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  Real Damage Bullet Proof Vest Edition. Editing    
Murcielago has submitted us a new version of his Real Damage tool for ArmA 2.

Real Damage is a tiny code that fix some infantry damage issues in Arma 2. Like I said Real Damage is a tiny code not a mod so you can add it to your missions and players will not need any extra files to play your missions.

Real Damage does basically two things:
1. Fix the damage for infantry units.
2. Adds a dynamic and realistic bleed out system.

Update 20130127:
. Included Bullet Proof Vest version.
. Improved code.
. Included direction change every time that unit is hit to simulate bullet impact.
. Code made easier to be used.

Bullet Proof Vest version:
This version simulates that units are wearing a class III bullet proof vest (Not suitable for armor-piercing projectiles):
3.1. Hand guns, submachine guns and shotguns do not kill you, at any distance.
3.2. Standard assault rifles ammunition do not kill you at any distance.
3.3. Rifles and sniper rifles will kill you due to energy at close range. Long range hits may be will not kill you.
3.4. Anti-materiel weapons (m107 and AS50) will kill you at any distance by penetration and energy transfer.

  January 30th, 2013 - 16:05 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Bohemia Interactive presents ArmA Tactics. Official    

Bohemia Interactive Studios have updated their website, introducing a new game in the ArmA series called ArmA Tactics which will be apparently released Q2 2013 on the upcomming Nvidia console : Project SHIELD.

Also they might port the game on iOS, Android, PC, MAC and Linux after the initial release.

Arma Tactics takes the finest assets used in the critically acclaimed Arma series and the best from games like Jagged Alliance™ and X-COM™.

Arma Tactics is a turn-based close-combat strategy game, where the player takes control of a four-member Special Forces team. There are no given strategies, rails to move on, or paths to follow; it‘s up to the player to decide how he will play through both the story-driven missions and generated missions with randomized objectives.

Whether using stealth or a more direct approach, players will need to use their strategic thinking and use both basic and advanced weaponry while facing many different opponents - ranging from unorganized local militia to smart and skilled mercenaries.

Main Features

* Explore highly detailed battlefield environments that come to life with sophisticated particle systems and post-process effects
* See your men come to life with realistic animations captured by a powerful motion-capture solution
* Lead them through a thrilling single player campaign or improve your skills in generated missions
* Gather experience points to level up your characters, upgrade weapons and unlock special equipment
* Choose your difficulty – we make sure the game is fun to play for both casual players and hardcore gamers
* Take part in challenging special game modes
* Play as you like – by touching your screen or by using gamepad controls

Source : ArmA Tactics official page
  January 30th, 2013 - 15:18 By Rewan   Comment (0)  

  Tonali Special Forces 2013 Redux Addon release    
Ardvarkdb has submitted us the new ArmA2 mod "Tonali Special Forces" v.0.6 Beta that has been released on the BIS Forums

After many years and several restarts I am proud to present updated Tonali Special Forces units based off of Ebud's fantastic Operation Flashpoint units. For full details on what this addon replicates, please visit the original release thread for OPF This is an initial beta release for testing purposes while I finish up a few surprises for version 1.0. If any bugs are found please PM me with a detailed description and screenshots if possible.

The Tonali Special Forces / Takistan Support Force are fictional mercenary units providing support to various governments in the Arma universe.

- Fictional Russian mercenary units in custom Tonali desert, jungle and urban camo with modern
gear (these are fictional units based on Ebud's original designs).
- Fictional Russian mercenary units in custom Takistan desert, jungle and urban camo with
modern gear (these are fictional units with newly created camo to fit in the Arma universe).
- Counter-Terror units for operating discretely in urban environments
- White SUV for mercenary / contractor operations

Source : BIS Forums
  January 20th, 2013 - 14:30 By Andi31   Comment (1)  

  New Real Damage for Arma 2 version Editing    
Murcielago has submitted us the new version v20130113 of his Real Damage for Arma 2 tool (code).

The main point of this update is fix an issue with vehicles. In addition the number of variables have been reduced so it should run even better than before.

I'm currently working in a new version with a bullet proof vest. Please post any comments at BIS forums

Real Damage does basically two things:
1. Fix the damage for infantry units.
2. Adds a dynamic and realistic bleed out system.

The code is very easy to use. The same code will work in single and multiplayer mode and with players and AI (From editor or created via script!)

Source : BIS Forums
  January 18th, 2013 - 13:52 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Ivan and Martin released on Bail. Community    

The team is happy to announce you that jerryhopper updated the website today with the following statement

This morning around 8:30AM the news reached us that Ivan and Martin are free on Bail. The bail-sum was set to 5000 Euro’s each.

Also, according to the English transcripts of Czech media that can be found on the supportive website, they should soon be able to go back to Czech Republic. If that is the case we wish them a safe trip back.

Source : Help Ivan and Martin website
  January 15th, 2013 - 16:17 By Rewan   Comments (3)  

  Dutch Armed Forces v0.3 released Addon release    

larsiano has submitted us the new version 0.3 of the ArmA 2 mod Dutch Armed Forces for ArmA2:CO (CBA needed)

This mod is made by and for Arma players with the permission of the original modmakers. We are looking forward to expanding and enhancing this mod for the best possible experience. We are also on the lookout for adding Arma maps of the Netherlands, Navy vessels and other Dutch branded objects.

-added: P90 by RobertHammer in 8 variants
-added: C130H (by CRASHNZ) in 7 versions > daf_c130h
-added: INKO Disposable (by Inkompetent v1.3)
-added: two ammoboxes & two backpacks (DDAM mod items) & 334sqn flag
-updated: Raven UAV to v1.6 & Hazmat units to v1.0
-updated: F16 demo: smoke replaced with 'the smokewinder script'by -=XTRA=-Tox1m, added navi lights
-updated: daf_f16_paint config missing ";",
-updated: Boxer License plate number & Fox desert skin
-updated: Towtruck sound config, KLM captain speaker appointed
-updated: daf_scrips configsound typo's & Leopard now has NV
-updated: updating base class randomness :x in lots of configs
-updated: Boat Rescue_Para now hidden in editor (double entry)
-removed: amb vilas test baret unit
-removed: daf_c130 pbo & C130J_US_EP1 classname
-removed: DAF_Phanzerfaust incl. DAF_PzF_3 & DAF_PzF_3T ammo (use Vilas version)
-removed: some obsolete files here and there

Needed addons :
CBA v0-8-3

  January 12th, 2013 - 14:01 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  F/A-18 Super Hornet for ARMA 2 OA Addon release    

John Spartan has submitted us the new version 0.7 for the ArmA2:OA aircraft-addon F/A-18 Super Hornet that has been released on the BIS Forums

This add-on represents US NAVY current main fighter jet F/A-18 in two E and F variants. When I started this project my main goal was to create an in game BIS like aircraft. So it would be reasonable on PC resources and looked similar as let’s say A10. Also I wanted to avoid all dependencies and scripts as much as possible, because to be honest I don’t find some popular add-ons realistic or fitting in with BIS created atmosphere in game. Off course as I was suggested, latter on final release I will add things like GLT missile box support and ACE mod compatible config, since a lot of people have different tastes from mine.


- Afterburner
- Foldable wings
- Canopy animation
- Flares and radar warning system
- Fuselage vapour
- Custom textures
- Fuel tanks
- Carrier landing and tail hook
- many weaponsystems

  January 4th, 2013 - 10:32 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  A Day As Policeman 2 - update to 4.0 Mission release    

maxjoiner has submitted us the new update 4.0 for the ArmA2 mission "A Day as Policeman 2"

This is my second mission with my Police Mod.
Like the first mission you must patrol the city of Zargadab.
The goal is to eliminate crime in the city
There is much work to be done and There are many mission to do!


- Add Swat Armored and Swat units intervention if You kill your colleagues
- fixed Brawl bugs

  January 4th, 2013 - 10:21 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Island Pantera v2.9 by IceBreakr Addon release    

IceBreakr has informed us about long awaited Island Pantera v2.9 release.

- fixed mountain heights, smoothened out terrain
- added Maleficio island on NW
- new town of Arnoldstein (based on another RL town from Cyprus, but it has nothing to do with Austrian Arnoldstein btw)
- Drulovka Army depot based on 1:1 size located in RL Slovenia, near Kranj
- tweaked satellite map data
- added roads and airports to the satellite map
- updated Soca River banks
- added rock formations to major mountains and hills
- fixes some trees to be more summer-like
- new bridges
- added a developer place (small island) on SW
- new forest optimizations, bushes and rocks offer more cover now
- various bugfixes

Source : BI Forums
  December 27th, 2012 - 11:09 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  CSLA v2.20 for A2:CO Addon release    

EMSI has submitted us the new christmas patch v.2.20 for the ArmA2:CO mod "CSLA".

For the first, Merry Christmas to all!
And as a small gift from our side, we are bringing you the completely new release of our modification CSLA for Arma2:Combined Operations.
Enjoy it!

The new version includes all previuos content, new weapons, vehicles, missions and other new content like animations and units. You can read the full changelog here.

You can download the mod here at Moddb (1,10 GB)

Source : BIS Forums
  December 27th, 2012 - 10:18 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Iron Front: Liberation 1944 - patch 1.05 Official    

Deepsilver has released a new patch 1.05 for Iron Front: Liberation 1944. This patch adds the compatibility to the new DLC "D-Day" and the German tank "Tiger I".

Dear Iron Front Fans

I'm happy to announce the 1.05 patch for Iron front is available. And as a christmas gift you all will get the mighty Tiger I for free with this patch. I want to thank you your patient and your continuous support. The Steam user hopefully already got the patch. Don't forget to post your feedbacks here in the forum, and also if you have some problem or you found a bug, then please report them, to help us to make the game better.


*New: New and fixed sounds for all the weapons.
*New: Tiger 1 E (late version) added as a Christmass present.
*Fixed: StuG 40 was not carrying infantry.
*Fixed: Errors of armor damage systems.
*Fixed: Errors with the mines.
*Fixed: Crews were undead if there was no infantry on map.
*Fixed: Maxim machine-gun fire rate.
*Fixed: Infantry errors with equipment.
*Fixed: Errors with Sdkfz 7.
*Fixed: Russians and germans were screaming pain on english.

You can download the patch for the Disc Version here and for the Digital version here. (62 MB)

Source : Iron Front Forums
  December 18th, 2012 - 16:04 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Dutch Armed Forces v0.25 released Addon release    

larsiano has submitted us the patch v0.25 for the ArmA2 mod Dutch Armed Forces. ArmA2:CO and CBA is required

This mod is made by and for Arma players with the permission of the original modmakers. We are looking forward to expanding and enhancing this mod for the best possible experience. We are also on the lookout for adding Arma maps of the Netherlands, Navy vessels and other Dutch branded objects.

Changelog: 0.25
-added: RG31 Nyala, Westland Lynx
-added: Towtrucks, dirtbikes, ATVs & boats
-added: F16 tigermeet pilot + 4 others & Hazmat units (hazmat =beta!)
-added: tank crewman, desert crewman, desert engineer & ground crew
-added: L115A3 pack, FN mag58, C8 AG Elcan & C8 Aimpoint (normal and desert camo version)
-added: custom loading texts
-updated: F16 Demoteam to shiny version without bomb holders
-updated: loading screens, mod icon & RNLAF flag
-updated: Leopard muzzleflash & targeting
-updated: NH90 sound, texture & shadows
-updated: Patria texture + Patria & CV90 nohq's
-updated: fuchs rename > The FOX & tactical sign change to NBC
-updated: glt_f16 + glt_falcon now both in cfgpatch
-updated: Pilot texture problem & backpack function, added Engineer patches
-updated: Slatts goggles pack v2.0
-updated: Raven parts, flags & static weapons now have specific group in editor
-updated: static have Dutch units as crew
-updated: name correction: CAS > CAP (F16 classname is now the same as the .xml) <>
-removed: addon: daf_cougar_c (merged with daf_cougar) <>
-removed: addon: daf_static (merged with daf_ammobox) <>
-removed: class: A2020_M249 , A2020_m249p , A2020_m249pelcan (replaced by C9 minime's)
-some other small fixes

You can download the new version on Armaholic now

Source : Battlegroup-=XTRA=-
  December 17th, 2012 - 16:19 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Get ARMA3 devs home ! Community    

  December 16th, 2012 - 13:56 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  Shirin Tagab, Fayrab Provinz - WIP Screenshots Screenshots    

Donny has released some new WIP-screenshots of his terrain "Shirin Tagab, Fayrab Provinz" on the BIS Forums.

Shirin Tagab is located in the Fayrab Province of Afghanistan.
It is a small green valley between the sand dunes of the western desert.

I have cutted the Valley to get an 5x5km terrain, more would give a horrible performance because of the wide flat fields with settlements.
But i think this 5x5km gives you a good location for Infantry and small patrol vehicles scenarios.

The main feature of this map is that it has one straight main road, what is part of the "Ring Road" in Afghanistan.
From this road you can get from south to north through a middle scale city with markets and backyards between huge houses.
Also there are enough side roads to get into the village and field territories.

There are large areas with different fields and a lot of settlements.
Where every compound is made individual and also the villages are built up very complex.


- 5x5km Terrain
- huge number of settlements
- 1 City
- 2-3 Villages
- complex compound build
- lots of field areas
- 1 military FOB

Source : BIS Forums
  December 15th, 2012 - 16:14 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Risen Dead WIP Screenshots    
JW Custom has released some new information about his ArmA2 WIP zombie mod "Risen Dead" on the BIS Forums.

I have been working on a zombie survivor mission/game mode for a while which was based on Charons awesome undead mod but
now i have decided to skin my own zombies to avoid dependence on other mods and have better control over the zombies.

I have spawn/loot scripts ready so as soon as i finish getting the zombies done and get some zombie sounds recorded i will release a alpha version.

Here're some features that most likely will be added as the project progresses:

-Food system
-Water system
-Weight system (you can carry two rifles, but how far can you run carrying that weight...?)
-Battery system (for flashlights, maybe other stuff too)
-Custom loot position (besides BIS building positions which i use now)
-Different types of zombie behaviours

Source : BIS Forums
  December 15th, 2012 - 16:01 By Andi31   Comment (1)  

  Unsung 2.5 - new WIP Video Videos    

Sgt Savage has informed us about a new WIP video of the ArmA 2 mod Unsung Vietnam War that he has released on the BIS Forums.

Just enjoy

Source : BIS Forums
  December 13th, 2012 - 18:58 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

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