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Maybe Tomorrow (Queen's Gambit) (v 1.10)
Picture of Maybe Tomorrow (Queen's Gambit) Author : Sarge Studio Version : 1.10  
Islands :
Official islands
Rating : 3.1 / 5 (rated 7 times)

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Playable as : Combined forces Downloads : 2831
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • SgS_MbT.pbo
Description :
This version is for Arma with Queen Gambit extension.

Story: Few years after our project Down, on which we were working as the two main members of the team, we are proud to present our new project. Maybe it's not too obvious, but both projects has many things in common, but the MbT was never mean't as the second part of his predecessor. Development of the project was long and hard. We thank everyone, who participated on its creation.
"Harry Olson is typical lone wolf, who knows exactly what he does and that's why is his younger brother, Tim, in a little trouble. He's impulsive, and acts rash to overcome the shadow of his more sucessful brother. Harry always disliked all his opinions, decisions and code. Tim never forgave him his ignorance.
But when the fighting for survival comes, Tim is starting to realize, how he was linving in self-delusion and how he needs Harry. He realizes that the few memories, when they were together are the best moments of his life, too..."
Today, we bring you a story about two brothers in Sahrani conflict.
You can look forward to 20 minutes long intro, more than 2 hours of playing and symbolic outro.
We hope, that every detail fits in it's place and everything will run smooth, like every thing in our studio.
Lucky & Sarge wish you fun in mission "Maybe Tomorrow"
Picture of Maybe Tomorrow (Queen's Gambit)
Size : 49.28 MB
  August 21st, 2008 - 11:02   Comment (0)  

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