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Morsa's All-Gear-Dialog (v 0.9b)
Picture of Morsa's All-Gear-Dialog Author : 5133p39 Version : 0.9b  
Islands :
Official islands
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Playable as : Other Downloads : 1902
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • mors_anygear.pbo
Description :
Description: Just a few scripts and dialog allowing player to quickly change his loadout to any weapon/ammo/gear available in game,
including any addons (the list of gear is generated by going through all classes in the cfgWeapons and cfgMagazines sections).
I made this for myself to ease my testing of new weapons and sound mods.
Just hit "J" key to show the dialog, select the gear you want, and hit "Take" or whatever the name of the buttom is in your language.
Doubleclick on the item in the list to select the gear you want (i was too lazy to make it drag&drop).

I am not aware of any errors, but it is a quick and dirty work, so there could be something.

Note: only the "public" type of gear is available - you will not be able to see/select things like Hellfires, T72 maingun, etc.
Only rifles, machineguns, handguns, launchers, grenades, mines, explosives, etc.

The file is packed mission directory, so unpack it where your user missions are. Open the editor (Rahmadi), load the 'mors_dga' mission, play.
Size : 9 kb
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