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Eighty-Eight (v 1.0)
Picture of Eighty-Eight Author : stiff Version : 1.0 31st Normandy Mod
Islands :
A.C.E Island Pack
Rating : 1 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Playable as : Combined forces Downloads : 928
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • A090110.ACE_Island_Abel.pbo
Description :
Your platoon is ambushed in Nazi anti-tank artillery. Your duty is neutralization of all "Eighty-Eight".

When you died, you can switch to the leader of other squads. (three squads)

There is a limit in the usable number of times, but the number of times increases if you achieve a duty.
1) Emergency medicine
The wound of the player is treated. (Include the soldier within 20m of the player)
Autosave game (used for Retry) It is effective to achieve the first duty.
*The load of save data has a bug in this map. (A.C.E Island Pack v 1.00)

This can't be used by this mission. However, it is possible to use it only when you are injured and you can't stand. Missionmaker site:
Size : 131 kB
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