evaluation sessions let us identify bottlenecks and solve issues that arise from the complexity of multi-studio development. We were once again energized by your feedback to some of the recent changes, so the team is working harder than ever to deliver Apex.


Yesterday we've announced our next official live stream event, this time focused on #milsim. Community Developer Greg Becksted has linked up with Vegas - the leader of the 21st Ranger Regiment unit. Of course even within the spectrum of milsim communities you'll find plenty of varied interpretations. This Saturday April 16th, starting at 18:00 PDT, we'll stream a demonstration of one such co-operative role-playing operation with the 21st. Things will kick off with a proper briefing, move into the AO deployment and then go into the actual mission. Various stream guests will offer commentary on milsim communities, popular mods and more. Cya on Twitch this Saturday!

And there is more live entertainment to be had for Arma 3 this weekend. The first season of the Battle Royale Games is being hosted by PLAYERUNKNOWN on Twitch. Last weekend saw the first round for the Games with the popular mode's Regular preset. Congratulations to Grand Master Marius on being victorious! Next weekend you can follow a brutal session in the 'Hardcore' arena. Acquaint yourself with the schedule here

Members of the Community Intelligence Group have stumbled on an under-the-radar reveal of one of Apex' vehicle assets. As an exception and with explicit permission we have indeed allowed External Artist Tomáš Velebný to update his portfolio with renders and screen grabs of the brand-new off-road vehicle he's created for the expansion. We hope you like it as much as we do!

It could well be that besides playing the game for hundreds of hours, you feel you could still have more Arma 3 in your life. Here to fill any void is a new unofficial podcast: ARMAnet. Now you can spend your commute to work by listening to hosts Dagger and Reaver and guest speakers. They will cover news, the community, units, mods and much more. On the first episode they speak about their own unit - 111th S.O.G. - but they also invite different milsim units to drop by. Other topics include an evaluation of Eden Editor and the many different playstyles available in Arma 3. So, find their show on iTunes or Podbean, and let's give them the motivation to keep it going!

We also caught a few nice community cinematics in our nets. Firstly take a look at "SHADOW LION", a new Reality Gaming Task Force deployment trailer by Veterans TR. Then shift your attention to a lovely small scene by Enzait.


We're proud to have finally staged the Visual Upgrade package onto Dev-Branch last Friday. The effort was led by Senior Artist Pavel Guglava and expertly supported by Senior Programmer Lukáš Bábíček. Read all about this in our latest OPREP. We should make it clear that this work is not going into update 1.58, but rather 1.60. There is plenty of tweaking ahead of us, so please try to collect your feedback in this forums thread. Going off your enthusiastic sharing of media on many channels, we think this is going in the right direction and the end result should be awesome.

Now for some 'real talk', on the topic of performance. This naturally comes up whenever graphical fidelity is discussed, so we'll explain again how we feel this upgrade can affect overall performance. The lighting changes themselves should not have an impact. Then there are a few changed technologies that are not optional and in our tests can have a small effect, namely the new shore shader, multi-component fog and previously released parallax map improvements. Finally, the Screen Space Reflections used on water are actually expensive, but they are optional. It's also important to remember that Dev-Branch is not the best performance indicator. This build contains more diagnostics and may be spamming more RPT log errors for example. The 2GB update also may have caused fragmentation on non-SSD drives, so consider running a defrag.

We will continue to look for optimization opportunities across the board, but it would not be realistic to expect a 'magic bullet' leap forward in Arma 3's lifetime. That also goes for a potential DirectX 12 implementation. After a lengthy initial investigation, we've concluded that this is far more complex than it may seem. It has been decided that our company will first tackle this in the new Enfusion engine, as its rendering pipeline is more compatible. Afterwards we'll still evaluate porting it back (or using the knowledge we'll have gained) for Arma 3. This does mean quite definitely that no DX12 implementation will be part of the platform update that is to accompany the Apex release.


Another improvement slated for update 1.60 is an overhauled Respawn Screen. Sandbox Designers Petra Ivašková and Bořivoj Hlava, with great support from other designers, have coordinated a new User Interface and plenty of tweaks of the scripted system behind it. A prime goal has been to make the interface much more intuitive to use, but also to optimize the underlying technology - all while maintaining backwards-compatibility. Visit our forums for a detailed overview accompanied by useful configuration samples (additional documentation) - and to leave your feedback of course.

Yes, another SECREP was published recently to bolster security against hacking and cheating in multiplayer.

Senior Programmer >Jan Mareček has had some time to work on Terrain Builder. That has resulted in a new version being pushed to the Arma 3 Tools Dev-Branch. This update should resolve a few pesky layer issues and allow environment artists to better find duplicated objects.

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  SITREP #00150 Official    

On April 5, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00150 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Weapon Switching On-The-Move, Suppressive Fire, Mappable Camera Controls, Update 1.58 Status


And just like that, we're publishing our 150th SITuation REPort on Arma 3's development. That makes it over 150 weeks since we began the public Alpha. It continues to be our pleasure to collect relevant information, share news, highlight cool community productions, and be as open as we can about the state of the game. There's no end in sight either. We're working towards the Apex expansion, and very likely we will not stop there. Back in the now, we have indeed decided to delay update 1.58 a little bit. The feature we are keen to include was meanwhile staged on Dev-Branch: weapon switching on-the-move (more on that later in this report). The extra time has also allowed our developers to resolve some of the issues in the highlighted changes. We're now looking at a release window that will open next week.


Did you catch our April Fools' Day gag this year? We launched a fake product on our Store: "Arma" - Eau De Combat, complete with announcement trailer and promo pics! Kudos to the various team members for chipping in to make this happen. Our very special thanks go out to Game Capture Artist Arthur Walter's French mother for the fantastic outro narration that made us all wish this was a real fragrance. Unlike Karts DLC however, we do not have plans to make this an actual product this time around. Unfortunately it was and always will be "sold out", with no actual pre-odors having happened.


For the past few weeks we've hinted at a big feature that we're excited about. It's one of those top tier requested things, both in our team and by players. We're talking about the ability to switch weapons on-the-move of course! The reason we were reluctant to mention it previously is that we wanted to be confident about delivering it for Arma 3. This feature is really pushing the limits of the Real Virtuality engine, and it probably pushes beyond them in some respects. Even though mods have previously accomplished this functionality to some degree, we wanted to only add it as a native solution that works under all conditions. It's possible there will be some unsolvable visual glitches, but we feel the enhanced control over your avatar is worth it. We're proud of the devs involved in making this happen for everyone who's been waiting for it for a long time. Now that the first version has hit Dev-Branch, give it a go and share your feedback on the forums. We'll meanwhile still be iterating on the animations and solving known issues. If things go well, we hope to still include this into 1.58.

But that is not the entire package for switching weapons. As part of a larger push to improve the user experience of Arma 3, Senior Designer Shobhan Roy (R&D) and Programmer Marcel Marciš have focused on bringing more control to players. Quick weapon switching technology has previously added new infantry and vehicle actions, allowing players to bind their weapons to any key they desire.

One thing we wanted to do was put weapon switching on industry standard number keys, where they are easily reachable and recognizable. However, this conflicted with our originally hard-coded Command Menu interaction; so in order to resolve this, we extended our Command Menu functionality to let players choose when the menu opens and what keys activate it. The result? It is now possible to use weapon switching and the Command Menu on the number keys simultaneously, based on whether the menu is activated. This improved behavior can be experienced with our new Arma 3 Apex controls preset. This new preset is slated to eventually become our default control scheme for the upcoming Apex expansion, and will take advantage of the various usability improvements. Existing presets will also stay available, probably under a Arma 3 Legacy title. Expect more additions as we progress on the #RoadToApex, and we look forward to your feedback!

Another useful improvement is live on Dev-Branch as well: an overhauled suppression command via Lead Programmer Vojtěch Hladík. You can now actually order subordinates to lay down fire on a specific target or position (3 > 9 by default). And since version 1.42, suppression has a real effect on AI, so it can be employed as a viable tactic (see this report). Simply put, they will try to engage for about 15 seconds, ammunition allowing. Other commands, such as regrouping, will make them stop. This is supported by two script commands: commandSuppressiveFire and doSuppressiveFire. Since we do still need a little more time to flesh out some of the details, this work is not going to be included in 1.58 yet. Let us know your thoughts in the relevant forums thread.


For the record: another tiny anti-cheat security update was released on main branch late last week.

Eden Editor has also seen some nice improvements on Dev-Branch (post-1.58). During its Beta, there were requests to be able to change the control bindings for the camera. We agreed that we'd make this happen, but we wanted to tackle it properly also for other cameras in the game. So, now you can set up the camera controls as you wish, for Eden Editor, Zeus, Spectator Mode and Splendid Camera. Please note that H is no longer the key for hiding the interface in Splendid Camera; it's Backspace now.

Then there's the new ability to define a limited ceiling for triggers, via Eden Editor's Scaling Widget or various updated script commands in the sandbox generally. Finally, our programmers have done work on scripted Event Handlers. Some of the important but outdated handlers allowed the creation of a single instance only. This was causing significant inconveniences for mod and scenario authors. We've now added twelve alternative and 'stackable' mission event handlers to remove the single instance limitation.

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  SITREP #00149 Official    

On March 29, 2016, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00149 on the official Arma3 site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: RC 1.58 Intel, Feedback Tracker Status, Debug Console Improvements


So far it has been our intention to release update 1.58 (currently undergoing Release Candidate testing) this week. We are now re-evaluating that plan however. There are a few fresh issues that we need to search and destroy. And there is a cool new feature which we'd love to get in this update, but which is not entirely finished yet. The options are being discussed with our team as we speak. Whether we release 1.58 this week or later, we'll keep you in the loop via our usual development channels.


Let's be honest: is there anyone who doesn't enjoy popping bubble wrap? So too does our Audio Designer Grigorij Tolkačev, as seen on this week's dev photo. We're not quite sure whether he was recording Foley for supersonic cracks, or just pondering the cool future audio improvements coming on the #RoadToApex.

If you're very quick, you might still catch the Bohemia Interactive Store Easter Sale. There are some sizable discounts on Arma 3 editions and the game's DLC.

We have two different community 'time-lapse' videos for you this week. TheyCallMeConor went for a massive virtual hike by trekking all the way from the North-Eastern tip of Altis to the South-Western peninsula, on foot. Once you've rested from that journey, you can enjoy the calming landscape scenes in EPICH's "time lapse" video.


As collateral bonus of his work on optimizing the scripted functions library, R&D Designer Killzone Kid shares with us some interesting improvements he's made to a future version of the debug console: "The code performance button is now using a dedicated command for testing code performance, providing more precise execution times. Watch field execution has now been optimized and slow code detection was added. Moderately slow code gets an orange warning, while very slow or blocker code gets a red warning and is terminated. Additionally, the watch fields are always saved into the user profile. General code execution stability should also see some improvement."

Modders of the Eden Editor can soon tag their Workshop items as "Editor Extension". This tag is meant for items that directly expand or change the editor's behavior, and it should make them stand out from other game modifications. The Publisher tool will be updated to include this tag soon.


Our web and support teams have been working hard on restoring the Feedback Tracker platform for Arma 3 and our other games. We're now getting closer to launching an improved version. After evaluating various options, we've selected a replacement framework that we can more reliably secure and administrate. Our aim is to import all the existing tickets into the new system, but we do still need to actually attempt this. Of course we do have access to the full database internally, so your hard testing and reporting work has not been in vain! We'll let you know the moment the new FT goes live. Until that time, please report issues to our forums after a quick search for similar topics.

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  About "Minimum Recommended" requirements for Arma3 ... General    

At Arma3 launch, "Minimum" and "Recommended" configuration requirements have been released. As far as we know players playing with a rig at the "Minimum" requirements level are still having issues with Campaign on Altis and while playing MP.
And it's so, despite the considerable progress done in terms of optimization since Alpha release in March 2013.
Today, as specifications for computers supporting A3 ports to Linux and MacOS have been released and some changes have been made in "Minimum" requirements for Windows, it's time to have a look at Arma3 configuration requirements.

Here are my comments on hardware configurations for playing Arma3 and about the minimum to get in order to enjoy the game.

For the record, according to the Arma3 official website, the config were initially:
OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 (Apple OS not supported)
PROCESSOR: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz / AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3830 / Intel HD Graphics 4000
DirectX 10
HARD DRIVE: 15 GB free space
AUDIO: DirectX -compatible on-board
OTHER: Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

OS: Windows 7/8 (Apple OS not supported)
PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2300 / AMD Phenom II X4 940
GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / Radeon HD 7750 GPU AMD
DirectX 11
HARD DRIVE: 25 GB free space
AUDIO: DirectX-compatible soundcard
OTHER: Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

There has been a first change late 2014 about the "Recommended" OS config from “Windows 7/8” to "Windows 7/8 64-bit."
With the release of ports on Linux and MacOS, two versions of the specifications have been published.
The hardware specs for the Apple OS are very specific, we will leave them aside yet.
Let's have a look at "Minimum" and "Recommended" configuration requirements for Linux :

OS: any current 64bit Linux distribution (tested on Fedora 22, Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17.01) PROCESSOR: Quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz or better)
GRAPHICS: OpenGL 4.1 compliant GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 440 or AMD HD 7470 or better)
RAM: 8 GB HARD DRIVE: 20 GB free space

OS: any current 64bit Linux distribution (tested on Fedora 22, Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17.01) PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 4 GHz
GRAPHICS: OpenGL 4.1 compliant GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better)
HARD DRIVE: 25 GB free space

Several elements in "Minimum" requirements are obviously going in the direction of increasing the level of minimum required specifications:
- Using a 64bit OS
- Using a quad core 2.4 GHz in the form of an Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz or better
- Using 8GB RAM

For the graphics card, the specifications are a bit difficult to understand, the GTX 440 does not exist and the HD 7470 is a card with lower performances than cards previously suggested.
These lower specifications regarding graphics cards are more difficult to understand as in the same time in the "Minimum" requirements for Windows, 2 GPUs were added :

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 7750

These cards were already displayed as the specification "Recommended" for GPU!
Does it mean a Linux based rig must get more processing power but can afford less graphic computing? Weird.

Based on my own experience, on the tests I made myself and as well on reports made by players on various forums, I can say that even if a "Minimum" configuration based rig allowed Arma3 to "run", it does not allowed a satisfactory gaming experience in SP and MP as well.

My project is to outline what I call "Minimum Recommended" requirements for Windows, in order to allow players to enjoy Arma3 in SP and MP. It could be something like:

OS: any current Windows 64bit (Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10)
PROCESSOR: Quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz or better) or Intel Dual-Core i3 4000 (2cores / 4threads - 3.1 GHz or better)
GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 (DX12 + Maxwell) or Radeon R7 250 (DX12 + GCN 1.0) or better
GPU MEMORY: 1 GB RAM or better
DirectX® 12
HARD DRIVE: 20 GB free space [SSHD or SSD / HD combo recommended]

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